My take:  We all have coronavirus (respiratory ailments) from chemtrails weakening the immune system. It is triggered by 5G and concentrated wifi (cruise ships, airports and planes). It is NOT CONTAGIOUS except through suggestion: being influenced by the virus/fear MEME.–Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

UPDATE:  MARCH 3, 2020

Indications are that this weaponized flu virus will be a precursor to a financial reset or other related monetary gaming…

For more details on coronavirus go here:

LATEST NEWS RE CORONAVIRUS – Update as of March 5th

Nearly 10K Military Personnel From 110 Nations In Wuhan China Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak!

Interview: Author of US BioWeapons Act Believes The WHO & China Are Lying About The Coronavirus

Video Correction:  Regarding the conference, I mention where I spoke the correct name was UFOCON…

Click here to see the Post mentioned in the video:

Update:  March 5, 2020

Reminder:  All numbers of infected are wrong!  Most people do not go to hospitals.  Coronavirus is the flu.  There is a more sinister virus undercover reported only in China (so far) by Chinese Communist Party Whistleblower.  The state (worldwide NWO is using this panic to bring in draconian measures and limit travel.  

Information is that this virus (the flu) is being used to set the scene for global financial reset and possibly other roll-outs related to NWO.

5G is a facilitator frequency that lowers human (and animal) immune systems so they are vulnerable to catching this virus.  The literature of Huawei and other 5G companies proves 5G …

“On your oxygen molecules, the little electrons, with 5G they start to oscillate. So 5G is absorbing the oxygen and then your hemoglobin can’t take up the oxygen.2″.

..”technology will broadcast at 60 GHz, which is the absorption spectrum of oxygen molecules, which means it can kill at a distance by interfering with oxygen binding to hemoglobin in blood. If blood cannot hold oxygen, the result is death by suffocation.”

Large Collection of Data on Coronavirus Suggests the Illness is Harmless, and that Deaths Are Caused by 5G

Shanghai Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C for COVID-19
by Andrew W. Saul

(OMNS Mar 3, 2020) The government of Shanghai, China has announced its official recommendation that COVID-19 should be treated with high amounts of intravenous vitamin C. (1) Dosage recommendations vary with the severity of illness, from 50 to 200 milligrams per kilogram body weight per day to as much as 200 mg/kg/day.

These dosages are approximately 4,000 to 16,000 mg for an adult, administered by IV. This specific method of administration is important, says intravenous therapy expert Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, PhD, because vitamin C’s effect is at least ten times more powerful by IV than if taken orally.Dr. Yanagisawa is president of the Tokyo-based Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy. He says, “Intravenous vitamin C is a safe, effective, and broad-spectrum antiviral.”

Richard Z. Cheng, MD, PhD, a Chinese-American specialist physician, has been working closely with medical and governmental authorities throughout China. He has been instrumental in facilitating at least three Chinese clinical IV vitamin C studies now underway. Dr. Cheng is presently in Shanghai continuing his efforts to encourage still more Chinese hospitals to implement vitamin C therapy incorporating high oral doses as well as C by IV.

Dr. Cheng and Dr. Yanagisawa both recommend oral vitamin C for prevention of COVID-19 infection.

An official statement from Xi’an Jiaotong University Second Hospital (2) reads:

“On the afternoon of February 20, 2020, another 4 patients with severe new coronaviral pneumonia recovered from the C10 West Ward of Tongji Hospital. In the past 8 patients have been discharged from hospital. . . [H]igh-dose vitamin C achieved good results in clinical applications. We believe that for patients with severe neonatal pneumonia and critically ill patients, vitamin C treatment should be initiated as soon as possible after admission. . .[E]arly application of large doses of vitamin C can have a strong antioxidant effect, reduce inflammatory responses, and improve endothelial function. . . Numerous studies have shown that the dose of vitamin C has a lot to do with the effect of treatment. . . [H]gh-dose vitamin C can not only improve antiviral levels, but more importantly, can prevent and treat acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress (ARDS).”

For more information, below is a list of previous reporting by OMNS on COVID-19 and vitamin C:


Mar 1, 2020 News Media Attacks Vitamin C Treatment of COVID-19 Coronavirus
Feb 28, 2020 Vitamin C and COVID-19 Coronavirus
Feb 23, 2020 TONS OF VITAMIN C TO WUHAN: China Using Vitamin C against COVID
Feb 21, 2020 Three Intravenous Vitamin C Research Studies Approved for Treating COVID-19
Feb 16, 2020 Early Large Dose Intravenous Vitamin C is the Treatment of Choice for 2019-nCov Pneumonia
Feb 13, 2020 Coronavirus Patients in China to be Treated with High-Dose Vitamin C
Feb 10, 2020 VITAMIN C AND ITS APPLICATION TO THE TREATMENT OF nCoV CORONAVIRUS: How Vitamin C Reduces Severity and Deaths from Serious Viral Respiratory Diseases
Feb 2, 2020 Hospital-based Intravenous Vitamin C Treatment for Coronavirus and Related Illnesses
Jan 30, 2020 Nutritional Treatment of Coronavirus
Jan 26, 2020 Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus






Update Feb 27th:


As of Feb 27, 2020.



