Susan, 6:22 PM

Dear Friends and Family,(POST far and WIDE!)

I haven’t posted anything in a while as there has not been much to report. But an update on my status is in order….

Melissa took a lawyer and her appeal is waiting on a ruling. Very simple stuff on the illegality of the warrant, armed jack-booted IRS agents kicking in doors with no permission from the Sheriff or local police, and due process violations and no probable cause. Funny enough the FEDSCUM wanted MORE TIME, an EXTRA 30 days…and submitted this horrible appeal, that was 99 PAGES long (you get 30 pages and 3500 words) ALL of which was just regurgitated crap..mostly all a cut and paste smear job on ME as a “SOVEREIGN CITIZEN” which I have NEVER claimed to be, or how I somehow questioned and interfered with “the VOLUNTARY INCOME TAX SYSTEM of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…” which I ALSO never did! So the 9th slapped the FedScum in the face with a rotten fish…and told them “DO IT AGAIN! UNACCEPTABLE!” Which is REALLY FUNNY that they are THIS incompetent. So HER attorney has until Feb. 21 to respond. Pray for her!

My appeal on the other hand was 88 pages, which we got special permission to do because SO MANY CRIMES were committed against me by the FedGovScum, and was innovative and exhaustive on all of their wrong doing. SUDDENLY, SOME ANGELS appeared!!!

It turns out that the CLERK of the 9th is a FAN…and heard about the case and what they’d done to me. SHE got the LAWYER for the 9th on the phone to talk to us…and he said, “what they have done to you is so heinous and SOOO beyond the pale, that you shouldn’t even waste the court’s time, OR YOURS, with a long drawn out appeal, which could take a very long time.”

So, we boiled everything down to SIX DISPOSITORY EXPEDITED EMERGENCY MOTIONS, to DISPOSE of this garbage, that had to do with VINDICTIVE PROSECUTION, SELECTIVE PROSECUTION, JURY TAMPERING, Jurisdiction, etc. The FACTS and the law were so self-evident and so on my side, that we passed on even having a hearing. These six motions were submitted November 21, 2018, and the FedGovScum had 10 days to respond, which was December 1, 2018….which came and went.

THEY DID NOT RESPOND! ZIP! NADA! ZILCH! They GAVE UP! LEFT THE FIELD OF BATTLE…so my motions now stand UNOPPOSED AND UNCONTESTED, so I am just waiting on the 9th CC to tell me I AM FREE TO GO…of course WHERE I’m going to go is a whole other thing…since I no longer have a home, and my possessions were looted and sold by my “FRIENDS!” Even my purebred Norwegian Forrest cats were stolen and sold for about $25,000. We managed to rescue only Shalu and Freya.

Please remember that the only reason I have been in here as long as I HAVE is I would NOT cave to them, would NOT give up my rights by taking a BAR/COURT CONTROLLED ATTORNEY/ESQUIRE, and they REFUSED TO GIVE ME DISCOVERY at TRIAL!! It took until APRIL 2018 to FINALLY GET IT IN HERE! And I KNEW why they kept it from me as I’d have beaten this HANDS DOWN if I had ever been able to just review their “evidence” and the witnesses against me. In fact the “DISCOVERY” they did give me consisted of 2 CD-ROM disks which were blank!! BLANK! I presented AFFIDAVITS from a paralegal and a computer expert that this was the case… and Judge Wilson DID NOT CARE!!

You have also heard from so-called “LAWYERS/LEGAL EXPERTS” all over the radio and internet that I am DELUDED, and living in some kind of “DREAM WORLD” because I still BELIEVE in the COMMON LAW, the CONSTITUTIONS of the US and the CALIFORNIA Republic, and in the basic God-given rights of MAN! So let me here give you a REVIEW of what was done to me and HOW the EMPIRE STRUCK BACK for my being out there teaching and writing the TRUTH!

When Obama took office the war on everyone writing or teaching the truth about the three-headed beast dog of the COURTS, The BAR ASSOCIATION and the BANKS went full blast. Obama directed Eric Holder and Lois Lerner to WEAPONIZE the IRS and find a way to stall, delay or outright CRIMINALIZE anyone forming P.A.C.s, Political Action Committees, that would act against him in the 2012 election. The TEA PARTY and anything with the name ISRAEL, JEWISH, AMERICA, PATRIOT or SOVEREIGN in the title were targeted. When they were caught, Lerner destroyed tens of thousands of emails subpoenaed by CONGRESS and just flat out ignored these self-same subpoenas. The majority of these IRS offenses were happening in ORANGE and LOS ANGELES COUNTIES. In fact, one week after these Congressional subpoenas went out of force were when Melissa and I were indicted.

