Recent Emails with Eddie July 10 to July 14

Eddie sent a video showing what will happen with Yellowstone and the New Madrid fault and another one as well.  Working on getting these two videos uploaded to my channel — waiting for permissions info.

On Jul 10, 2018, at 7:32 AM, Eddie Page  wrote:
Hope this says what needs to be said. Simply explained as much is to happen…Peace and love-Eddie
From: Kerry Cassidy <>

Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2018 7:06:47 AM

To: Eddie Page

Subject: Questions for the future


I am on my way back to the USA today… and would like to raise some ideas that it would be nice to discuss with you on other interviews.
There are a great deal of questions with respect to the Pleiadian relationships with other races, the connection with Lyra, Andromeda and Aldebaran as well as countless others.  Knowing that what we have is a sort of United Nations of races and that no one race is really “in charge” on Planet Earth (in theory it is a “free will” zone) I would like to discuss this in more depth.
As I said in one of our interviews, it seems to me that if you worked for the CIA you were seriously underutilized if you didn’t help them negotiate with other races on our behalf.
While I appreciate you appear to have a short list of things you are supposed to convey to humans at this time I know there is a MUCH bigger picture and I and my audience would prefer to hear things that go beyond the limitations of the Bible.
It is also worth noting that the Bible you quote from so readily has to have been written or influenced by “your father” Thor in order to have fallen into the hands of men back in those times.  But it’s limitations are evident and what they wanted man to know is revealed there but there is much they are NOT talking about.
Whether we have an asteroid headed here in 2028 or a Draco invasion (presumably before that) and Yellowstone erupting before that (July 2020 or whenever (?) and of course your new Phoenix event… these things may indeed happen but the Grand experiment will continue and at this point we know for example, that humans have already got the technology to go interstellar and are doing so.  I know they are colonizing moons of Jupiter and Saturn.  And we have given a good portion over to the beings from Aldebaran who originally assisted the Nazis, against the wishes of a number of countries who were not part of the negotiation!  And so on.
I do highly recommend that you watch ALL of my total recall interviews with Captain Mark Richards to get up to speed with what is really going on underground and with the Secret Space Program.
There is a complex and fascinating political (or call it eco-political) situation going on here on Earth and with humans and to only hear from you regarding a Pleiadian agenda seems rather limited to say the least.
I see you have a reasonably high IQ (and do I) and I think you MUST have given this all a lot of thought.
I do not see the point in limiting your disclosures to things like an asteroid hit, a volcanic eruption and a Draco invasion (when they have already been invading for aeons (!) and a “phoenix event” when ships are seen daily around the world.
I suggest that you are (or those you report to here on Earth or off Earth) are underestimating the progress of human consciousness and need to expand their concept of what it means to be human quite considerably.
Please let me know if you are willing to step outside the limitations of what you have talked about so far and discuss a much bigger picture.
Warnings about the future are all quite boring and either will happen or not (so many have been wrong) and I think you must know this.  We are not or at least I am not impressed by earth changes (we have seen many) or invasion scenarios when we have seen both for as I say aeons in the past.  Many of us have past life recall and at this juncture it is all rather run-of-the-mill.  
We should be having a much higher level dialog regarding the invasion of AI and various other beings both good and bad and an expansive discussion of the galactic playing field.
I do hope you agree with me.
Love and blessings,
Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot
Skype:  snowjaguar


