HI everybody!!! I am not sure how many of you are getting these emails and actually going through the pain and suffering of getting into and EXTRACTING them from the CORRLINKS maze, or even care. I am hoping that you do! The BOP–BASTARDS ON PARADE–make everything hard. So here are some updates on what is going on: Still haven’t filed an actual motion to get out of here. I hear what is GOING to be filed…EVENTUALLY…is a work of legalistic GENIUS! And like all great movies is “COMING SOON!!!” and if it doesn’t get filed soon…well, I’ll be dead and it won’t really matter anyway…nice knowing y’all. I tried to do everything I could to educate and enlighten the masses, even being called “AMERICA’S PROPHET” and like Jerimiah…look where it got me. I filed my LAST motion for compassionate release March 28, 2019, after the BOP tore the LENS out of my eye permanantly blinding me in a BOTCHED SIMPLE cataract removal operation. They repaired the MACULA in the back of my eye…the follow up was to be NO MORE than 10 days later…aaaaand after 10 MONTHS the BOP, forced into action in a PANIC, blinded me the rest of the way… So I filed my motion, and my crazed DEEP STATE JESUIT former IRS PROSECUTING ATTORNEY Judge WILSON gave the DOJ SIX MONTHS to repsond. When they DID, on Sept..28 2019, it was the biggest piece of ignorant CRAP you ever saw!! Either NONE Of them had read the new law OR they were just trying to flim-flam and bamboozle a senile lazy judge into doing what they wanted!! ALL OF it was “He didn’t do his ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS!” which had been CHANGED by the TRUMP FIRST STEP ACT to just writing a letter to your warden and 30 days later you could go back to the court! By the way…NO ONE BELIEVED ME…not FAMM or Jeremy Gordon, or Brandon Sample not the LA Fed Public Defenders, not my own legal team and not even my family! Do you know how many times MILLIONS of people have laughed at mocked me….when I turned out to be right in the end? Gee…like TRUMP getting elected? So the DOJ no doubt discovered they had screwed the pooch…and they sicced their SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES or THE MEN IN BLACK on me, to frame me for any infraction they could think of….and they could find NONE!! UNTIL I called my buddy that used to produce my radio program…and THAT they claimed was “CONTACT WITH THE MEDIA!” which, by the way, is NOT against the LAW or their rules!!! I was tossed in SOLITARY and denied the right to appear for my court date! WILSON GLEEFULLY vacated my motion…and I couldn’t get ANYONE to believe me that I had done everything right…and THEY were all wrong. IN fact they LAUGHED at me thru the glass…”YOU SHOULD HAVE GOT A LAWYER!” AS they were denying my CIVIL RIGHTS TO DUE PROCESS…. This led to my being beaten up by their guards, 55 days of solitary, shipped to OKC…then to their PUNISHMENT PRISON in BIG SPRING TEXAS…and this abuse led to my current medical conditions being BLIND and dying of cancer…. In BIG SPRING…I got my motion UNVACATED…WILSON gave the DOJ another bite at the APPLE, slow walked and gave the DOJ SCUM 4 MORE MONTHS to respond, where the DOJ said, “Well, NOW SDM is just a DANGER TO SOCIETY And is a charismatic combination between JOHN GOTTI and MARSHALL APPLEWHITE OF HEAVENS GATE…” the implication being that I would COMMAND all my MINDLESS MINIONS to kill themselves….NO LIE! aaaaaannnd…on Sept. 28, 2020, Judge Wilson DENIED my motion again….BUT….on October 12, 2020…THE CARES ACT set me free….BUT I had NO WHERE TO LIVE…so I stayed in prison until Jan. 4, 2021 where I was released on HOME CONFINMENT, to a CRAZY pair of MEXICANS who tortured and abused me on a daily basis, BUT I obeyed ALL THE HOME CON. ONEROUS RULES! I was finally RESCUED with a beatufil place to live by the Angelic SAINT Alyson Tucker… So, I had a home, my wife, my CAT SHALU, was getting my books back in print, and getting some semblance of my LIFE BACK… Then at 6.30 AM. MAY 7. 2021, I was called into the HALF-WAY(HELL) HOUSE and KIDNAPPED! ARRESTED by the ANAHEIM COPS…with no WARRANT, NO DUE PROCESS, NO INFRACTIONS…no NOTHING! As I rotted in an ANA-CRIME CELL they shoved an orange phone thru the door where a HAPPY LITTLE MAN from the BOP said, “Well, you haven’t done anything WRONG…you are not ARRESTED…you have been REAQUIRED by the BOP, as, well, your treatment was getting too expensive…and we felt WE could treat you more…effectively” (meaning CHEAPER!) Mind you I was FORCED to use THEIR GARBAGE FED INSURANCE!! Using Western/EASTERN and ALTERNATIVE MEDS my CANCER was in REMISSION and I was going to begin more rounds of treatment…NOW I am in BUTTNER, N. CAROLINA, and all the GLAMOUR that name entails, where I have gone 34 days in solitary, have not seen a DOCTOR since my incarceration, the cancer has come roaring back, and I am terrified it has spread into my shoulder and my groin as I am in non-stop excruciating pain…and even getting IBUPROFEN out of these muther….fine people, is like hunting dragons. This place is, in a word….TURRABUL! I am on a ward with nothing but TERMINAL cancer patients, the land where BERNIE MADOFF DIED…but instead of the love and care of doctors and family…we are all locked in cells most of the time… I put in written requests…email requests…STILL..no doctor…they are more legend and myth…like Bigfoot, Nessie and the Chupacabra… I have tried to do their barbaric radiation treatments, where they put an IRON MASK around your face and HEAD and bolt you to a TORTURE BOARD then stuff a block of rubber in your mouth to hold your tongue still….when I PANICKED and started SCREAMING that I couldn’t BREATHE, as I can’t breathe thru my NOSE…they irately started saying I was “UNCOOPERATIVE…”like George Floyd I guess! And all of this is like MEDICINE WITH A GUN TO YOUR HEAD! “don’t do what we say when we say it AAAANNNNNDDD….” So FINALLY….their “oncologist” Dr. Alison, said, “Oh! Ok…we can try it with out the rubber stopper then…” They adjusted the mask and set up…where I STILL can’t lay on my back due to shoulder blade pain…and I am to start the next phase of my torture on MONDAY with RADIATION now added to their mix!!! Cuz the massive TUMORS have now changed the shape of my head and neck and face…and all my hair is now pure white and virtually all of it has fallen out anyway! Thanks to the BOP and the DOJ my prognosis of not living through Christmas seems to be a self-fulling prophecy. Know that I did my best to enlighten, educate and entertain as many people as I could… So that is me….how was your day? Infinite Blessings Sean Morton




