From Sean: PLEASE! I need you

LETTERS OF SUPPORT for the JUDGE for my RELEASE. Send to:    [email protected]


Quick update: In January I had a blood test showing I was positive for CANCER. DAYS LATER a HUGE acute MASSIVE TUMOR began to grow on my neck on the left side. The tumor has spread down my neck and throat and into my left trapezius atop my shoulder which has now partially paralyzed my left arm. So since I have been here, I am blind in my right eye, lost 6 teeth, and now have cancer. They can’t treat me HERE in this hellhole as there is only a hospital close by and there is NO post op care…. My motion for release has a hearing July 23,…PLEASE HELP! Love SEAN


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  1. Aaron V Allenson on

    Hi Kerry and friends, regarding Sean d Morton, I’d like to send/write a letter for his support, but I dont know enough about him and that I feel will limit and hinder the message I’d like to send. Csn you point me to a blog of other info please, or anyone know? I’m gonna try Google but you know that’s not trustworthy, they ran smear campaign on so many. Ps, btw Kerry. Do you recall Elaine Knost and her 10 minute video from 2011? It got pulled then about 2 weeks later, then my channel got pulled after I was writing about her and her disclosure on the tours of FEMA camps she went on, and how they abduct women mostly for sacrifices, intence stuff, highly detailed, I recall it all. And love your site, nice work, glad and very happy to join. Thank you. Well, I just YouTube saen and found all I need there, thanks and I’m jonna leave the post if you dont mind, in case you see it, I’m curious Elaine knost and if ti our familiar with her whistleblowing efforts. I think she is past on now, I also know they used high black magic on her when she turned christian… om thanks for reading

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