On Jul 11, 2018, at 7:59 AM, Eddie Page wrote:
  I shall entice your curiosity. I will also let you see what I see. Much has been given to men, and then what did the human experience-experiment do? That is self explanatory I think. But then things that we have known for many of decades are coming to pass, and many do not think it is going to be boring. There is nothing in boring when people are going to have to find away to survive. It surely should be a wake up call. How many have read the cuneiforms, the hieroglyphs, the testaments left by the ancestors of olden past? When I went to college and studied, my discipline was to be in Theological Archeology., Not to mention that of Geo-Physics. I made excellent grades to say. I had been selected these studies because I was talking about them as a very young child. I never had the chance per say to play in the mud, climb trees as the other kids did in my neighborhood, but then I would also sneak out and do just that.
  May the world know what is coming, and yes, many crafts are doing what they do, being watched, but then many people refuse to verify what they witnessed. A awakening is taking place and I can assure you that I was never underutilized, in fact, my work ethic’s was above the norm. I put in many hours doing exactly what President Ford and Reagan were asking. They knew themselves the Bible writes were change in many places and purposely, by the Catholic Church, It was I who was assigned to make the proper corrections and show them the evidence. It is surely the start of high strangeness for many, but then, there is the ones who will go out of their way to stop this from ever being exposed for what it is.
  Interstellar travel is not from human kind and that is the real misconception. Colonizing these moons on Saturn, Jupiter, and what about the bases on the Moon, and what about the destruction of Mars eons ago? We might tell the people about the Tellie Tubie’s, Man has been fed so much these last several years, but then, when the facts come to light for the things he has always asked and searched for, reasonings that cannot be explained conventional science or directions, the religious right wishes to cry, foul, it is the works of Satan, and yet they will never tell the people the truth, but they surely will take your money every Sunday. There is a secret space program underway, and yet, where do these others get their information? I have seen a few, and it goes against everything that I know what President Reagan was given, the travel for humans in due time, yet, the wars continue, the poor get poorer, the elite control as they have convinced themselves, but they are only fooling themselves and the people who they control.
  Then the Pleiadian agenda? Rather limited? There are multiple races here and have been for many times in the past, you are correct there, but it being limited to just the Pleiadians, no. and the ones who call the Aldebaran race? I do not know of anything or anyone called the Aldebaran race> But then maybe this is another fact that has been placed in the misconception basket. But then maybe someone meant to say the race known as the Ashturians of the Andromeda Constellation. If my understanding is correct, isn’t a Aldebaran a type of horse? Words and meanings of these words are to be precise or they lose their meaning and perspective. But back to the space program!
  My late friend Wendelle Stevens knew and talked often with another man names that of Ben Rich, he knew about us and although we never met the man, he surely knew we could enhance the projects that had been started sometime in 1962 and to present day. They were then told about some race named the Aldebaran’s if I recall that correctly. Wendelle saw and read several of my journals showing how the crafts worked and technology that man himself were not yet ready to grasp. Our father himself first hand in 1957-69 what mankind and its ruthless leaders were doing and yet, in hope that things might change for the better, it never did, it only got worse. But travel among the stars and see things that he only desired to see, yet wasn’t Serpio a fact? And did the news media ever allow this to be told to the world?  But then I have seen some who might have called us the Fallen Ones, the renegades from the Pleiades. And were we really renegades? Ask your elf, trying to help mankind in all his endeavors, offering him things he couldn’t even see, and every desire for all and the betterment for ALL? If that is the definition of renegade, then I know 33 who are guilty.
  That space program is not ever going to find its way into human hands until things change. The Nazis were looking for these technologies in the early 30’s by order an funding of the very ones who stole the innocence of the people, and as Pope Pius IV said, the 3rd Reich will be our Iron sword. Dr. Hermonn Oberth and his protégé Werhner von Braum had the first understanding of this technology as we called it the Vril system of utilized power from beyond earth. It was being prepared for destruction and systematically eliminating people of other ethnic origins other than German.