From Sean: JUNE 20-2021, Daddy’s Day Dear Family, I have to give special props and kudos to Hilary Lownes Andalman, Christina Rich, Jimmy McDermmot, Patty Tymco up in Canada, Eh?, CHEESE ANTHONY for moral support, and my nutty pal David Jankovski…for FINDING ME and writing me letters to keep my spirits up!! They have helped soooo much! You are blessed AND the most loving hardest working person on EARTH, my wife Melissa, WHO between her 4 jobs, is getting all the SANDS OF TIME BOOKS out to people and co-ordinating my legal battle to get out of here with super lawyer Martin Lijtmaer who is doing a bang up job. She is now a MANAGER over at the greatest and most ADVANCED entertainment complex on the planet, the SO-FI or SCI-FI CENTER as it looks like a giant UFO! I have 55 days left on my sentence till my out date August 17, 2021…that is IF the BOP actually obeys the LAW, as this utterly lawless criminal organization just does whatever it wants and seems to get away with it. As you know, I was FREE and under “Home Confinement” as of Jan. 4, 2021…but then NAPHP CARE, the garbage FED Insurance company, with ghetto offices on the corner of KRIPP St. and BLOOD BLVD, which they FORCED me to take, decided that my health care on the OUTSIDE was too EXPENSIVE…so I was, without having done ANYTHING WRONG or broken ANY of their rules or guidelines, was KIDNAPPED and “RE-ACQUIRED” by the BOP so I could be flown cross country, and be treated at their medical facility in BUTTNER, North Carolina…and all the glamour that name implies…as Cedar Sinai in Beverley Hills wasn’t good enough…you’ll remember that I could not get my regular insurance BACK as the Soc Security offices were closed and criminal sociopath Anna DeVito had stolen my wallet, taken out all the money and the bank cards, and Melissa finally caught her red handed with the wallet in the desk drawer of her office. “OOOH! THERE IT IS….heheh!” Meanwhile, back in hell…my cancer is getting worse. Of course getting NO alternative treatments like Chinese Herbs or Aloe Juice or…anything. After 34 days in SOLITARY, now they want to start up with radiation! More fun… So they make a CAST of your head, and turn this into a WIRE MESH that is supposed to fit snugly over your face and skull, then they put a rubber stopper in your mouth to bite down on, so your tongue doesn’t move along with your head while they TARGET the deadly radiation. Well, this is all well and GOOD…IF…you can breathe thru your NOSE, which, with my massively deviated septum, I can’t!! So I went in for this torture, and when they stopped up my mouth, put this IRON MASK on my head and face, they started to BOLT IT to the torture table! Well, I start screaming like George Floyd, “I CAN’T BREATHE! I CAN’T BREATHE!” and they not UNBOLT me till I started to struggle and go into spasms… Also, the SHAPE of my FACE had changed from the 2 weeks before when they made the CAST due to the swelling of the tumors along my chin and jaw. When they finally let me up, I was quaking from a panic attack and from almost suffocating to death. So they call down the smartly dressed Dr. Alyson to I guess talk me back into it… “I am NOT refusing treatment”, I tried to explain, “the headpiece doesn’t fit and I CANNOT BREATHE with that and the mouthpiece in place…YOU KNOW THIS! The first thing the BOP refused to do was FIX MY NOSE and open up my airway, which they have never done!” To which Dr. Alyson responded, “We have had this ready for you for a couple of days now…” And I said, “Well, sir, not my fault that it’s wrong, and everything you are doing here is at LEAST 20 years behind current MODERN MEDICINE. He said, “Well…good luck with your cancer!” and stormed off in a snit! So we we will see what happens tomorrow. IN THE IRONY FILE A rival CAT BREEDER had broken into our apartment and stolen and sold all of our cats. We know the where abouts of only SAMMY, the PRAYING CAT and our big Red boy CLANCEY who went to live with a professor at UC DAVIS. The criminal psychopath “FRIENDS” of ours Steve Sallas and Anna DeVito managed to RESCUE our Supreme Grand Champion Norewegian Forrest Cat Shalu. Whom they kept I guess when they found out they could not SELL HIM… Melissa just recently manage to get him BACK…. Sallas, actually had the NERVE to call Melissa and BUY HIM BACK…with all the money he had stolen from US! Go Figger! Love you all, Sean