Jim Humble on where to purchase MMS

  1. Poor people do not go to doctors.
  2. Number of uninsured people in the US is huge — well over 27 million and that number does not include people who don’t show up on any census.
  3. Targeted communities that do not want official oversite or undue interference by authorities which may also contain large numbers of illegal immigrants will not report cases and will not go to hospitals.
  4. The purposeful gray area between symptoms associated with seasonal flu and colds easy cover for cornovirus.
  5. There is a much more sinister virus in China that is not being reported…depending on whether there is any truth to Chinese Party whistleblower testimony.
  6. Far East rollout of Huawei 5G facilitated virus spread at the very least as it is known to weaken the immune system in humans —See Mark Steele testimony.  Huawei is finished as a company if this gets out… and so is 5G.
  9. Countries operating under totalitarian regimes/run by dictators like Iran, Egypt, Many African countries, and military-run governments like Iraq and Syria will never report the truth about the outbreak or spread in their communities.
  10. Any country that depends on travel / Tourism for its income will under-report cases.
  11. No clear cut reporting on whether the virus is racially targeted or whether it has mutated and what one country reports is the same virus as another.
  12. Any sick person asking to be tested by authorities is asking to be put in quarantine and locked in a hospital or worse.
  13. For over 10 years chemtrails have been releasing various toxins to lower human immune systems…
  14. Population reduction is a primary drive of the Illuminati/secret governments
  15. Chinese Illuminati are working with mainstream Illuminati on a population reduction program.
  16. All officially reported numbers of cases/deaths will be lies— worldwide!!

Ongoing investigation…


CoronaVirus: Bioweapon Predicted by 2 Camelot Whistleblowers

Update:  Scroll down for 2 added reports… Note:  it would appear the only conclusion is that there are two viruses.  The coronavirus which is respiratory and can be healed through the use of O2 (see link below) and/or the Jim Humble Mineral Supplement (see link below) and a much more sinister virus unleashed specifically and perhaps only in China that one does not recover from.  As mentioned by the Chinese Communist Party Whistleblower below, the coronavirus is a COVER for the other.

Added note:  re Dean Koontz book from 1981: ….the Chinese Wuhan lab was built in 1956. Top Writers are often given insider info to inspire their work by gov insiders. This happened to Arthur C. Clarke. They have to sign non-disclosure agreements.–Kerry Cassidy

The above patent list was sent to me by an undisclosed source.


[pdf-embedder url=””]


Hi all,

I just interviewed Captain Mark Richards and he says the following about Coronavirus:
As of right now:  100,000 people in China involved in the virus:
30% have died, 30% are infected and 40% are taken off-world by Reptilians assisting China in their drive to eliminate approx. 500 million people as reported by Mark Richards several months ago before the announcement of coronavirus.
Those humans taken off-world, according to Mark, by Reptilians, are sold to other races for food and used as sex slaves.
This virus will mutate and other governments are using it to facilitate eliminating some of their populations as well.
One-quarter of a million people will die of the virus this year.
According to another secret source:
POSSIBLE CURE   According to high-level Illuminati insider:  Oxygen drops 02: 
all good.
My book is now available on Amazon!
ALSO, SEE THE CHINESE PARTY WHISTLEBLOWER REPORT that does not support the idea that coronavirus has flu-like symptoms but is instead a diabolical bio-weapon that kills anyone who comes in contact.
Begin forwarded message:
From: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: New UPI Guy Report
Date: February 20, 2020 at 3:53:11 PM PST
To: Kerry Cassidy <[email protected]>

Hi Kerry,

Thank you very much for publishing my report on the CoronaVirus, and

thanks for correcting the my misspelled title word ‘Cocooning’; I

appreciate all your thoughtfulness !!!

Can’t wait to hear your latest recall report on Mark Richards.

The Chinese doctor WhistleBlower, mysteriously killed by the CoronaVirus ) revealed in a YouTube clip ( translated from Mandarin to English sub-titles ‘weeks ago’ ) that greater than 100,000 CoronaVirus

patients had already died.

This Chinese doctor was extremely well-versed and highly conscious of the dangers of exposure to the CoronaVirus, and of all the other Chinese doctors none contracted the “2019nCoV Beta Type II Mutant” virulent; except, for this WhistleBlower doctor who died in China recently.

Given that WhistleBlower doctor’s statement ( 100,000 people already infected with the deadly CoronaVirus ) was tantamount to a public execution release ( ouTube video clip of his first-hand knowledge) de facton/ de jure ‘Dying Declaration’ just days prior to his death,

plus my own research developments prompted me to quote my 150,000 number of infected persons prior to January 27, 2020 according to my statistical sources and calculations levied within my recent report entitled, ‘Global ‘Social Distancing’ Is ‘Self-Quarantine’ Human

Cocooning?’ [


In lieu of the aforementioned WhistleBlower doctor’s testamentary video clip ( seen on YouTube ), I can concur with your recall of Mark Richards’ claims of there being ‘100,000 infected people’. The only numerical figure disparity I would argue against was your quoted ‘30%’ death rate rather than ‘43% death rate I saw statistically calculated’ during my research just yesterday.