  Ecbra, de Qaug dei Nos’Sabh…Life and Knowledge can be deadly>I speak the language very fluently, along with several other dialects, I have been in the loop all my life and things are never allowed to be presented for the right reasons. And then Mark Richards…Allow me please to state what should be the facts and I do this out of much love and understanding I have seen first hand. Why did they imprison him, why did he allow certain people to know he was talking? And yet, he had one of his close confidants in which knew all about us be murdered. The moon base surely was established and JFK knew this from his talks with our Father and Truman and Eisenhower were well aware that they were seeing the return as it was promised eons ago, and did they tell anyone? But Kennedy was and he lost his life over it. Just like Richard Baldwin did. I am not sure what this man named Baldwin did at the CIA, but he had wind about us and might have even met some of us when we all got there in 1982.
  The development of these so-called super soldiers was a fact, but then, many were never finalized as we know this to be a true. Reagan wanted to know if these super soldiers as some have called them, could be a threat to this nation? I and several told him in 1986 at Camp David meeting, they surely could be, that some other world governments like China, Russia, the UK knew that the Germans were creating the perfect military machine and it could reemerge soon. Might start looking at their base in the Antarctica, they had a hidden base down there in the 40’s and many Nazi scientist scurried off to there from Europe to Argentina and then to the place known as the Osterlind Oberland. Admiral Byrd lost many men during that 1946 campaign, but the people of this nation never knew what was surely taking place down there did they? It was decided then, that the 33 of us would need to return here soon for a great waging of this war would soon find its way upon the earth, and although it was being fought in the upper heavens at the time, it was to find its way upon Terra Firma. Did Mark ever tell you that? We do have a base on the moon and there are now three mother ships resting outside the earths confines as we speak. The Twins were the first to arrive in July 2nd,1947, to prepare for the rest of us. I have been hidden for a while and now that time is getting closer to the final waging of this war, does it seem now boring? There are real time lives being lost here upon this world, and yes, I did exactly what I was instructed to do, I opened that seal, and yes, I do hold the keys to the final abyss and the final release of that dragon as I have named it. I surely don’t think others know about that as of yet, but if someone doesn’t do the correct thing, tell the world that they are in mortal danger, then this world shall perish and like its sister planet did thousands of years ago, Teamet… vanished from sight forever to only be some distant memory as we can see the asteroid belts today. There was a thriving and peaceful life upon that world, but they all perished from the lack of knowledge. Done by the Draco’s. And what about the ones on Attilla? Why has that mentioned by anyone accept me as of date? The true identities of the sacred breed grounds for the Ad’m/HU-MAN! All was destroyed and over the simple facts of greed and ego’s. Funny, we see this in the UFO and religious circles today, do we not?
  One must know that they are the true serpent in the sacred garden from long ago. The cause of this war and yes, it was fought to a bitter stale mate, and many perished during those days, but one must be reminded at times, these beings look at humans as some sort of meal and I think I have discussed this. But then what did the administrations here know about the very evil that is cumulated in the South Pole?   We have known for a very long time, and yes, we have weapons here that man should never acquire until this is over, and things are reversed to the way it was intended to be. That is reasoning behind Hitlers romp in Africa during the late 30’s/40’s. The catholic Church sent their bull dogs off to destroy and find these weapons, they after all have held onto the documents from many of millenniums have they not?  Simply, the war of the 40’s was just a small precursor of what is yet to come.
  We could be called Nordic, the Grail Race, the Ayran people, the Pleiadians, all shall be correct, but what I wish to be known as, my Fathers sacred son and I didn’t come here to see the sights, real lives’ are at stake and maybe Mark forgot to  tell you this. I don’t know, but I do know this, we shall not be defeated and mankind will not vanished into the night as a whisper of smoke. We are the ones known a long time ago as the Pari’val beings. The Emunduraki warriors, the Melchezdek Order, High Priest who carry the Red Cross, I hope to hear from you and I warn others and I shall warn you my dearest of sisters, Love is greater than any beast created here?  That said, I shall never be the one to turn my back on what was such a beautiful creation. Look in that mirror and witness what is looking back at you, You are not ugly as they are, and you are one of us, have been from the get go, and yet, we have always known. Now you do to.
  Have a safe flight and rest, for you may need it sooner than you realize, and your watched always…Never be in fear, those who would ever attempt to harm one of ours, shall deal with me personally and there are others just like me. We are on the clock as some might say…Peace my sister…Abiel
From: Kerry Cassidy <>

Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2018 8:05:45 AM

To: Eddie Page

Subject: Fwd: Eddie Page Interview

Forwarding this along in case you want to reply.   


Begin forwarded message:
From: John
Subject: Eddie Page Interview

Date: July 11, 2018 at 6:04:28 PM PDT

 I listened to your two(2) interviews with Eddie Page.
 I was a helicopter pilot for the US Army in Vietnam and did seven(7) combat tours from 1968-1975 in the Vietnam Theatre(South Vietnam,North Vietnam,Cambodia and Laos) and accumulated over 4,000 hours of combat time.
My DD214 is in the USA while I reside overseas but I could send you a copy of my U.S. Army Flight records where combat time is listed and/or you can call my lawyer in the USA if you wanted to check my background.
There are several factual errors concerning this persons commentary.
1. He said he was a Warrant Officer in the US Marines flying helicopters.
From google the following can easily be obtained:
“There has never been a program directly enabling Marine Corps warrant officers to fly, according to sources at the Marine Corps Aviation Association (MCAA). … It appears that the subject of more Marine Corps warrant officers in the pilot seat will remain a hypothetical point of discussion.”
There was a Warrant officer program for helicopter pilots BUT that was for the US Army NOT the Marine Corps.
2. He said he resigned his commission. Warrant Officers are not Commissioned officers.
3. He said he went to OCS. Note OCS is for Commissioned Officers not Warrant Officers.
4. He said he made straffing runs. I flew gunships for one of my tours in Vietnam(1968-1969). No gunship pilot would ever use the word “straffing run” They would say they made a “gun run”. In  fact I have seen thousands upon thousands of aircraft attack runs and never once did any pilot being FAC or pilot conducting the attack ever use this term
5. He said he removed a clip from a M-60 door gun. There are no Clips for M-60s, the machine gun is belt fed.
6. He talks about the cyclic when he probably meant the collective. This last one just sounds odd to a helicopter pilot not necessarily factually incorrect.
You might ask to see his flight records, his orders for flight status etc. This person sounds like someone who did some superficial research on-line and got  not well understood answers. 
From: Kerry Cassidy <>

Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2018 8:26:21 AM

To: Eddie Page

Subject: Re: Questions for the future

Hi Eddie,

Just to clarify:  I am not saying volcanic eruptions or Draco invasions are boring what I am saying it ‘predictions of dire future events’ is boring!  This is because since I have been doing this job we have had many similar predictions.
I just think there is much more to the story.  And I don’t think you have been given the best info regarding the real state of the secret space program. However, I do realize you have been quite guarded with regard to what you really know!
I hope you will take the time to study the interviews with Mark Richards and see that he is a warrior in the war of worlds we are a part of…. 
And read the Ashayana Deane books called Voyagers that I recommended when we first began corresponding.
These people are putting forward in my estimation, some of the highest quality info out there.  I consider you to be on that level as well!
I believe it is part of your mission to be as informed as possible about the real state of the development both on and off this planet of humanity and their space program as it relates directly to how things will play out in the future.
You are welcome to contact me via phone 310-279-6769 or skype:  snowjaguar any time to chat.
On Jul 12, 2018, at 7:17 AM, Eddie Page wrote:
When I graduated from Boot Camp in Parris island,1972
On Jul 12, 2018, at 10:26 AM, Eddie Page < wrote:
It is lunch time Kerry, but I shall answer your questions in a few…Don’t you ever rest?   LOL in a few…EP

From: Kerry Cassidy <>

Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2018 11:36:34 AM

To: Eddie Page

Subject: Re: Eddie Page Interview

Yes Wendelle Stevens dealt with Billy Meier who claims to be in touch with the Pleiadians…

I do believe some of his info is correct.  Is it possible he dealt with a different part of the Pleiades?
Here is one website that deals with him:
One thing of interest is the HENOCH Prophecies which have been fairly accurate so far and do also predict future events….
It’s beginning to look like the Pleiadians are one of a number of groups of humanoids from the Pleiadian constellation.  And that those from Aldebaran. (You may know them using another name) and the Anunnaki (associated with Nibiru) are all related but different(?)
All of this is quite convoluted.  
I do wonder who you think wrote the Bible and why you spent so much time reading it?  I remember from your book you were given it as a child and given sort of “bible study” from various adults visiting and testing you as a child.
Did it ever occur to you this may have been a form of mind control or to put it another way, a way to conform your mind to thinking along those lines?
I have so many questions… Don’t feel you have to answer them except at your leisure or we can save them for the next interview we do. 

