1. Kerry – I a sorry the YT idiots are making your platform life hell. Talk to Styxhexenhammer or James Corbett about other viable platform options that can hold a lot of bandwidth and are reasonably priced.

    Now, the Trump thing. I am a starseed who is here to educate people in the history of the Saturn Death Cult. I though Trump was the savior – here to take down the swamp and put people to account. Well, anyone who can step back and start to think from logic and real inner gnosis can see that he is just another corrupt puppet like the rest of them. Don’t get me wrong , I like the man. He’s a fellow Gemini. But unfortunately, he has never done one thing about the chemtrails and in fact they are getting worse. He has not done a damn thing about the 5G and the satellites netting the planet for the globalist Transhumanist agenda, Je has filled his administration with really bad OTHER swamp creatures like BARR, Bolton, Giuliani is as correput as the come. Same as roger stone and Bannon. Then we can top it all off with the Netanyahu and his zionist agenda. Israel runs the number one cyber program and the number one above top secret cyber program – they are the ones who have really been doing the back door shit and blaming it on Russia or whoever else – just listen to Patrick Bergy- he KNOWS the real deal. So does BILL BINNEY. We have one side of zionist and high masons (some of whom are absolutely involved in running of guns, drugs, women, and children. Notorious pedos live in Israel. I am not saying anything against the Israeli peoples – I am talking about the Rottenchild Zionistas. So, now we have Trump touting operation warp speed and wanting every single American vaccinated. He never got rid of fauci, Birx and the rest of the covid bullshit narrative swamp creatures. NOONE TALKS ABOUT THESE THINGS IN REGARDS TO TRUMP – We need to ask WHY THE FUCK NOT??? We can clearly see that the masses are being brainwashed, engineered and even having their behaviors altered at the flip of a switch, that what PSYOPS is all about!! Anyway, when will any citizen be able to start to have a discourse about these imperatively important topics?

    -Krista (The 5D Wanderer aka Polaris333)

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