Then the DOJ was weaponized and people like prosecutors James C. Hughes and Valerie Makawitz were tasked to hunt down and destroy any public figure they deemed as a threat. They have already tossed Brandon Adams, Garret Adams, Gordon Hall, Winston Shrout and Tim Turner in prison.

CPA’s Jacqueline Coelho and Alexander Adams, using IRS forms readily available in TURBO TAX, used what is called the 1099-OID (Original Issue Discount) process to get $14 million and $9 million respectively back for their clients in legitimately owed RETURNS AND REFUNDS. The IRS successfully sued them both to get CIVIL INJUNCTIONS to force them to STOP filing THEIR paperwork to get these returns for their clients. Then it got nasty.

They criminally charged Winston Shout’s wife who was only running a group that was teaching people how to file 1099-OIDs and she got 18 months. Then they went after Winston, who was teaching huge seminars on bonds and setting off, settling and discharging debt. He got 10 years. They also prosecuted Tim Turner who got 17 years, and the only ones seemingly unscathed were Jack Smith and black teacher Tony King aka Dwayne Reece, who made everyone at his seminars sign notarized affidavits that they were NOT feds and that everything he was teaching was “FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.”

Then they went after Brandon Adams and his brother Garret, sons of CPA Alexander Adams, and their associate Gordon Hall. Brandon and Garret had a tax preparation business along with their dad, and were giving lectures and seminars and doing the 1099-OID process for their paying clients. We sat in their classes, listened to what they had to say, and paid them to do our taxes.

Then the FedGovScum went after them…using both Melissa and I as “VICTIMS” of their “TAX SCAM”. They took lawyers, pled guilty in the face of overwhelming federal power and threats of decades in prison. Brandon and Garret got 4 years, and Gordon Hall, apparently a career felon, got 30.

Then James Hughes and Valerie Makawitz, miraculously after using us as VICTIMS to put these other people in jail, turned us into “PERPETRATORS and ARCHITECTS” of the entire scheme, showing us as MASTERMINDS by presenting video of us SITTING IN A CLASS given by Brandon, asking questions. So they went JUDGE SHOPPING and were rejected by no less than 12 federal judges, including the PROSECUTOR of the ADAMS case, now a federal judge, until they got Judge Stephan V. Wilson to finally take the case.

To this DAY we do not know if there was EVER a hearing or even a meeting of a GRAND JURY, as no record of it seems to exist. The Secret Service and FBI refused to investigate a case as absurd as this…so the IRS, in vendetta mode, did all the investigations into “BONDS” which they admitted they had no jurisdiction over whatsoever.

In order to move everything ahead VALERIE MAKAWITZ named HERSELF as the PLAINTIFF in the case….which then, some months later MORPHED into THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. But stated clearly that “THERE ARE NO VICTIMS HERE AND NO ACTUAL MONETARY LOSS TO THE GOVERNMENT.” Even Judge Wilson chased IRS AGENTS off the witness stand declaring “This is NOT a TAX EVASION CASE! They told you every dime they made for 5 year!” But then, after a verdict was reached, the IRS popped its troll-like head up and said, “OH! BUT WE WANT MONEY TOO!” and suddenly became a “VICTIM”?

By the numbers:

  1. There was no loss to the government and no victims.
    2. Probable cause was all faked, with IRS claiming they went through our garbage cans to get material…but was unable to produce a shred of it in court.
    3. Thirty heavily armed jack-booted assault rifle carrying IRS agents, kicked in our door, and beat up Melissa, dragging her screaming from her bed where she was invalided from a major knee operation. But the IRS HAD all of our tax records and everything they could possibly have used against us, but the reason for the raid was to find SALES RECORDS on a litter of KITTENS that Melissa had sold that year.
    4. The WARRANT was never on the premises.
    5. All computers and cell phones were confiscated with a promise to return them in 48 hours. They were kept for 7 months, and we had to sue to get them back. “But if we give them back, just by turning them on they could alter the data!” said Makawitz. The judge found this absurd. I responded, “Sir, when have physical computers ever been used in any case EVER!” and they were finally returned.
    6. In the IRS CODE they are BARRED from charging CLIENTS of TAX PREPARERS with fines or crimes committed by the TAX PREPARERS. They did anyway by lying and saying we were the PERPETRATORS and ARCHITECTS of the whole scheme. The Adams did returns for 549 people. Only TWO were prosecuted. US! And WE could not even have FILED the returns, as we were not CPAs or licensed tax preparers with NO access to the IRS “FIRE” system. 
    7. IRS agents took the stand and were chased off by Judge Wilson who said, “This is NOT a TAX EVASION CASE. They TOLD you every dime that came or went over five years…so go AWAY!” And they were dismissed.
    8. Melissa NEVER RECEIVED a DIME in returns. 
    9. The IRS STOLE Melissa’s subsequent tax returns, confiscated over $7000 from her personal account, and STOLE $57,000 from a PRODUCTION COMPANY that had nothing to do with us. So over $70,000 was taken from us and our associates with no credit or accounting WHATSOEVER! IT JUST ALL DISAPPEARED! PIRACY.
    10. I was NEVER PROVIDED with DISCOVERY over the course of a year of pre-trial. I filed motion after motion demanding it and it was all ignored. I was given TWO BLANK…BLANK…CD-ROM disks, and had a paralegal and a computer expert sign affidavits that there was nothing on them. The Judge didn’t care.
    11. Everything they claim was done was 4 months beyond the STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS and so was NULL AND VOID! However, the IRS kept saying that we had not filed for certain years…so we sent them COPIES of everything we had filed in 2009…and with THIS the Judge allowed them to void out the STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS…to which I responded, “WELL I GUESS WE ARE SCREWED NOW IF THIS IS HOW THIS IS GOING TO GO!”
    12. I DEMANDED to know what the JURISDICTION of the Fed court was, reading from the law that it was only over contracts between states and PIRACY on the high seas. the judge said, “YOU WILL SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN…OR YOU WILL FACE THE MOST DIRE OF CONSEQUENCES” and he called in 2 US Marshalls to shut me up.
    13. THREE DAYS before the trial, On APRIL FOOL’s DAY they dumped 12 huge boxes of JENKS material on my doorstep and at the offices of Melissa’s attorney.
    14. All court cases are turned into BONDS by the Federal courts. I had a friend run the CASE NUMBERS through the CUSIP system, and he discovered that THREE CUSIP numbers were generated by the cases against us and turned into BONDS worth $450 MILLION! AND these bonds have been invested/lodged with FIDELITY MUTUAL CANADA, FIDELITY FOR-EX in BOSTON and FIDELITY INVESTMENTS. So they HAD TO CONVICT US! (I have PROOF and PAPERWORK for all of this!) The LA Fed Court, is a BUSINESS and a CORPORATION, that has a CREDIT RATING and a DUN and BRADSTREET number, and are listed as a SUBSIDIARY S-CORP of the 9th Circuit Court who, even though they are based in San Francisco, their CORPORATE HQ is in RENO…so that don’t have to pay California taxes. In fact, when they CLAIMED I did not show up for sentencing (a LIE) their CREDIT RATING DROPPED by 15 points.
    15. We were denied VOID DIRE, or the RIGHT to question potential jurors. Had we been able to do so, we would have found that three jurors were RINGERS brought in for just this case who said when asked “How long have you lived in LA COUNTY?” They answered “30 minutes….45 minutes…” and “…an hour and a half.” We would have also learned that Juror #6 was a FRIEND of VALERIE MAKAWITZ, Bridget Ingerstadt, who had worked on Obama’s campaign with Makawitz, and was one of Obama’s campaign managers who developed the data mining algorithm used by the Democrats in 2012.
    16. I withdrew my plea several times, and demanded the Federal Court state FOR THE RECORD what EXACTLY their jurisdiction WAS! I read into the record they ONLY have jurisdiction over foreign contracts, contracts between people in different states…PIRACY on the High Seas…



5/10/2019 6:08:34 PM

Meanwhile….I got this letter from the 9th Circuit Court that said, “You didn’t respond to us by May 1, so we are cancelling your appeal! HAHA!” And I flipped out…and I was picking out a a place in this tree to hang myself, and sent outraged emails out to the para legals helping me….only to have PACER checked online to find it was all a MISTAKE, and a sick joke by the 9th CC…and “Sorry! Our BAD! We are STOOOPID! and your appeal is really due on May 20th…”

Last but not least…thanks to the DOJ and the BOP whose only goal in all of this was to destroy me socially, politically, financially and ultimately physically, short of killing me, I will be permanently blind in my right eye and legally blind forever. In my last appointment with a DR. DIAZ he slipped and told me that he had lied and had not even PUT a replacement lens in my eye “because the scar tissue is so bad” (from the BOTCHED operation) “that there is no room for the lens!”

So I started this WITH 20/80 sight, and now thanks to all this “TREATMENT” totally blind in my right eye…with the BOP/DOJ KNOWING that I was defending myself and acting as my own attorney…and all of this to STOP ME!!

