Sean message: Yes, I’m fine. Relatively speaking of  course! Two days ago I took off the bandage on the tumor and a big HUNK of scar tissue came away with it, nicking an artery which started to bleed….well..GUSH! WELL PULP FICTION GEISER actually!!! Leaning over the toilet is was…NOT…STOPPING! Finally climbed into the tub and hit the COLD WATER and put nozzle up against it….and after about 45 it stopped! Showed me slitting my wrists might not be so bad after all. Finally staunched it, but we had just paid to have the Apt. cleaned and blood was every WHERE! Super quoussy and queesy for about a day…drank V8 with beef liver powder and an order of LIVER AND ONIONS and BACON from NORMS fixed me right up… BUt it turned into a miracle!! Earlier that day one of the young senorita cleaning girls noticed my cancer….and also worked for an UNDERGROUND DOCTOR!!! LOTS in the CALI/MEX Com. here…. So he deals in CUBAN BLUE SCORPION VENOM! WHICH TOTALLY CURES CANCER!  My family dealt in it 40 years ago and I had forgotten all about it! When my MOM died of cancer, we had her at our clinic in TJ…..but when the EXECUTORS of the STATE decided to finally murder her for her money, she was taken home and PUT DOWN with Dope and Morphine!!! So, the DR. is coming here TODAY TO SEE ME, and he just got a batch in from CUBA. Costs $3800 and takes 2 months…so I have to see if my life is worth that much and tell the Western MED Estab. for FUDGE OFF! So all good news! Infinite Blessings, Sean THE, 8:25 PM TRUE STORY: Cuba man has terminal cancer. Riddled with it Gets drunk, falls down an abandoned mine shaft into a NEST of blue scorpions and lays there for 3 days! When he is rescued everyone thinks he is going to DIE! But when the SWELLING from the STINGS subsides… his cancer is TOTALLY GONE! So…there it is!



  1. Kathleen Harrison on

    Hi Sean,
    Thanks for keeping us updated, as there are many who care about you, and are rooting for you. BLUE Scorpion venom from Cuba….cures cancer..YES!!
    And Yr products from Mexico are on its way to you! YOU GOT THIS!
    All the best!

  2. Stephen G Romey on

    Cuban Blue Scorpion Venom?? I will admit that it sounds more plausible than conventional chemo therapy and radiation, but I think I would stick with alkalyzing my body as a cancer treatment. Hope you recover Sean. I like your work.

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