Whom shall masses of the worldwide general public ‘trust’ as-to ‘where to obtain near-accurate data” and in ‘near-realtime’ too?

Especially when the facts clearly see that both government officials of China, America, and even the World Health Organization ( WHO ) are ‘all lying to the public worldwide’, whom can The People ‘trust’?

My aforementioned report even contained proof of officially released lies’ exposed within the ‘image header photo graphic’ proving shocking statistical data, I obtained from Johns Hopkins University, dated January 27, 2020 in-advance of what the WHO just publicly released on February 19, 2020 ( See my UPI Guy Report ‘Research References’ two (2) ‘Downloads’ therein as well.

With so many numerous conflicting official statements publicly released, I decided to personally research, study, collect and predictively analyze CoronaVirus end-results, afterwhich I released my aforementioned report to you around 02:30 a.m. ( PST ) February 20, 2020 because I could not sleep after learning more bad news for the

public than what I only I could write about.

After researching all this and then late last night ( (19FEB20) seeing an article – I seem to recall in Forbes Magazine – reportedly projecting “500,000,000 virus infected people” would eventually die from such a communicable virus’, I could ‘not fall sleep yesterday

in-addition-to today’.

Your recall, of Mark Richards’ information on this ( the so-called ‘new CoronaVirus Beta Type II Mutant’ deadly virulent communicable strain), according to what you wrote plus, now, my own private intelligence research findings, clearly spellsbout that what we’re just now learning about is too damn riveting for anyone to feel

comfortable with knowing.

Thank you for your email, Kerry, and your diligence in bringing more of the truth – no matter public comfort levels – to everyone’s public attention.

Many blessings to you and everyone.

Sincerely your’s,


At this time, the folllowing report has not yet been verified however it may be true…

Posted on (entire link)

I am a senior Chinese military intelligence officer and I know the truth about the coronavirus outbreak. It is far worse than the media are telling you.



I am a senior Chinese military intelligence officer and I know the truth about the coronavirus outbreak. It is far worse than the media are telling you.

I am a Chinese citizen in Wuhan who occupies — or perhaps occupied — a high-ranking position in military intelligence. I am also a member of the Chinese Communist Party. As a senior official near the top of the Party, I have access to a great deal of classified information and I have been involved in many top secret government projects. I have a doctorate from a leading university in a western country, which is why I am able to write my account in English.

I have information that I believe could lead to the overthrow of my government. It is also relevant to billions of people outside of China, all of whom are now in existential peril.

It will not surprise you to hear that if my identity were to be revealed, my life would be in grave danger, as would those of my wife and son. I ask you to respect the fact that I have stripped out of this account all facts that would make it easy to identify me.

By now you will be familiar with the recent outbreak of 2019-nCoV, also known as NCP, or simply “coronavirus”. You will have heard that it originated in Wuhan, an industrial city in China, and that it came from an animal — most likely a bat or a pangolin — that was sold in a wild animal market. You will have been told that it is an influenza-like illness that can in severe cases cause pneumonia, respiratory failure and death. Finally, you may have heard that although the disease is highly infectious, it is dangerous only to the elderly or to those who have a compromised immune system. The official lethality rate is approximately 2% or so.

All of that is a bunch of lies concocted by the Chinese state with the tacit support of the U.S. deep state and its friends in the European Union, Russia and Australia, and spread by the docile media in all of those countries.

Let me start by telling you that the world does not operate the way you think it does. Although countries like the US and China vie for global dominance, that competition is restricted to certain limited areas. In most ways, the two countries are more interested in cooperation so that they can stop other competing countries from gaining more power. They also have a shared interest in keeping real power out of the hands of their “ordinary” citizens. To this end, they have many different mechanisms by which they control the overwhelming majority of their media outlets. The Americans in particular have perfected the art of creating made-up “divisions” between their two main parties which are designed to hide the fact that both serve the same masters.

These same nations also posses technology that is far more advanced than you can imagine and which is kept carefully hidden from public view. This includes advanced artificial intelligence capable of undermining and deciding any election in the world; biological and chemical agents that can manipulate and control the thinking patterns and behaviours of citizens to terrifying degrees; highly sophisticated manipulation techniques using hypnotic practices entirely unknown to the public; and other things that I will not go into now. My point is that the great nations do not compete so much as work together. Their principal goal is to shield the true workings of the world from the “uninitiated” public.

Just to give you one example, there aren’t actually any nuclear weapons anywhere in the world. The U.S. and the Soviet Union scrapped them all in the 1970s, as did their client states. Everyone realised that those weapons could not be used without destroying the whole world, so there was no need for them; but by pretending that they still had them, the big players were able to keep the non-nuclear powers in line.

Let me return to the virus.

Last year, large-scale anti-government protests erupted in Hong Kong. The Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party considered these to be a grave threat to the integrity and stability of the motherland. The U.S. government and the EU both knew that the Chinese were secretly working on a biological agent that was supposed to make the protesters docile and obedient. Without going into detail, I worked on that project. We tried to develop a sort of spray that could be dispersed from helicopters or drones and that would lead to mental retardation and behavioural change.

