Kerry’s Status Update and Commentary: STATE OF PLAY UPDATED CITY OF LONDON/ Washington DC / VATICAN dark magic act…Nashville strike good guys pre-empted bad guy plan…WashDC —downtown… warning from Q-trump team about Jan 6th showdown….

Status update:  Flew via United Airlines changed at Wash-Dulles airport then on to LAX…I live north of LA about 40 miles….  United flight was PACKED on both flights.   Left UK early to avoid SUDDEN RULING signed by TRUMP(!) now why did he do that..forcing ALL FLIGHTS FROM UK TO USA MANDATORY COVID PCR TESTS!!!AS OF DEC.28th…got back just under the wire.

Simon Parkes is stating that the reason Trump signed the force testing of BRITISH FLIGHTS coming into the States has to do with preventing “bad actors” from entering the U.S. at this time prior to the Jan 6th event planned… and other Trump operations.


I don’t buy that they started requiring all flights from the UK to be tested for Covid suddenly in order to stop “bad actors”… There are already plenty of “bad actors” already in the States to be tapped by the deep state for any clandestine operations…. Besides “bad actors” can easily get someone to fake the right paperwork to slide by the PCR tests….So why all of a sudden the fake “new strain in London” forcing tier 4 lockdown… no leave order within London (we got out anyway…no evidence of police presence trying to stop anyone).

One thing I notice with several alt-media commentators is that they like to say things are being done by the Trump Team “for the benefit of the people” like more tests, more lockdown…keeping people off the streets for so-called operations to take down the deep state…all the while the people SUFFER SOME MORE while the DEEP STATE continues their agenda… This is NOT FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PEOPLE… and unfortunately it appears this is a negotiated “allow” the Trump team has had to forfeit FOR THE TIME BEING in order to prevent all out war.  Think about the war of the MOB in the movie GODFATHER… where they had to negotiate between the DRUG LORDS to keep the peace and not end up KILLING EVERYONE.  

Simon states he has direct access to someone in or close to the Trump team… and in his case I think this is true.  Most of what Simon says is accurate as a result.  However…

I believe the Trump team are purposely mudding the waters which of course makes sense.  The point is the alternative media (some key players) are being GROOMED and used and then taken off course….very carefully. The Trump guys had to learn to manipulate key people in the media.  Good thing they had JOHN-JOHN heading up Q! if you want to have a camouflage to hide your operations you need to use the media. There’s nothing revolutionary about that. if you don’t get that you are missing an important part of the Trump team strategy. 

Side note:  I believe there is a planned focused experiment currently taking place aimed at London which now contains a concentration of individuals, all in one place.  Question is what are they planning to do to these people?  What are they looking for?  Likely they will aim concentrated 5G at this group but may also be focused on seeing progress of their Covid/NAno-AI infiltration.

As mentioned had to quickly leave first the airbnb place we were staying in London then had to quickly leave UK due to mandatory testing going into effect on flights coming from the UK by the US…

There is no new strain of the bioweapon other than normal possible 48 mutations already reported worldwide.

This is a Transhuman agenda.  And forced economic takedown worldwide in prep for NWO agenda… To remove sovereignty of humans, halting small business ownership and forcing stay at home to remove humans from interacting, freedom of movement…breaking up the fields of resonance between humans…in prep for world of dependent humans and linkup to Borg centralized AI. 



Well this guy seemed to cover it pretty well…
…”If DOD had wanted to destroy the AT&T building, they know how to do that e.g. AGM-12C “bullpup” has a 2-stage warhead — leading warhead is a “wall breaching charge”.  (Think Beirut here.)  We believe the RV was the target;  it probably had a homing device for precision guidance.  The damages to the “hardened” floors of the AT&T building were minimal, compared to the extensive damages to buildings across the street.  Also, compared to the robot and bomb suited bomb squad on scene at Highway 231S yesterday, no robot or bomb squad were on scene at the RV.  Also, police appeared to maintain a certain distance:  that distance does NOT appear random, but dictated by the expected force of the blast.  One report said that generators and power cables were being threaded into the AT&T building after the explosion.  Given the recent raid on the server farm in Frankfurt, we concluded that a precision guided missile hit the RV and did relatively minimal damages to the hardened floors of the AT&T building.  The evacuation and prior loudspeaker warnings allowed a safe perimeter to be established before the missile strike.  The hit was designed to preserve servers AND data AND software on all servers located on the hardened floors, and it appeared to execute that mission quite skillfully.  All of the latter appear to explain the Mayor’s semi-sarcastic smile during his recent press conference.  A DOD “Special Op” would normally have provided a HEADS UP to certain civilian authorities with a bona fide “need to know”.  U.S. Military “Special Operations” recently saw a new chain-of-command.  Hope this helps.”—Sincerely yours, /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.


