The chip, the mark of the beast and the end of America

Let me start my first report to the Project Camelot readers with an apology. I apologize for being the one to bring mundane, earthly and otherwise boring subjects, facts and data into your lives.

Blame it on Kerry.

She has convinced me I have something to offer the readers and followers of Project Camelot and being the affable guy I am, I decided to accept and be a contributor to the website. I hope she is correct in her assessment of my worth in this area and from my stand point, it satisfies an itch I have to express my feelings and thoughts and no doubt, an occasional rant or ten from time to time. And let me be perfectly clear, I am and have been since the first time I viewed the Project Camelot website, a strong supporter of the content and of Kerry’s work.

So here goes.

 For the foreseeable future, Syria, Benghazi, NSA, Snowden, bank fraud and all the other subjects/issues will take a back seat to the Obama Care debate/discussion/dog and pony show which leads us into the main objective, raising the debt ceiling.  This is, of course, akin to calling up your credit card company after you’re maxed out and requesting a credit line increase.  In essence, putting off the inevitable or like the talking heads say….kicking the can down the road.

The “Affordable” Care Act is anything but affordable and will not provide the care people with insurance are accustomed to.  As people around the country are now starting to find out, premiums, deductibles and co-pays will rise under this new “law”.  Unfortunately, they won’t find out about the quality of care until they visit the doctor’s office or hospital. Kinda like the cattle when herded into the slaughterhouse and they get the first smell of blood, it will be too late.

As I write this, I can’t forget about Pelosi’s idiotic statement that “We have to pass it so we can find what’s in it”. I truly hope the voters in the Bay area remember that ridiculous statement the next time they go to the polls. The irony is, where can we read it?  The various versions online range from 900 pages to 2,300 pages so how do you even know you’re reading the correct version?  You really don’t. And I might add, it reads like the tax laws, referring you to so many other sections and previous laws that it would take a team of ten people to tackle the myriad of references. Think this is by design?

And lets step back a minute and look at this from the macro view.  We’re going to give the Government the task to not only administrate our health care but also the authority to decide what treatments we get and don’t get, in addition to choosing our doctors for us.  They’ve proven they cannot manage the budget, manage the borders, manage Social Security and Medicare but now we’re ready to give them dominion over our health care?  They’ve had 3 years to get the websites ready to sign people up and they can’t even keep those from crashing. And we want to let them administrate our health care????

The fact that the IRS will be the enforcement arm of the ACA tells us all we need to know. It isn’t a coincidence that the Federal Reserve and the IRS were both enacted into law in the same year (1913). President Reagan tasked the Grace Commission to review what the federal income taxes were used for and guess what they found?  That your federal income taxes go to pay the interest on the government debt. The insurance industry, by definition, is included among a whole group of financial “products”.  Financial….bankers….Federal Reserve…IRS….is it starting to make sense?

We’re already starting to feel the devastating effects of this law and it hasn’t even been enacted yet.  Ask yourself this question…Why would businesses be laying off workers and cutting back hours if this is such a good thing?  Why doesn’t it apply to Congress if it’s such a good thing?  And why are we being FORCED to sign up for it if it’s such a good thing?

I’ve got news…it’s NOT a good thing.

If Congress enacted a law that required the government to give every man, woman and child in the US a 1 ounce bar of gold on their birthday, do you think they’d have to FORCE people to show up on time??????

It will usher in the dreaded microchip…aka mark of the beast…and the destruction of America. The Republicans appear to be fighting this new law…or at least the timing of its beginning…by mentioning the financial ramifications and the “fairness” of it. On the surface, seemingly a noble cause. But as I watch Boehner and others state their positions….I would why they aren’t mentioning the chip…or vaccinations…or home visits….or IRS enforcement provisions.  If they would disclose what’s REALLY in the law, it would be a slam dunk.  The people’s voices would be so loud that puppets of the cabal would have to take pause and perhaps reconsider their orders from on high.