On Jul 12, 2018, at 9:10 AM, Eddie Page  wrote:
  Billy Meier? I have no relationship with him as others have. But then I was told by Wendelle Stevens in 1998 if I remember that he and some others had travel to his home in Switzerland I think, and he was found not to reliable and they didn’t think the pictures were real. I didn’t either and was asked about them. I am not out to call someone a liar and that was not what I was going to do. I only told them that our crafts were triangular in shape and what they were known as. If this is the same person we are describing now? …EP

From: Kerry Cassidy <>

Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2018 11:06:12 AM

To: Eddie Page

Subject: Re: Eddie Page Interview


What is your group’s relationship with Bill Meier?

On Jul 12, 2018, at 9:01 AM, Eddie Page  wrote:
  I have read the reply you sent. I sent two request out, The second one I sent a copy of my official name change, and yet, it was still denied. I shall send a nice reply to the Man who has some questions. I have everything accept my official birth certificate which none of us has ever seen, it might not even exist. Then my official DD214 which would have been under Groover T. Coleman, but I got this copy which you have seen while I was there. If you shall notice, the blacken out portion as I was told, concerned the Preliminary court marshal hearings. That surely would be on the original I would think? But I have most of my documents from when I did leave the agency. My flying status, I could still fly one of those Huey today if I need be,  like putting on your shoes, you never forget. I will be here if you need more info. We shall discuss the space program and what I know…Much love and peace Kerry…Eddie

From: Kerry Cassidy <>

Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2018 10:31:28 AM

To: Eddie Page

Subject: Re: Eddie Page Interview

Yes I saw that… but your military records are classified as I recall correct?

Do you want me to send this info to that person who wrote?