Naturally, as Hong Kong is one of the most open and international cities in the world, the Party decided that it was too risky to release the agent in Hong Kong without first testing it. For this, it needed a great number of human guinea pigs. Two groups were identified for this.

First, we rounded up a large number of so-called “islamic radicals” in Xinjiang Province and took them to what we called “training camps“. We had already been using these camps for human experimentation for several years, but the Hong Kong protests meant that we redoubled our efforts. We exposed the inmates to various “alpha” experimental agents. As these were odourless and invisible, the subjects were not aware that they were taking part in medical trials. The resulting high rates of cancer, premature dementia, suicidal depression and death by organ failure could easily be suppressed, as the camps are located in very remote parts of our motherland.

Once the initial experiments had yielded a “beta” agent, it was transported to Hubei Province, where it was deployed in a special military testing facility outside the city of Wuhan. This was not even a particularly well-kept secret: the existence of this facility has been reported in international news. Even the fact that it is located close to the wild animal market is a known fact.

By then our President had already introduced a “social credit” system that allowed us to identify disloyal, counter-revolutionary and bourgeois elements in our society. Using the social credit scores — which are taken from online activity, electronic shopping behaviour and reports from informers in civil society — we selected some of the worst offenders. These included human rights lawyers and activists, Christians, homosexuals, artists, intellectuals, people who speak foreign languages, and other undesirables.

Once these troublemakers had been collected and placed in the testing facility, we exposed them to the Agent, which is biochemical in nature and spread in an invisible aerosol, akin to certain viruses. Initial results were encouraging, as we saw significant cognitive decline and reduction in higher mental processing facilities. Essentially, our undesirables were becoming mildly mentally disabled, which is precisely the effect we wanted to produce in order to pacify the restive population of Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that the Agent also had other effects. About one week after the retardation set in, our subjects developed major anxiety and panic attacks. Eventually they developed symptoms akin to those of paranoid schizophrenics. At that point, their bodies rapidly deteriorated. They developed massive internal bleeding; the walls of their arteries dissolved; they bled out of their eyes and orifices, and their tissue disintegrated.

To put it in a more direct Western manner, they started to melt.

Death usually occurred through multiple organ failure. This was preceded by at least five days of severe agony which could not be alleviated by painkillers. It was at this time that I first violated our protocol: one subject, an elderly lady who had published defamatory cartoons of our President, begged me for death with such insistence that I took pity and shot her. I was reprimanded, but fortunately the complaint was dropped when I agreed to reimburse the cost of the bullet. I swore to myself never again to show such unnecessary emotion.

We decided that our Agent was unusable. It was far too destructive for our purposes. We wanted the population of Hong Kong to submit to us; we did not want to exterminate it.

Naturally, our American friends had by then taken an interest in our work and asked us for a sample for their own research and testing purposes. They hinted that they wished to use it to resolve certain difficulties in Venezuela. Normally we would have agreed, as we maintain friendly relations with the CIA, but given the extremely toxic nature of the Agent, we declined.

This, as it turned out, was a grave mistake. The CIA was convinced that we had developed something very powerful and wanted to keep it to ourselves. They offered a great deal of money to one of our researchers. Foolishly, he agreed to sell them a specimen. We found out just in time for the handover and tried to stop it from happening. In the ensuing shoot-out — don’t bother to look for it in the news, it was never reported anywhere — several dozen people were killed.

More importantly, however, the Agent escaped.

The shoot-out took place at the wild animal market which has been reported as the location of the “animal to human” transmission that started the outbreak. But of course there was no such transmission; it was just the location where the CIA was supposed to receive the sealed vial containing the Agent. The vial shattered when it was dropped by the traitor who had agreed to sell it to the Americans.

By now I understand you will be sceptical. If I really am who I say I am, why would I be sharing this information on the internet? Let me assure you that I am no friend of the Western system of governance. I love my motherland and I am loyal to the Communist Party. It has lifted hundreds of millions of my compatriots out of squalor and poverty. However, I am also a human being and I have a conscience.

Most importantly, I have a wife and a son.

Once we realised that the Agent had escaped and would start to spread, we swiftly put all of Wuhan into lockdown. I was one of those tasked to manage the fallout of the contamination. Of course we could not keep such a huge undertaking secret, so we decided to order our state media to report that a “coronavirus” had broken out in Wuhan.

In reality, of course, there is no “coronavirus”. It was all made up.

It was one of my colleagues who came up with the genius idea of pretending that people with the common flu suffered from the coronavirus. This allowed us to hide the true nature of the disease. Let me explain.

It is currently flu season in China. When we realised that we could no longer control the spread of the Agent, we sent our men to all the hospitals and instructed all doctors to diagnose every case of the common flu as “coronavirus”. We came up with a new name — 2019-nCoV — and handed out “factsheets” that described a made-up illness.

The result of this decision was that tens of thousands of individuals who were simply suffering from a cold or flu were now diagnosed as having a mysterious coronavirus that, although infectious, was not often lethal. While this frightened the public, it allowed us to push the narrative that the disease was not that deadly; it also gave us time to prepare for the catastrophe that was sure to come by imposing a lockdown on Wuhan and other cities in Hubei Province.

