Also posted to the Avalon Forum.  PHOTO from our first presentation as Project Camelot at the Little ALI-Inn near Area 51 in 2006

On May 18, 2021, at 8:12 AM, Kerry Cassidy <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi Bill,

Thanks for sharing your memory on our meeting with Mark.  What I remember is that we did a recording “off the record” in audio.  Which means we would have had it in our records and we promised not to publish it because for some reason he was afraid to do so…. I am wondering if I can find this….
Below this text in my signature you will find links to following all my work including the Camelot Library (now most videos are uploaded but some recent are still missing although I have them on my disks)….because unfortunately despite my many warnings and requests to Tommy (although he does a wonderful job) he didn’t keep an updated copy of all my youtube videos ongoing… so his backup only goes the Jan 2021 or perhaps Feb.  (In all fairness he claims Youtube was interrupting his feed repeatedly….).
However, when Camelot was deleted overnight by Youtube (due to what was a live show which was actually marked UNLISTED..with Robert David Steele where in the middle of the interview completely unrelated to the actual over all subject matter discussed (which was his U.S. tour) he said one or two remarks about Covid being a fake virus…..So what the Youtube AI presumably did is find that sentence and they deleted the interview considering is a “third strike”.  
It is important that you know there is a BIG distinction between public youtube videos and those marked “unlisted”.  In reality, unlisted videos are hidden from viewers unless I personally give the link or publish the link on my own website.  Youtube had already de-monetized me back in May of 2020.  At any rate the reason they gave for deleting the video and giving me a 3rd strike was MEDICAL MISINFORMATION…. In spite of the fact that I have always, a medical DISCLAIMER on EVERY VIDEO in the credits.
So in case you are not familiar with this history you will not know that the 3rd strike (the other two were also interviews with legit doctors on Covid19 (Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Robert Young) …by the way. And one of my personal KERRY’S VIDEO BLOG where I sum up the latest data points in our world and make some sense out of things surrounding what we call ’the big picture’…. LOL. But again for the record (and you can publish this on Avalon) I am a credential journalist and so not only did they violate my right to free speech but also my FREEDOM OF THE PRESS in deleting that video,,..
So back to the subject at hand… our library is mostly complete.  However it is not yet LINKED to the thousand of website pages where embedded youtube links now no longer work.  This is a massive job and we have one person working on it…making slow progress.  I will be hiring more soon so anyone trustworthy from Avalon is welcome to volunteer… There is some pay involved.
Also by some miracle of serendipity or simply if you wish, my foresight knowing full well our days on Youtube were numbered over the year before being deleted I began searching for a new “home” for our videos on various new emerging platforms and urging Tommy to do the same.  As it happens, I would periodically sign up for these various places only to find out they were either too slow on upload and couldn’t handle the over 1000 video library or simply wouldn’t even allow me to upload for some reason etc… But I did sign up for and but then forgot about it…!  As it happens those running took the initiative to import our entire youtube channel BEFORE IT WAS DELETED.  They only managed to import 821 videos but still that was massively awesome and all I had to do was click on one button saying something like CLAIM MY CHANNEL and about an hour later the entire 821 videos complete with titles and I believe descriptions was imported.  So our Project Camelot ODYSEE CHANNEL has the bulk of our library all there and free for streaming on a very fast network!!  See link below in the signature.
The only caveat to the import from Odysee is they did not import videos that were marked private or “unlisted”.  This is a problem for the missing videos because in the YEAR since YouTube began CENSORING US IN MASS and deleting channels acting like the NAZIS THEY ARE… I had been doing something rather stealthy with videos made since approximately May 2020 (when we were de-monetized).  Which is that I was doing FREE live shows then downloading and reuploading them or in some case simply marking them as UNLISTED ON YOUTUBE…. But embedding them on my website and publishing the link on social media so fans could find them and watch on our website or by link on a post on Facebook (and before I was banned, from Twitter and Linked in and Instagram).   Unfortunately although I think Tommy did import those videos in his backup, ODYSEE did not.  This is why many videos from the past year, it is now May of 2021… so one year… of unlisted videos may be missing from the Odysee library backup.  There are something like 1014 actual Camelot videos in total.
There are also a few videos where over the years YOUTUBE had started going back in our records and (possibly the AI) giving strikes to videos out of the blue that had been published years ago (some of which had over 100,000 views!).  And they also would mark some of those “de-monetized” individually.  So occassionally I would go in and mark a few offending videos private to try to avoid the Youtube DIABOLICAL STRIKES.. that would ban me from accessing my Channel for months at a time.  I played this cat and mouse game with Youtube for a few years even before the Youtube CRACK DOWN that happened when COVID hit the scene.  So again unless Tommy imported those in his backup there may be a few videos missing from our library on both the new Camelot media library and on our Odysee channel.
Please note that during the last few years in light of the nefarious and growingly diabolical and adversarial relationship I had with Youtube as an ORIGINAL YOUTUBE DIRECTOR (meaning I could from the early days as you know upload videos of any length when others could only upload videos of 10-15 mins max for years….)… a great coup that probably helped make our channel (and interviews highly popular back in the day, I also created a Youtube backup channel.  And as what is called a YOUTUBE CREATOR I had other special privileges ongoing that kept our channel online (not to mention the over 70 million viewers worldwide and at the time of deletion 312,000+ subscribers.  Since I monetized the channel maybe 10 years ago… and since Youtube took 45% of our revenue…and each video had around 5 or more “ads” you can see it was to their advantage to keep our channel alive at least for a while. Which is why they probably left us  more or less alone for most years leading up to the Covid lockdown and debacle.  That and the fact that they considered plausible deniability and the giggle factor regarding “aliens” enough reason not to consider us a threat back in those years.  Whereas I always knew when the days of disclosure hit the mainstream that would no longer be true but up until then we were more or less “safe”.  It is worth noting back when their AI would go back through our library and arbitrarily mark videos “de-moneitized” and a violation of their “advertiser policy” one of the offenders was an interview on the KENNEDY ASSASSINATION which always amazed and amused me…!  EVEN that topic was OFF-LIMITS to our “advertisers” supposedly.  