Dear Family,

RIGHT AT THE TOP I need to thanks Christina Rich, Hilary Andalman, Paul Hinton, Dannon Brinkley, and everyone else that has helped with medicine and contributions toward LEGAL FEES to pay for the excellent lawyer to get me out of this mess once and for all…

Okay…so after 34 more days of 8th Am. violation cruelty they call COVID QUARANTINE, I have finally been released from my SOLITARY CONFINEMENT box to see the SUN and walk the track and use the computer to write all of you with an update…if you read it and if you care anymore….

As you may know by now: I had a HEARING on a Habeas Corpus motion that outlined page after page of lies, tricks, deceit and downright criminal actions taken against us by the IN-JUSTICE DEPARTMENT of the DOJ. Deep State JESUIT JUDGE Stephan V. Wilson denied it ALL saying, literally, “I agree with everything the prosecutor says!”

THE NEXT DAY after that ruling, after doing NOTHING WRONG, and breaking NONE of their fascist rules, 34 days ago I was “REACQUIRED” (arrested!!) by the ANAHEIM (?) POLICE. I was told over the PHONE which they handed into my cell by BOP Chump JUAN HERRARA that I had done “nothing wrong” but that I was being reacquired by the BOP so that THEY could handle my CANCER TREATMENT…because the OUTSIDE TREATMENT I was getting was TOO EXPENSIVE! Their argument being NOW that the BOP FED GOV was going to provide me with BETTER CARE, 3000 miles from home, in BUTTNER, NC, than the 7th best hospital in the WORLD, CEDAR SINAI in BEVERLEY HILLS!!!

Mind you I was FORCED to use THEIR insurance called NAPHF CARE, and there had been a DELAY in getting set up with insurance in LA COUNTY which I HAD before…why? An IRS AGENT had stolen my SSN and used it to set up insurance in ORANGE CO. and my wallet, which had my SS CARD in it, was stolen by the CRIMINALS Steve Sallas and Anna Devito. Devito was caught red handed by the way with the “lost” wallet IN HER POSSESSION! so when TWO insurance plans popped up CALIF STATE CANCELLED all my insurance altogether…fun eh?

SO after being locked in SOLITARY in San Diego, 100 miles from  home, a  PORT was surgically inserted  in my chest…where I was given ANOTHER blast of Chemo and the NEXT DAY, I was shackled hand and foot, placed on a PRIVATE JET at a cost of $75,000 to the FED GOV with 3 guards 2 pilots and a medic, and flown to BUTT-NER, NORTH CAROLINA…an FMC…FED MEDICAL FACILITY…

Well HERE, I was told that thanks to the ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES I was using, Chinese Tea, Black Salve, Ben Fendozol, LAETIRLE, Liposomal Vit C…and all the other things….that I had blown out most of the cancer…and now they were “BATTING CLEAN UP!” IN fact the 13 cm. hanging tumor you have seen pics of is totally GONE!