On Jul 12, 2018, at 6:45 AM, Eddie Page wrote:
  Did you not se my DD214? If not, I shall send it to you for verification. There were Warrant Officers selected to the flight schools and we were sent to Quantico Virginia for training. We are commissioned officers upon completion. The Army had different regulations on flight status and training. My MOS, Military Occupation status…stated in the ID number of 7235…Huey gunships/pilot. I myself do have the military-combat notification to verify this as true.
  The control guide on a Huey is called the collective, it is what raise the copter up or down. Now the clip on the M60 machine gun, in the sling that they rest on was a clip, It was broken somewhat as I was reminded from the regressions was unsnapped and thusly could be removed. Not a clip that a regular weapon would have, the M60 used what is called a bandolero belt. There were many rounds still connected and that is what came off with me as the regressions said.
  But I shall send you a copy of that DD214 and you may see the facts for yourself. I have many who have tried to discredit the facts but then I shrug them off also. I was there, they weren’t. I shall send you another e mail in a few. Eddie  
On Jul 12, 2018, at 11:24 AM, Eddie Page <> wrote:
I will try to answer these as best as I can. I miss my olden friend Wendelle, and Zach too, but I mention my best of all friend, Jiles. I think about them often and I get a smile from them. Some of his info might be correct, that could be true, but then I only go by what Wendelle told me and a few others. Its funny,
Wendelle gave me Billy’s phone number and he wish to talk to me, But then I never did call him. I still have too. The Enoch prophecies, are they true? Depends on which one you are looking at. I have studied the Book of Enoch, even while in college, and I often wondered why it was taken out of the Bible? My professors never gave a liable answer, something like, oh, the Nicen council thought it was mythical, or it contained things that are not religious. I asked one time, if that is the case, then maybe the stories in Genesis is a myth. I almost thought I would be kicked out of school.
  The Anunnaki, the Watchers, the Niphilim are one entity of groups as we know. The story of creation is long if one goes into detail as I have over the years, but it is all there and then the religious ones wish to hollower the loudest. I have used the Bible in most of my studies over the years, yes, you are right, much is wrong in it, but there is so much that is correct also. But then I don’t ask people to believe what I tell them, but to show the various religious groups who have came to me for understanding, I show them, and present it in a way that takes the falsehood of religion out of the mix. The Bible is not the complete written word of GOD, I fact it is a series of many scribe’s and scrolls from ancient times and they all tell the same story, but then, you have to learn the dialects of the many tribes, cultures and what they left behind for future generations.  That is where most do not wish to venture, it is time consuming, but for me, I was looking at this stuff when I was a very young child. I told them as a boy, I lived it before and they wished to see if what I said was true, and where could this be verified, or was this just a youngster’s imagination. I soon found out, that not only what I had told them but certain things I said had not been discovered yet, so how do I know these things?  After all, I am only a little boy born under some stranger than the night circumstances.
  After they saw that not only could I read correctly, write like an adult, but I was talking a very strange dialect that was later on identified as that of Aramaic, but they didn’t know that I could also talk this baby jibberish as they called it, which in time would be identified as that of Sumerian.  I was about three at that time, but then the teachers and ministers and all others were spending so much time with me, I longed to go outside and run, skin my knees, climb a tree, but then I was being taught sometimes 6 days a week. The Colemans made sure that I was always available to sit with these people who some , came a very long way from home. I never wished to disappoint anyone.
  Some form of mind control you ask? Never, it was I who was controlling the minds. They would ask me so many hard questions concerning the Biblical records, what of this or that, and I would not only answer them, but I went into detail. Here is just one for example. They asked me to describe Jesus, what did he look like if you may, I said sternly, oh my brother, you should have been there Kerry and seen the looks on their faces. My reply was somewhat intensive, but then I told them that the people in Rome have a  letter that describes him, I would find out in 1986 by the Bishop who spent time with us, they surely did have an olden letter written by a scribe for the Judean governor of upper norther Judea. Sent to Rome and no one accept a hand few knew about it. But after all, I am only a little boy, how did I know? What I told them was exactly as the letter stated. No mame, mind control was never allowed by me, but then they were mesuremized by what I said and showed them.
  Now the Bible I was using at the time, was Blanches, I didn’t have one per say. The book you might be thinking of was the Webster Dictionary that Bishop or father Lester Serr gave me. Now to think, he lived in Key West at the time, and the drive to Lakeland was about 9 hours north. He would often stay at a motel and spend the day with me, we would walk, he would ask me things as who is GOD, about the scriptures, how do you know them as you do? Was it someone else who has taught you, and you just have an exceptional memory? I would hold his hand as we walked and look him in the eye and say no sir father, I have lived this before. I think he was trying to trip me up at times, but it never worked out for him. He would also ask me things like, do you see GOD, do you talk to him, are you some sort of little devil that has came here? I would laugh at these, telling him the same time, I’m not a devil unless you think I might be? And YES- my Father talks to me often and visits me. He was surely interested in those talks. I just knew it.
  I shall enjoy your curiosity Kerry, ask anything that you may, and be surprised at what I shall share with you. After all, I am who I say I am and our mission are very much aligned, our Father has placed many with me for these days, and I shall give the warnings of what is to come, but the message that should be presented and that is your job, you have been so amazing at what you have compiled, and the people need to know the facts of who they are and what they are. It is not about the earth changes, the great dragon that is awaken, and who I am, but who the innocent ones are and that there is safety here and a finalization of this great war that has been taking place for eons of times. I shall be here if you are ready to proceed…Much love to you and watchful realms come to your mind…Eddie
On Jul 12, 2018, at 5:25 PM, Eddie Page wrote:
   Just got back from a very long bike ride. I am waiting for my legs to show up. 2,3 miles today. I shall talk to you tomorrow if that will be ok. Shower tome and rest. I see the bed coming into my life early tonight. Have agreat evening Kerry and we shall talk….Eddie

From: Kerry Cassidy <>

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To: Eddie Page

Subject: Re: Questions from you and concerns?

Great answer.