As mentioned above, back a few years ago I established a Project Camelot TV Network LLC channel that I would used during the times when Youtube banned me from our main channel and so published and broadcasted there when I couldn’t do so on the main channel during the strikes that kept happening…. For a few years prior.  But I was always extremely cautious whenever our channel had reached 2 strikes (which was more and more often in the last 2 years) to broadcast and then upload to the PCTV channel and later once they reopened our main channel — videos would be marked unlisted to protect them from strikes or deletion…..  
Even now our backup channel PCTV LLC is still online on youtube with 29 videos left there as a backup but now I am banned from accessing that channel (youtube finally figured out both channels belonged to me(!) when they targeted us by deleting our main channel. But now since I can’t get into Youtube IN ANY WAY… that residual PCTV LLC 29 video channel is floating out there in Youtube space without an owner and probably will remain there for people to watch and comment on from now until someone shuts the whole diabolical operation down. LOL.
So here we are today with two places you can find our videos.  Please note that I did put some youtube videos on Rumble and Bitchute in the year leading up to being deleted and those are imported to our Camelot library….
Along the way, around 4 days after YOUTUBE DELETED THE Project Camelot CHANNEL, my Vimeo Channel where I published many YEARS of CONFERENCE video footage WAS inexplicably DELETED out of the blue with no prior complaints or issues.  That channel I paid for yearly.  And our conference footage was sold there as pay-per-view to the tune of around $3 per video….  Some videos were also free.   This indicates that VIMEO AND YOUTUBE WORKED TOGEHTER to target Project Camelot AND take us down over the span of 1 week in March 2021.  The fact that Youtube deleted my channel over an UNLISTED VIDEO with one sentence in the middle of the video and then VIMEO followed suit 4 days later….indicates MALICE OF FORETHOUGHT as with any crime…. And should be NOTICED.
This was no random operation.  It was PLANNED AND ORCHESTRATED…. But then we (our channel) are not your usual “offenders”.
I write all this so you and your readers can be clear on the real history.
In reply to your other statements/questions….I am in direct touch with and have of course met with Juan O Savin and so am aware of what you are saying about Trump.  We do know he retains the nuclear codes (not Biden) and as such remains our President.  We in essence have 2 Presidents as Juan has said on numerous interviews.
Whether Trump will come forward and expose/depose Biden is another matter.  I pray that it happens…but I am not so sure.  I have prophetic dreams that come true whether I like it or not….and have proven correct over the years.  Some I must assume are “other timelines” but some I see rolled out before me like a film-strip.  I never know for sure which it will be so I mostly don’t talk about them.  But I have seen Trump running in 2024… I had a full night of Trump/JfkJr. dreams in case you haven’t heard about 1 year ago in April 2020.  During that night I would wake up on and off aware of the dream remember it then go back to “sleep” but the strange thing about these dreams is they were more like reality than reality…. And in them one of the things I was shown was me working on the 2024 campaign with Trump and JFKjr….  I have talked about this and posted about JFKjr being alive for all to see back in April 2020 on my website and Telegram Channel.
It is important to be aware of the Project Camelot Telegram Channel linked below because over the past year, intel and news that matters have been coming at me fast and furious so much so that when I found Telegram after being banned from TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN and god knows where else….It was a ‘godsend” because it allows me to reach a lot of people real time (like Twitter) but unlike Twitter it doesn’t limit our texts and doesn’t censor (at least so far).  
Please note that I still have my Facebook channels (god knows how) and now TELEGRAM.  Our Project Camelot Facebook channel has around 59,000+ likes and my TELEGRAM CHANNEL after only a few months of operation has around 58,000 subscribers….  I post there daily LOTS of key articles and occasional important INTEL I get from hidden sources as well as my own downloads…. So you can subscribe there to stay up to date with Camelot.  
Sorry this is way too long..more like a book LOL… 
Over the past year since Jan 2020 I have a massive amount of investigation and interviews with doctors and scientists related to the COVID farce/bioweapon/ Transhuman agenda and written MANY ARTICLES all about this as well.  I recommend you read my articles because I am proven right constantly.  Just recently I interviewed David Adair in a ground breaking interview about AI, NANO AND COVID19 and the TRANSHUMAN agenda…that involves using nano to in essence (as David says) “terraform our bodies” from carbon to silicon… link us to what I call the BORG (AI ) run by the CCP (communist Chinese and the greys)…not the only AI but one intent on taking over our planet and humans in particular…
Linked here must see:
Yes the Vaccines and the covid19 tests contain NANO linked to AI along with PRIONS that attach to the nano then CAN JUMP over untold distances ….I am told this by a black project scientist who told my source they have known this for 5 years…. And of course Mark Richards has also talked about this on several of my 12 interviews with him proving him right as always.  I realize you have no clue how true my Mark Richards interviews are but time will prove him one of the greatest whistleblowers to ever live…A national treasure.
I have now answered (out of order) your questions except for the last one.  The most recent update I have is posted here: (updated as of the 17th)
I highly recommend my last two interviews with Sean before they locked him up again here:
Also linked here:
On Area 51 & Dulce
On the Kennedy Family and JFKjr.  (Also Elvis, Jim Morrison and so much more)
ALSO SEE SEAN’S BLOG with all his posts from prison on my site:
Thanks for asking.  Please note I have a source on the Mark Mccandlish murder and will hopefully have more details soon.  I apologize for the length of my reply but for the record feel it needs to be out there.  Now that I know you will likely post this to Avalon I will post it to my site as well.  
Let me know asap if there is anything in your communication to me you DO NOT want published.  I will hold off until I hear back from you.
Hope all is well with you,