You have not heard this in the news — and given the size of Wuhan, with its population of 11 million, it is not known even to many of the residents — but within days thousands upon thousands were infected and before long they suffered the agonising deaths that I have already described. Within a week, there were so many corpses that we did not know what to do with them, so we ordered the surviving social credit prisoners to drive the bodies into the countryside and bury them in mass graves. But it was very difficult to keep this activity secret, and we could not even keep up as there were so many corpses. We planted a story that five million residents had “fled” Wuhan. In reality, of course, many of those people had died from the Agent.

I was working around the clock helping to orchestrate this cover-up. When I think back to my actions now, I feel great shame. At the time I still believed that I was fighting for my motherland and that the rule of the Party was right and just. But deep down, I had already begun to have doubts.

My faith in the Party was shaken even more deeply when I learnt what had happened to Dr Li Wenliang. He was one of the few doctors who refused falsely to diagnose flu patients with the “coronavirus”. As a punishment, he was sent to help transport dead bodies to mass graves. The expectation was that he would be infected with the Agent and die an agonising death, but to our great surprise, he did not contract the illness.

You have of course read that he died of “coronavirus”. You have been misinformed. A sergeant of the People’s Armed Police injected him with a mixture of heroin and mercury that caused his lungs to deflate.

When I found out about this I became unsure whether or not I was doing the right thing. While I believe that it is appropriate for a government to rule with a severe hand, I do not think that it was right to kill Dr Li. He was a compassionate and kind man and he cared about his patients; how can our motherland not benefit from having such a doctor?

I shared my concerns with my wife, but she convinced me that I should not say anything to my superiors. She said that it was too dangerous; that they valued loyalty above everything else; and that I would only find trouble if I admitted to my doubts about their practices. She also pointed out that we benefited from priority medical treatment. As senior officials, we received regular supplies of the highly-sophisticated hazmat masks that are the only known technology that can prevent infection. She implored me to think of our son, who is still small. If I spoke out and were caught, our lives would be at risk.

Around the same time, it became clear that the Agent was entirely beyond our control. It was spreading like wildfire throughout Hubei Province and beyond, infecting tens of millions and causing them all to die.

I understand that what I just said is difficult to believe, because you have been told that there have been only about 50,000 infections, and far fewer deaths. But these are the influenza infections that have been falsely passed off as the non-existent “coronavirus”. The Agent is far, far more contagious than that, and its fatality rate, unlike the “coronavirus”, is not 2%.

No, its fatality rate is 100%. Nobody recovers from it. Everybody who contracts it dies.

And a lot of people are contracting it.

Hubei Province lies in ruins. The various travel restrictions and lockdowns that have been imposed were not created to stop the spread of the Agent — none of them can stop it, not embargoes, not face masks or hand sanitiser — but to stop the survivors from seeing the catastrophe with their own eyes.

I am part of the greatest cover-up in human history: the hiding of the deaths of tens of millions. Very soon, Hubei Province will be no more than a giant mortuary, and the truth will come out.

For me, the turning point came when the Party told yet another lie, and that lie was too dreadful even for me to accept. You may have heard that China built a new hospital, called Huoshenshan Hospital, in Wuhan, in order to provide additional quarantine and isolation facilities for infected patients. You may have heard that they built it in only ten days.

That too is a lie.

Sure, they did build something in six days. But it was not a hospital. The true nature of the building was top secret. Initially, I was naive enough to believe that the Party was demonstrating its compassion and care for the people. But then my superiors sent me to Huoshenshan. I was shown around the installation by a military police officer called Corporal Meng (this is not his real name). It was there that I saw the truth.

As I have mentioned, the only way to protect oneself from the Agent is by wearing a special protective mask that is entirely unlike those available commercially. Even medical professionals do not have access to it. It is available only to biomedical warfare researchers and it contains extremely advanced technology.

These masks need to be kept at a particular temperature to offer full protection, and lose their effectiveness very quickly. As I have also already said, one of the benefits of my position was that both my family and I had access to regular supplies, which is why were safe when compared to civilians, doctors and even lower-level government officials, all of whom wore utterly ineffective surgical masks in the misguided belief that they would protect them.

And so, wearing this special equipment, I went to Huoshenshan with Corporal Meng.

Whatever you want to call that place, it is not a hospital. Sure, the entrance looks like a hospital and in the ward at the front of the complex, there are what appear to be normal medical beds. There, thousands of infected patients lie, all of them in the early stages of the disease. I walked along those long, white corridors next to Corporal Meng, his angular face dispassionate in his military fatigues, and saw hundreds upon hundreds of identical hospital beds on which squirmed the terrified and diseased inhabitants of Wuhan. Their cries and pleas haunt me in the long nights in which I now am unable to sleep.

But this was merely the beginning. Eventually the Corporal took me to the rear of this front section. There, locked metal gates led to what he called the “middle section”. The patients in the front are unaware of its existence. It is there that the more advanced cases are kept, in what most closely resembles a mental asylum.

