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Due to the continued censorship on Youtube, Project Camelot will now be subscription-based.  NEW VIDEOS AND SHOWS will be available only through subscription while past videos will continue to be free on Youtube.  Please join us and subscribe to make it possible to continue this important work!

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NOTE:  To all those who have made donations prior to May 23, 2020 please be aware donations are not subscriptions.  


We are using a secure payment processor called STRIPE.  None of your payment info goes to us… it all goes to them.
Here is their website.  They are used worldwide:
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  1. Josephine van Galen on

    I follow you since the beginning of Project Camelot, when you were working together with Bill Ryan, so already saw almost all your interviews. Though most of them are worth a second view, so thats why I Would love to subscribe, but due to the absence of a creditcard , I am not able to do so. Please consider the option for a payment using Paypall. I would be the first to do so. Best regards, josephine

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