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Here you can easily find settings and support information that helps you manage your Project Camelot account, subscription and purchases.


Then login using the e-mail and password you created when becoming a Subscriber. If you forgot your password you can reset your password where it's shown in the image below.

Assuming you are SIGNED IN, go to THIS PAGE
Here you can change your username, e-mail and password.

Once you have changed your information, click "Update your profile".

Your changes have now been saved, and if you changed the password for your account please make sure to use this when asked to sign in next time on both and our members only section 

Most accounts will either auto-renew or you will be asked to manually renew by logging into your account before the expiration date of your subscription.  If you choose not to renew it will simply run out/expire. 

If you wish to UNSUBSCRIBE or CANCEL please be aware that the best way is to remove your payment method from your account. 
Payment for all subscriptions is made in advance to let your subscription run for the length of the time you signed up for, and it's also the most considerate way of honoring your agreement to subscribe with Project Camelot. 
However if you must unsubscribe immediately again, sign into your account and remove your payment method or see the method below. 
Do not write to us and ask us to “unsubscribe you” … We do not control your subscription, you do.  

Toggle Auto Renew

If a you want to toggle off auto-renew (i.e. cancel subscription) or on (i.e. renew your subscription automatically and indefinitely) later on, you can do so under the Subscriptions menu item in your account:

Manage subscriptions


Change Plans

Members/subscribers have the option to change between them from the Subscriptions menu item in their account.

You can do so easily from here:

Memberful standalone form


To find your previously purchased or order history please go to THIS PAGE.

If you are trying to view the conference footage you purchased please return to the page where you purchased the conference footage and make sure you are LOGGED IN. 

Click here to view all VOD conference streams.

If you are a subscriber, please look here for MEMBERS ONLY CONFERENCE STREAMS

All future members only content will be made available on the MEMBERS ONLY VIDEO ARCHIVE.

Assuming you are a subscriber, CLICK HERE to enter the members only video archive. Make sure you click the "Login" button. If prompted for username and password, then make sure to use the same login you created initially when subscribing to Project Camelot.

If you do not get prompted to login it simply means you were already logged in on the main Project Camelot website.

To choose your subscription model please go to this page:

If everything else fails:

Write a message to the Webmaster using the form below.


Please try to be as descriptive as possible. That way we can help you more efficiently!