Immediately upon entering this part of Huoshenshan I was struck by the dim lighting and stench of vomit and human waste. Here the unfortunates roamed freely, their minds gradually disintegrating in endless panic attacks and psychotic episodes. Here too there were no more doctors, merely gorilla-faced men in black uniforms who belonged to some secret branch of the military police I had never heard of.

They appeared to have been selected for their cruelty, for they beat and degraded the patients in the most sadistic manner. Many of the inmates had regressed to childlike states and lay on the floor weeping like infants and begging for compassion that they did not receive. There was cruel pleasure in the eyes of these thugs as they brutalised the unfortunates. They beat them with batons, sprayed pepper spray into their eyes and kicked them with their steel-capped boots. As I was from military intelligence, the guards did not even attempt to hide their activities. They even invited me to join; in every way, they treated me as one of them.

Yes, one of them. I stood in the grey staff bathroom of Huoshenshan and looked into a cheap mirror and asked myself — is this really what you are? Are you really like them?

But the violence was not merely an expression of sadism, for the poor inmates were not there to be cared for.

They were there to work.

There was one more set of doors, and beyond them lay what the Corporal called the “Core”. And it was there that I saw it — piles and piles of dead bodies, stacked on top of one another all the way to the ceiling. There were men, women and children, elderlies and toddlers, rich and poor, beautiful and misshapen, proud and humble.

They were all of them dead. Our Agent made no distinction between any of them.

I gasped when the Corporal led me to the Core. I cannot count how many there were, but it was many, many thousands. And in the midst of the piles of corpses was a kind of path, and I heard a roaring sound in the distance. The miserable patients from the middle section picked up the dead and carried and dragged them away into the dark, even as the guards beat them with truncheons.

It took me a little while before I grasped what was happening. I simply could not believe what lay at the end of that path in the Core.

It was an enormous furnace, with great fires roaring within.

One by one, their minds destroyed and their bodies twisted, the dying men and women carried the corpses to the furnace and cast them inside in a doomed attempt to hide the dreadful truth. I saw several of them collapse from exhaustion only for their lifeless bodies to be added to the mountains of corpses on both sides. In a seemingly endless line they went, their emaciated bodies clad in grey overalls, their backs bent under the weight of their dreadful cargo. Many howled and groaned in terror and their voices joined in a sorrowful cacophony that lingered over the roar of the fires.

In deep shock, I stared at the boundless horror before me. Beside me stood Corporal Meng, his freshly-shaved face as emotionless as before. When I turned to face him, he looked at me. His mouth smiled, but his eyes did not.

“We use the energy to operate Huoshenshan,” he said. “We save the state considerable resources in this way. And look,” — he waved at the gallery of the dead — “there are so many of them here. You could almost describe it as renewable energy.” He laughed and waved his hand in a strangely camp gesture.

I stood speechless and stared at the infernal scenes before me. Men in black uniforms screamed like daemons at the wretches who were disposing of the corpses for them. They stripped the dead of anything that had value — jewellery, cash, expensive clothing — and tossed these items onto an enormous pile next to the furnace. When I asked the Corporal what would be done with the items, they said that they would be used to pay for the “healthcare expenses” incurred by the patients’ stay in Huoshenshan.

I vomited in the toilet. When I flushed and came out of the stall, Corporal Meng stood by the door and looked at me. His face was as blank as before, but in his eyes I thought I registered a very faint trace of contempt. You are ten years my senior, the look said, but you are soft.

I thanked him for his service and went home.

When I arrived, I saw that I had received hundreds of updates on the encrypted device the Party uses to communicate to insiders. The news were unimaginably grim. The State Legal and Economic Commission had allocated funds for the construction of dozens of facilities like Huoshenshan all throughout China. The Agent had spread not only to every single province of the motherland, but to most other nations in the world. Fortunately, we had agreements in place with other governments — they agreed to pretend that the infections were due to a coronavirus. They were just as worried as we were that a panic might break out in their countries. The Americans in particular were terrified that the S&P 500 might decline. This, they said, would be unacceptable in an election year, so we could count on their full support.

Of course the World Health Organisation also helped us. For a long time, the only issue with the WHO has been that we have been locked in a contest with the Americans about who bribes them more. They released all sorts of sophisticated misinformation about having decoded the DNA of the so-called coronavirus. All this has allowed us to stave off a global panic.

For now.

Yet the situation was worsening with astonishing speed. I am reluctant to reveal too much on this point, as it would make it too easy for my enemies to identify me, but we quickly began to implement measures to protect our most senior leaders. If you look at the world news, you will see that Xi Jinping, our President, disappeared for approximately one week after the outbreak, before being seen again with the leader of Cambodia.

You should know that the person who met the Cambodian leader was not President Xi. It was a body double who had, for many years, been trained to look and sound just like our President. President Xi is of course not careless enough to risk his own death. He is safely ensconced in a secret bunker underneath Zhongnanhai, the headquarters of the Party in Beijing.

Nor was he the only leader who is in hiding. In fact, I can assure you that over half of all senior Party members are currently being imitated by trained actors who are following instructions given to them via special implants. Do you really think that our Prime Minister would risk his life by going to Wuhan?