What about keeping a blog with answers to the questions you get from everyone?  Saves you having to write stuff over and over again!
On Jul 13, 2018, at 12:42 AM, Eddie Page  wrote:
  It is 2:11 am this morning and my heart is set on something, many things to be exact. I know that  my Father is soon to come and retrieve me as my brother said yesterday to me. I have the one hour to debate many things concerning the HU-man people. Yet at times, I hear and see things that are not what I am wishing to witness. It make my debate much easier when I do experience these things. And then I watch the videos of your Switzerland sightings, the sighting you had on your back porch, and I think, WOW, what is she feeling at this very moment? I guess I urge to head back home and take a fresh breath of the air, and be among my own kind. Do you ever feel that way?
  I have been answering some serious questions from others like us, and they are in the middle of understanding their selves> Many make me laugh with joy, others make me sad because they have saw what they could be and others asking are they Pleiadian, and  seeing their talk and sadness. Yes, I see their talk as if it is a matrix of multiple things and they knowing themselves that they could be much more than they are. Do you feel like that at times?
  Much of my understanding and visits come at these hours of the morning, Simply that things are quite and then they appear and we talk, or I go for a departure for about an hour or two. I always have to come back here, but then I know why I am here and I have done much these last seven years to say. But then, I at times wish I didn’t have the respociblity that has been placed in my lap, but as my two brothers have stated many times to me, you were selected because Father knew you would do it to the letter. And so far, I have done just that.
  But I know way to many things that could get others in serious trouble, like the Space program Reagan started, Not to secret is it Kerry? And then some try to convince me the President is one of us, and if that is so, why don’t I feel it? I watch him closely and there are those who know this to be true. Trump saying he is developing a space command for troops to be used for the future. This aledged secret space program is not secret anymore. I laugh about that one. We talked about this in 1986, the development of the Star Wars, that was the secret then. I was amazed when he stated to the world at the UN, what if? There is no what if’s anymore, we are being threaten by an outside force and it is well on its way here. Many are already here. I knw where many are, and they are not friendly as you very well know.  But this so-called secret space program is the doings of many races who are here and more coming here. I know the past ever so well.
  You are a very good woman Kerry and things are to get ugly sooner than most realize, and that is what make me sad at times, that the HU-MAN form has been cheated out of so much. I think of what could have been and what is now…Reality per-say. I went on a very long bike ride today and when I do, I think, and I listen to the wind as it tells me things. It told me today, be prepared, your time is soon to come. That is what I wish not to happen, but then, I came back here for this very purpose. I thought, I cannot turn back what has already started, and at my beckoning to, but then man deserves what he is about to get, but there are those who don’t deserve it to!  I know way to many things my dear sister. Way to many things that do not allow me to rest. I get by with an hour or two of sleep and that is it. Maybe I am drinking the wrong coffee? But anyway, rest this morning and we shall talk later. I do have your phone number and will call when I need to. Blessings for you and all your beloved fans…Tonight, I am Abiel…?
On Jul 14, 2018, at 6:32 AM, Eddie Page wrote:
  Hope your day is a blessing for you. I would like to share some things with you that you might not know as of yet, things concerning the “Secrets Space Program”. I am going to pull out some older files I have and send them to you. I would love to be within your groups as along as you shall have me. Give me a few  to retrieve these documents and things that I know about. I see this my sister, you are a serious voice for the world, and we honor that, and we also see that mots are now asking questions unlike ever witnessed before. I shall try not to over=whelmed you with to much, because I do have so much documentation that I have held onto these years that are passing away. I shall send them as soon as I get them all together, and then that might be your next show? Much peace and love to you and your family…Eddie
On Jul 14, 2018, at 8:19 AM, Eddie Page wrote:
   Kerry, this will take some time, but you shall get it before the weekend is over. I am sending you some docs that have never been seen before, but then, you wish to know the facts, you are on history here my sister.  You wish for the inside scoop on this secret space program. I have it all here and I will mention names. Just think, this could be strike three for you, but don’t worry about such crap, they dare not now cross me since I am talking…I shall be sending them in a few. Much love and blessings for you…Eddie
sent by Eddie
Catalina Sky Watch 

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"INTELLIGENCE FAILURE" over the UFO situation on Planet Earth according to Luis Elizondo and Nick Pope being recruited to SPIN THE LIES.. about how they kept this all secret from the pubic for the past 70 years!!!  This was a COVERUP that those with higher clearances...

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