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Founder / CEO
Project Camelot
skype:  snowjaguar
About Us:
Project Camelot MEDIA LIBRARY
TELEGRAM: intel and updates daily….

On May 18, 2021, at 2:29 AM, Bill Ryan <[email protected]> wrote:
Kerry, Hi there – yes, tragically, it seems that something very bad has happened. We met Mark near Redding, at a highway diner, back in June 2007 on the way back to LA heading south from seeing George Green and Dan Sherman. That was the only time. But we never recorded anything. It was all very informal and off-record. He was gracious, impressive, and showed a huge amount of knowledge and scientific understanding. We’ve lost one of the best.

If you learn any more, whatever it is, and feel it has any substance, please do let me know. I’ll read Joseph Farrell’s article right now, and post it on the forum.

Regarding the release of UFO info in June (which may be preliminary: the main part may be in September), I don’t trust it one tiny bit. It really does seem they’re setting up the ETs as being a threat.

Quite separately, a few other things:
  1. We have several Avalon members who’ve had family members and close friends killed or injured by the vaxx. Even on Avalon, a tiny tiny sample of the population, we have a whole bunch of death and injury statistics, none of them formally recorded. What’s happened is dreadful, and the injuries recorded on VAERS have to be only 1% of the real total. I’m more alarmed by the forced-vaxx scenario than by anything I’ve looked at in the last 15 years. But I’m sensing a tide may be turning now, and I suspect all hell may break loose publicly in a few months’ time.
  2. I have a well-placed contact in the US, with senior military connections, who is 100% adamant that Trump will return to power and that Biden will be removed. They say over and over again that all this is in process, but cannot reveal the details. In all the information they’ve ever provided me with, they have never been wrong. They know Juan O Savin personally and state that all his information is reliable. They also state that there’s a VERY tight lockdown on all ‘leaking’ information about this. Interesting times. For myself, I’ve always “seen” Trump’s return, I just never knew it would take this long!
  3. What’s the status of all the work that Tommy has been doing with the Camelot video library?
  4. What is the update with Sean David Morton?

All my very best ~ Bill

On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 10:36 PM Kerry Cassidy <[email protected]> wrote:
 they killed him…he must have stood in the way of the upcoming alien invasion scenario…
We interviewed him as I recall — was it audio only …do you have a copy of the file?
I can’t find it.




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