The Democrats have to stand pat now. They’ve put too much time into convincing us this is a good thing to reverse position, especially when they’re so close to the finish line. If It’s so good for us, why isn’t it good for them? And yes, some of them will lose their seats in the next election but they’ve already got employment lined up with lobbyists or perhaps a seat on the board of a pharma company or health care related company.  They don’t screw us for nothing you see, they WILL be rewarded for their deception. Personal gain at the cost of the freedom of the American people. After all, you must keep in mind that the laws they pass for us DO NOT APPLY TO THEM. So when they posture and posit and debate and accuse in front of the cameras and microphones, they’re really just reading the script from Act II, scene 3 of the dark play they put on for the public’s consumption. Of course, with a major assist from the cabal controlled media, in essence the production company of the propaganda message delivered into your homes.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the Republicans can win.  Even if they would get something through the most compromised of the two houses, the Senate, the Kenyan occupying the White House would veto it and they do not have enough votes to override. So in the final analysis, raising the debt ceiling will take precedence and everything else, including disrupting Obamacare, will be forfeited and forgotten. After all, we can’t let the government default….it’s okay if the people default…they take your house or car or kids or pension or savings but the puppets of the cabal must continue to stay in charge… all costs.

Sometimes I think it might be better to just let the ACA go through, that way we learn quicker how bad it is.  If it gets kicked down the road another year, the Democrats will get a reprieve and the damage in next year’s mid terms will be mitigated somewhat.  This would set up the usual 8 year reversal of parties (more about this in future articles) that has been taking place for 30+ years.  You see, by the election in 2016, we’ll have accepted the ACA as a part of life like we have the Patriot Act, the TSA, the checkpoints, the “fusion” centers, NSA and all the other police state tactics that have become a way of life. 

More boiling of the frog.

Of course, I could always be wrong.

Perhaps the Republicans will prevail and Obama will admit the ACA isn’t a good thing and he’ll suspend its implementation until something reasonable, affordable and humane is developed.  And the debt ceiling issue gets resolved with an agreement to keep things going but severely slash the cumbersome, top-heavy and wasteful government budget.  I can think of several departments and functions we don’t need…like Homeland Security, FDA, DEA, ATF, the Department of Education….and the list could go on and on.  Perhaps Congress decides to take the right to issue currency away from the Federal Reserve and give that task back to the Treasury with Obama’s approval as well.  The disbanding of the usurious Fed would go a long way in paying down the debt and perhaps provide financial stability to the government for the first time in 100 years. This would eliminate personal income taxes on a federal level.  And lastly, perhaps they will dismantle the surveillance grid and give us all a refund since we’ve funded it.

The realist in me says none of this will happen and we’ll continue headlong into the one world currency/cashless society scheduled for implementation in 2015. The only item on the agenda left to be completed, after ACA is in full force and effect, is the taking of our guns.  Expect to see more and more false flags using the tried and true “lone nut” scenario.  Along with the problem-reaction-solution scam, this is the oldest of their methods of deception.  Sometimes it’s like watching a slow motion train wreck. 

You know its coming, you just don’t know how bad it will be. And speaking of “lone nut theory”.


As we approach the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy and the coup d etat that occurred on November 22, 1963, the cabal has cranked up the propaganda machine.  This was a predictable reaction as the spotlight and focus will be on the events of that tragic weekend in Dallas.  Make no mistake, some of the ones responsible for this still take breath and are still in charge and they have a vested interest in continuing to cover up the truth. After all, there’s no statute of limitations for murder.

Whenever you see a documentary or article or presentation that assumes the Warren Report is accurate, you KNOW its cabal controlled.  The Warren Commission report has been proven…..PROVEN…to be a sham and to even refer to it is an insult to everyone’s intelligence. 

The most recent offering of significance is the movie, “Parkland”….based on the hospital where JFK died and Oswald died  two days later. It also goes into the famous Zapruder film and portrays Oswald as the assassin.  Irony abounds here as the Zapruder film clearly shows the kill shot came from the right front and not behind.  I’ve always felt Zapruder was told to film the assassination from the vantage point he used as it would not inadvertently show the assassins in Dealey Plaza. 

It should be noted Tom Hanks is one of the producers of this deception. Its issues like this where people stand up and be counted to show which side they’re on.  It would be advised to pay attention to these subtle but obvious events.

I probably won’t be going to see this propaganda offering, I’ve already sat through 49+ years of it. 


About Paladin:  

Paladin is a forensic financial investigator with a background in corporate and government agency contracts.


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