July 22, 2020

From Sean:
Dear friends and family, WOW! They are letting us out to use the computers every few days now. This will probably not last very long…and, again, not sure how many of you out there are reading this or how many care. Doing this mostly for my own sanity I guess, to some how imagine that I still have some friends and that I matter to somebody. The cancer is eating into my neck, and I am having trouble swallowing, eating and chewing. I have a sore throat all the time, which I can only relieve with cough drops. My neck is partially paralyzed and I cannot move my head to the right. If left untreated, which BOP has every intention of doing, It will take away my power of speech and I will be one of those guys with his voice box cut out and have to speak like a robot through device, like you see on those commercials for people that have SMOKED their entire lives…. My Motion for Compassionate Release went in on July 2nd, and was just docketed last Friday…so THAT is my only hope. They have a doctor here, raymond winger, who was a pediatrician on the outside, who lost 2 malpractice suits, so he was greased down to hell with all of us. He is ignorant, arrogant, incompetent and everything he does is way over the line of malpractice. He is telling me that all these ADVANCING GROWING TUMORS, are all swelling from an infected tooth…which isn’t even THERE anymore….and when I tell him my symptoms he was yelling at me that “I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!” To which I responded, “Despite all evidence to the contrary!” “Well, we need to play Russian Roulette until we find the right anti-biotic…” On the outside, are they treating or CURING cancer with antibiotics now? News to me. So THAT is what I am dealing with. Massive 8th Amendment violations of Cruel and Unusual punishment, and the BOP and DOJ just want ENEMIES OF THE STATE, like ME, that write books and do radio exposing their evil, to just crawl off and die quietly. More updates soon. Just thank all of you for your friendship and faith. INFINITE BLESSINGS Dr. Sean Morton

July 14, 2020

From Sean: Dearest Loved Ones…. We get to use the computers here only 30 min. every week, so I use that time to keep you informed. My motion for release is before JUDGE WILSON and I am waiting on a ruling. This is now truly a race against time now. The cancer tumors have moved across the bottom of my jaw, and into my larynx and esophagus so it is getting harder to breathe, eat and talk and is now moving down into my lungs. Due to COVID 19 they cannot and will not transfer me anywhere that I can be treated. After countless requests, the doctor here would only see me TWICE in SEVEN MONTHS…and each time all he does is prescribe the WRONG anti biotics!! So my life has become one long, painful nightmare…so if I am not released SOON so I can get TREATMENT for this, I will NOT be around much longer. Thank you again for your prayers for me in this merciless, godless place!! Infinite Blessings Sean Morton


July 8, 2020

From Sean: Hi everybody!!! So how are you all enjoying JAIL and the apocalypse out there?? Judge James Gwinn ruled to release 800 inmates from the ELKTON, IN, FCI due to the massive COVID- 19 Pandemic that is sweeping the prisons. The BOP instead of letting these people GO went to the SCOTUS, where they UPHELD THE RULING 6-3…but then SONIA SOUNDS LIKE A MEXICAN stepped in and BLOCKED THE RULING OF THE COURT with a STAY…and the BOP got the SCOTUS OVERTURNED IN THE LOWER COURT!!! You must understand that all of these prisons are owned by FANNIE MAE/FREDDIE MACK, and they float TRILLIONS in bonds against the WAREHOUSED COMMODITIES known as prisoners. So out entire economy is based on SLAVERY…LITERALLY…and they LOSE TRILLIONS by letting people go! IN fact I tracked the case numbers in my own case which are connected to CUSIP numbers they create as BONDS they file in each case. I discovered that my bonds were lodged in FIDELITY MUTUAL OTTAW, BOSTON and PHILADELPHIA. They one is CANADA is being managed by the PROSECUTOR VALERIE MAKEWITZ’s SISTER IN LAW, and they are worth $450 MILLION…collecting interest for 3 years. Meanwhile, my cancer is getting worse, spreading across my jaw and into my throat, where I am having trouble eating breathing and talking. THey WON’T TREAT ME and they can’t SHIP me anywhere to be treated. SO NO MEDICAL CARE AT ALL! 60 men shit, shave, shower, live and EAT in a locked down low ceiling DORM 3 feet away from each other 24/7….it is horrible. However my motion for release should be ruled on soon and I will be out to get treatment. Keep me in your prayers… Love you Sean Morton

JULY 7 2020

From Sean: My wonderful friends and family, I have a motion in for immediate release due to ORDERS by the DOJ and USAG Wm Barr to let people like me GO due to the threat of COVID-19…which is now running rampant in TEXAS, which frankly is just THE WORST place on EARTH! I was forced to live in HOUSTON when I was a kid, and it was just horrible then and just go worse!! The DOJ persecutors are so desperate that in there opposition to my motion they literally called me a “threat to the world and WEstern Civilization as we know it!” and they compared ME to being a combination between MOBSTER JOHN GOTTI and Marshall Applewhite of HEAVEN’s GATE! I am not KIDDING! That I apparently could order my mindless minions to do anything I command them to do…when I couldn’t even get my CATS to come when I called !!! THAT is what they are sinking to. The cancer is getting worse by the day, and no one here CARES. My left arm is paralyzed, and I can’t move my head to the right anymore and the tumors have spread across my jaw…They cannot and will not treat me and cant’ transfer me anywhere where they can due to the COVID PANDEMIC, as Texas has become the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE all of the sudden, and they are more than happy to let me die. If there is anyone out there or even listening, please pray for me in my darkest hour. Love you all SEAN