My thoughts:  I am thinking this was the good guys finding out about an OP and then pre-empting it with a missile.  They were planning to demolish the AT&T bldg ala trade center (the bad guys) but the Trump guys pre-empted that to save the machines (Dominion–evidence of election fraud). 

Note:  regarding the “missile” — possibly a plasma beam weapon or scaler weapon … Mike Adams talks about this possibility here:


The guy they are trying ot pin this on “lone gunman theory always wrong…” is a typical Manchurian Candidate patsy… set up by the DARK SIDE.  This sounds like a DARK SIDE OP PRE-EMPTED BY THE GOOD GUYS… who then COMMANDEERED THE RV SOUND SYSTEM (or outfitted it) TO WARN PEOPLE.  The warning was coming from the GOOD GUYS.. (note the bad guys never try to avoid human sacrificed to their cause).  And the PETULA CLARK SONG “DOWNTOWN” sounds like a “Q” touch issuing a threat about a future event DOWNTOWN..IN WASHINGTON DC where JAN 6TH the big SHOWDOWN is coming….

Lrics to downtown
Petula Clark – Downtown Lyrics |
Since the Recreation vehicle was BROADCASTING THE SONG it seems to me like a threat for a future event (not the one happening on site at the AT&T bldg) which again would be about Washington DC JAN 6TH THE SHOWDOWN where the PATRIOTS ARE HEADED FOR… and where Trump warned his TOPSIDE TEAM TO GET OUTTA DODGE…= (topside=those who can’t go into the underground bunker for shelter).


MEANWHILE, BACK IN LONDON… THE WEEK OF DECEMBER 14 SOLAR JUPITER-SATURN CONJUNCTION… I was right in the CENTER OF THE BEAST at LUDGATE NEXT TO ST. PAUL’S CATHEDRAL….where I believe I was sent for a purpose (a ray of light within a sea of darkness so to speak)…. While the DARK MAGICIANS were orchestrating their magical act involving the 3 DOMES…. IN THE 3 CITY STATES:  WASHINGTON DC, CITY OF LONDON AND THE VATICAN….We stayed right next to St. Patricks cathedral and the ORIGINAL GATE TO THE CITY OF LONDON.  The dark magicians are hard at work. This happened at EXACT MOMENT when Trump was telling team to evacuate DC.I explain they were performing a dark magic act which includes the 3 CITY STATES and DOMES…UFO SHAPED BUILDINGS BY THE WAY…. CAN YOU SAY ZERO-POINT ENERGY?Wash DC / City of London/ Vatican.   I could see them drawing the energy into the center of London—trying to pull it away from Washington DC … to drain it.  DC where TRUMP AND TEAM HOLD THE FOCUS OF THE WORLD’S ENERGY RIGHT NOW!!!….

I explained this in my recent video about Escape from London. (linked below).


Where I had to wait for the transfer flight…is super old…like built in 60s or earlier…. dreadful…plus no open restaurants… just a hallway really
There was ONE open food place….SUBWAY..where of course I never go…but bought a sandwich there anyway…(never trust airplane food)
Turns out United HAD NO FOOD..for 5 hour flight back to LAX.
Anyway to cut to the chase I had been trying to change my seat at the desk, but no luck…. went and got my sandwich ..tried again but still no luck.
So I went to sit on the floor away from the desk with no visibility to the desk….against the wall….
A few minutes later, out of nowhere…. the woman from the desk apparently left the desk and walks over to me hands me a new seating assignment! (they never leave the desk!)
She says it’s a seat with no one next to me and near a window which is what I wanted…. the flight was jam packed
Like someone TOLD HER TO HELP ME… very strange and wonderful.  Maybe Trump and team are watching!!

more soon….




UPDATE 12.20:20





  1. A large crowd might provide the energy needed for white hat magicians to push the election to Trump.
    Or to witness history – some grand reveal perhaps. JFK?
    There was some chat that the ‘leave’ order for staff was revoked?

    It would also provide a massive target ‘if’ the bad guys were not neutered. ( Assuming there are really two sides to all of this. ). The recent AT&T suggests still some problems?
    We are continuously told this is a movie, to watch and enjoy. If it is, great.
    If not, and there is a FF after all these good people get called upon to attend, then things are dire indeed.

  2. so if future event is 6th in DC – why would Trump send his team out of the city and invite Patriots in?

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