And now I am told that it is all about MONEY! That I was FREE, with an APT. a JOB a WIFE and a CAT…working on getting BOOK FOUR TIME RUNNER finished….doing just FINE thank you very much…but we are going to screw your life entirely cuz it is costing US too much for YOU to use OUR FORCED third world health insurance…

And mind you, thanks to the FIRST STEP ACT my SENTENCE is OVER AUG. 17, 2020…in 60 days as of TODAY!!!.but now I am being told the BOP doesn’t want to enforce or recognize the new LAW! And they won’t pull GOOD CREDIT TIME of the NEW SENTENCE which should have had me released LAST OCTOBER….

So now…all the funds that I had saved up to process, type, edit, print and publish BOOK FOUR in the SMASH HIT SANDS OF TIME SERIES: TIME RUNNER is now GONE…and I have finally broken down and used the funds that I had to HIRE an attorney to get me out of this mess…and I could NOT have done it if my FRIENDS Christina, and Hilary and of course MELISSA not all come to the rescue….

SO…I get to breathe some fresh air for awhile and use the computer to update y’all of what is happening….

Thank you for your LOVE and your PRAYERS and your magical wishes…just really hard to keep your faith when you pray and pray and nothing GOOD seems to ever happen to you…


Sean Morton




As reported back on May 7, 2021 SEAN DAVID MORTON was taken back to prison NOT for any violations but simply because the STATE was not done torturing him.  He has 4th degree cancer and was receiving excellent care at one of the best hospitals (CEDAR SINAI in Los Angeles)… They took him into custody then put him in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT AND FLEW HIM OUT OF STATE TO NORTH CAROLINA… where he continues to be tortured and imprisoned.  All because he wrote a series of books based on WHISTLEBLOWER TESTIMONY about the SECRET GOVERNMENT, AREA 51, DULCE, TIME TRAVEL, ETS AND UFOS….

I have an updated report from Sean here:


write to:  [email protected]




Well, it looks like this is the end of the trail fer your ol’ pard, thar buckaroos.


As you may or may not know I have terminal throat cancer. Stage 4, inoperable Squamous cell carcinoma. On Jan. 4 I got released under the CARES ACT and began ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS on my own, like Chinese Teas and Scorpion Venom. This was not working in time as the cancer was too advanced…so I started in on CHEMO and they installed a PORT in my chest. My studio apartment was right up the street from the hospital, and I was getting ready to do all they were going to due to me….AND everything I was doing with alternative and traditional treatments was WORKING and put the CANCER IN REMISSION!!!


Suddenly I was “CALLED IN” to the HALLF HELL HOUSE on May 7, at 6.30 AM with NO INFRACTIONS, having done NOTHING WRONG, I was “REACQUIRED” by the ANAHEIM COPS….this has begun 32 days in SOLITARY ….with no treatment AT ALL and the cancer has come roaring back! In more DIRTY FILTHLY DASTARDLY TRICK by Val Makarewitz and the DOJ….they flew me in a PRIVATE JET costing probably $75k to BUTTNER, NC….cuz they BOP cd treat me better than CEDARS-SINAI and the Leonard Cancer Center at Mission Hospital.


Now it seems assured I am going to die. Never thought it would end this way….with the help of ALL OF YOU, I was able to hire an attorney that I hear is very good.


Unless you understand the DEEP STATE CONSPIRACY aligned against me nothing they have done makes sense. In a HABEAS CORPUS I outlined all the FRAUD committed by the DOJ….MASSIVE IN ITS NATURE!  Wilson ruled, “I agree with the PROSECUTION!” THAT was his ruling…so now we have to APPEAL THAT AS WELL….


I had a beautiful place, got the SANDS OF TIME BOOKS back in print (you can order off Amazon), and all was going well….now I have been in SOLITARY QUARANTINE CONFINMENT for 32 days total…with only diabetes meds and a bunch of their crap pills.


Now they tell me 7 wks 5 dAYS a week of RADIATION which they say is “AS BAD AS IT GETS!”


I guess all prophets fight the ROMANS and are imprisoned….and I just never thought I would go out like this.


PLEASE contact [email protected] for any financial help you can spare to go to the ATTORNEY. I used everything I had to start a new life, get alternative medical treatments… and POOF there it went!


GiveSendGo: Ted Humphry Phone Home – Sands of Time Book IV


Venmo: @seanmorton108

Paypal: [email protected]










Venmo is @SeanMorton108

 Team Sean. LINK TO DONATE:  gofund.me/ccc1805d






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