All of this means that our government has become utterly paralysed and the functions of the state have been taken over by the military.

It became clear to me that our efforts were pointless. Yes, the lockdowns, travel bans and targeted assassinations of rebellious journalists allowed us to hide the true situation in Wuhan; but I knew that this would not last. Once the mass deaths begin in the rest of the world — in our estimation, this should happen within the next week or so — everyone will know the truth. It will become clear that we cannot protect ourselves from the Agent. Surgical masks, hand sanitiser, gloves — nothing can stop it. Nothing except the special hazmat masks, but those cannot be produced in anything like sufficient quantities. You, an ordinary person, will never even receive one, let alone a sufficient number to see you through the coming holocaust.

For those of you reading this, therefore, all I can suggest is that you keep your loved ones close to you. Hug them, tell them what they mean to you. Enjoy the time you have left with them. It is not typical in Chinese culture to express one’s feelings in this way, but I have learnt the importance of such gestures.

I promised my wife that I would show this document to her before I posted it.

Yet I broke my word.

I hear her weep in loud, hoarse sobs in the bedroom, and the keyboard of my laptop is wet with my own tears. Not long ago, we received results of the regular tests that are part of our “priority medical treatment”, and we learnt that my son had been infected with the Agent.

The military police that has supplied me with the special protective mask had been giving expired and ineffective masks to my son, masks that senior officials had already worn and then discarded when they ceased to protect them. My own masks, on the other hand, had always been of the necessary quality.

I suppose they decided that my son was of lower priority than me. I suppose my son could not help them with their cover-up.

We had long ago decided that we would be different — we would be honest with him, always. And so when he asked us, we told him the truth. We told him that he was very sick. He asked more, and we told him he would not get better.

He continued asking, and we told him that he would die. He is very small, but he was old enough to understand.

His terrified wails will haunt me for the rest of my miserable days in this world.

Let them come. Let them do with me as they will. I no longer care.


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level 1

99 points·10 days ago


When creating a bio weapon it’s smart to create the antidote too just for cases like this, unintentional infection.

level 2

11 points·9 days ago


my friends and family had shared a similar theory of them creating a bio-weapon and having an accident.

level 2

14 points·9 days ago


Viruses can mutate and then any existing antidote can be entirely useless.

level 2

6 points·9 days ago


You cant cure a virus. Viruses arent truly living things and so cant be killed. Your body is thr only one the can rid you of it. And anyways, it would be too hard to destroy them. If it were a weapon of the biotic variety, then you could make an antidote.


level 2

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level 1

44 points·10 days ago


Just shoot your son save him the pain please just end it for him

level 2

Easier said than done.


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level 1

153 points·10 days ago


Ok, this is frightening.

level 2

10 points·10 days ago




level 2

Comment removed by moderator8 days ago(More than 1 child)
level 2

2 points·1 day ago


The most frightening thing I have ever read.


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level 1

40 points·9 days ago


So let me get this straight. We have unlimited amounts of intelligence, equipment and technology but no one thought to put the virus in an unbreakable container? Well shit.

level 2

9 points·4 days ago


Yeah. Just like the movies. No coincidence at all lol


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Comment removed by moderator10 days ago(3 children)
level 1



31 points·10 days ago


They will know who you are by checking records of the elderly killing shoot and the reimbursement of the bullet.

level 2

12 points·8 days ago


Not to mention that he took a tour with the Corporal at the facility and puked in the restroom afterwards. That’s pretty identifiable info.


level 2

Comment removed by moderator9 days ago(More than 1 child)

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level 1

22 points·10 days ago


Hmmm… Finally… the world doesn’t end with a bang…. but crumbles away in silence…

level 2

8 points·5 days ago


This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

-T.S. Elliot


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level 1

45 points·10 days ago


This is scary. However, there’s nothing I can’t do about it, so there’s no point worrying.

level 2

I disagree. You might not be able to prevent the death, but you can make it quicker and less painful. Committing suicide by jumping off a tall building sounds far less painful than “melting” to death.


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level 1

65 points·10 days ago


ah yes, are we surprised that the world leaders are hiding things from us

level 1

21 points·10 days ago


I’m an American living in China (Kunming), what do you suggest I do??

level 2

17 points·9 days ago


Rethink your life.

level 2

8 points·10 days ago


gtfo fast as you can, though it won’t help


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level 1

37 points·10 days ago


That’s why you don’t throw away the nukes. Sacrificing the city right after it got out would have saved the rest of the world.

level 1

12 points·9 days ago


The only thing that gives me any (short term) hope about this… You’re following zombie outbreak protocol perfectly, and burning the bodies before they can come back to life. Not that it’s gonna do any good in the long term, if infection is only a matter of time…

Also damn the people that gave your son expired masks! I wish a slow incubation period and extended suffering time on them…

level 1

26 points·10 days ago


Let them come. Let them do with me as they will. I no longer care.

Why are you hiding your identity though?

level 2

7 points·9 days ago


Because he cares about his family, but doesn’t want anyone knowing who he is because that would jeopardize him, but then he says he specifically has a wife and son, which would allow authorities to locate him easier…

Most of this doesn’t make sense for anyone in a position of power to want to share on a whim, especially on a social network that is more notorious for memes than it is for actually doing anything about… well.. anything..

Also thought it was funny that he mentions that no one has nuclear weapons just to give people an “oh shit” factor, like that’s some crazy knowledge only someone higher up could have when, in reality, we have had these types of weapons around for decades and no one has got rid of them. We test weapons like these on a regular basis, it’s no hidden secret. Why would we test weapons we don’t have?

Anyone in any sort of higher position in power would have ABSOLUTELY no doubt that these weapons not only exist, but do cause a serious threat if used improperly. Thats what we have had issues here recently with North Korea about. Stating this one idea alone disproves his whole “position in power” unless they’re brain washing their people in power (which, isn’t completely unheard of? But that’s a whole different topic in itself)


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level 1

I don’t know how much of this to believe. I hope not all of it. I guess we’ll see in a week or two.


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level 1

19 points·9 days ago


After calming down and reflecting, I realized that I was not, and my words disturbed the social order. The above-mentioned artificial virus does not exist, and I have changed the former, and promised not to make such untrue and false statements on the Internet. The construction of The Fire God Mountain Hospital is a remarkable initiative, which shows the ordinary and the great of the working people 。 I believe that in the future, the country is willing to make the greatest efforts to serve the party sincerely and work together with the people to work through the difficulties.

I sincerely repent. There is no falsehood in the above. I have not been forced by anyone. These are all words that I voluntarily want to say.



level 2

17 points·8 days ago


oh shit the commies got ahold of him…

level 2

3 points·7 days ago


Lol it’s pretty clear you were forced to write this or someone else wrote it. Doesn’t sound like a tyrannical regime at all to force someone to repent of a ‘wrongful statement’.

level 2

3 points·5 days ago


This is some A+ level trolling


level 2

Comment removed by moderator9 days ago(More than 1 child)

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level 1

9 points·9 days ago


How do you smell faeces and vomit with such a special mask ?

And how do you go about vomiting with it ?


level 2

Comment removed by moderator9 days ago(More than 1 child)

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level 1

37 points·10 days ago


How do we know you are telling the truth, you could be an agent of some other country tasked with tarnishing the image of the CCP and the entire Chinese leadership?

level 2

12 points·10 days ago


I mean for all we could know this story is true and you could be the agent trying to gaslight people. I believe this story over the main stream media this story makes more sense to me then anything.


level 2

Comment removed by moderator10 days ago(More than 1 child)

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level 1

7 points·10 days ago


Nice try, Liu Cixin!

level 1

7 points·9 days ago


I threw up in the middle of the read.


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level 1

5 points·10 days ago


I mean, okay, creating a bio weapon to submit the population is kinda smart. Why make it extremely contagious doe?

level 2

2 points·8 days ago


And why put it in an ordinary glass vial? ??


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level 1

Comment removed by moderator10 days ago(More than 3 children)
level 1

9 points·6 days ago


Coronavirus is real. This is BS


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Comment removed by moderator10 days ago(0 children)

level 1

Comment removed by moderator10 days ago(0 children)
level 1

5 points·8 days ago


Ah I see, so you don’t want the government to know who you are, but you tell them that you went to a western university and you tell them that you have a son. Good idea mate hope you catch the virus

level 2

5 points·7 days ago


Ooh thatll narrow it down, theres probably only a few hundred million people who fit this profile in China


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4 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago


A study of disinfo.


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Comment removed by moderator10 days ago(0 children)
level 1

3 points·4 days ago


He said the kind Doctor did not get sick; then later he said 100% mortality rate. I am not saying he is lying, but I would like to know how the Doctor escaped contracting the Agent


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Comment removed by moderator4 days ago(1 child)
level 1

6 points·6 days ago


I don’t know how to feel after reading this, but if it is all true, please accept Jesus as the Son of Man before it is too late. He is the only hope left in this crumbling world, and I know it will bring you comfort to have faith in Him, as it has been for me in all my times of strife. I can’t possibly imagine how you feel or what you might be going through, but know that God still loves you. It’s not too late to ask Him for forgiveness and come to Him with a broken and contrite heart.

I will keep this message in mind.


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2 points·9 days ago




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level 1

2 points·9 days ago


Wow. I’m truly speechless.

level 1

2 points·6 days ago


I’m starting to think this might be true


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level 1

2 points·6 days ago


This reads like a dystopian novel, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. ?


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level 1

Comment removed by moderator5 days ago(1 child)
level 1

2 points·5 days ago


Honestly I see people like you as already insane.

level 1

2 points·1 day ago


Its gg then

level 1

2 points·1 day ago


An interesting fairy tale that one


level 1

Comment removed by moderator10 days ago(1 child)

level 1

Comment removed by moderator10 days ago(1 child)

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Comment deleted by user10 days ago(0 children)

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Comment removed by moderator9 days ago(0 children)

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  1. Well just so you know. In Hawaii 14 people had to go to the Hospital. 12 died. I know one that lived personally. It took her four weeks to be able to leave Hawaii to go back to CA. It was the exact day they released info on the virus.

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