All the love and Infinite Blessings

Dr. Sean David Morton
PO BOX 24549
Tucson, AZ, 85734



Donald J. Trump
President of these united States of America
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Washington DC 20500


My Dear Mr. President,

My name is Sean-David Morton. I had a TOP 10 radio show on the INTERNET, out of 10,000 stations, going out to millions of people. I’ve been a writer/producer/director and investigative reporter in film and TV for shows like HARD COPY, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, STRANGE UNIVERSE, SIGHTINGS, GERALDO RIVERA and DOZENS MORE, with HUNDREDS of radio and TV appearances and speaking engagements all over the world supporting YOU and your AGENDA.

I also had the BUNDY FAMILY on my radio show from the beginning, and supported them in their fight! I have INVESTIGATED on NATIONAL TELEVISION the murders of Princess Diana, JFK, JR. Area 51, BLACK OPS SPACE FORCE TECH, the TWA FLIGHT 800 crash, Obama’s Birth Certificate in Kenya, 9-11, the crimes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and SO MUCH MORE! I have the TRUTH on so many of the topics you have talked about! HELP US NOW SO WE CAN HELP YOU!

It is because of my work in my SANDS OF TIME books, RADIO and TV INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM that DEEP STATE forces within the Department of Justice PUT MY WIFE MELISSA AND I IN PRISON FOR YEARS!

I am a childhood and life long friend and supporter of CONGRESSMAN DANA ROHRBACHER (R) Orange County. I was head of YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA and been aligned with FREEDOM CAUSES all of my life.

For a YEAR on the radio, 2015-2016, I PREDICTED that you would become president. WE MET, Mr. President, in 2016 and I appeared ON STAGE WITH YOU and ON TV at your 2016 RALLY IN ANAHEIM, CALIF. and I FOUGHT with the protestors outside! Appearing on local TV supporting you!

I BEG YOU FOR A PARDON FOR MY SICK WIFE MELISSA AND MYSELF! We were unjustly prosecuted and now are both rotting in federal prisons for “Crimes” in which there were NO VICTIMS and “NO MONETARY LOSS” to the USA Fed/GOV. THIS WAS ALL ABOUT PAPERWORK and LETTERS that I wrote to the IRS and now I am here LITERALLY as a “deterrant to anyone that would question the VOLUNTARY INCOME TAX SYSTEM of the United States!” WHICH WE NEVER DID!

This is all a vendetta on the part of the DEEP STATE members of the Department of Justice in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles DOJ, under Valerie Makawitz and James Hughes originally offered MISDEMEANOR CHARGES of less than a year, then told us, “That offer is RESCINDED because DONALD TRUMP and JEFF SESSIONS are TOUGH ON CRIME!” They KNEW we were SUPPORTERS OF YOU in your efforts to SAVE AMERICA, and this was the DEEP STATE fighting back against a very PUBLIC SUPPORTER of you and what you are doing!!

Then I got 71 MONTHS, nearly 7 YEARS, and my poor wife, after a debilitating STROKE when they read the verdict, where she was DEAD FOR FOUR MINUTES and went to ICU, got TWO YEARS! Our family was torn apart, our possessions looted, and we have been left with nothing.

WE BEG YOU FOR A PARDON! IF ANYONE DESERVES ONE IT IS US! I got MORE THAN THE MAXIMUM sentence because the DOJ claimed that I was “to be made an EXAMPLE OF”, AS ONE OF YOUR SUPPORTERS, and that my sentence was to be “a deterrent to anyone that would QUESTION the VOLUNTARY INCOME TAX system of the United States…” WHICH I NEVER DID! I filled out all the paperwork I believed to be LAWFUL and correct! In the words of the JUDGE THIS WAS NOT A TAX EVASION CASE AT ALL! It was literally paperwork they claim was filed with IRS INCORRECTLY, and paperwork we only assisted other people with sent to banks to help them with crushing debts.

You are our LAST HOPE! Please, Please, PLEASE! Mr. President, support and defend the people that SUPPORTED YOU against this GOVERNMENT TYRANNY AND INJUSTICE! HELP US DEFEAT THE DEEP STATE THAT DID THIS TO US UNJUSTLY!

Your devoted supporter

Sean-David Morton
SPC-USP PO BOX 74549, Tucson, AZ, 85734


PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump





General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr.                                   Two Maxims of Law

American Armed Forces                     • A piratis et latronibus capta dominium non mutant. 

c/o The Joint Chiefs of Staff    Things captured by pirates or robbers do not change their ownership.

9999 Joint Staff, Pentagon                 • A piratis aut latronibus capti liberi permanent.

Washington, DC 20318-9999             Those captured by pirates or robbers remain free.


Attorney General William Barr

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001


Jared Kushner                                                                                                                                      Charles Kushner

ACLU                                                                                                                                                                            Executive Director: Alessandra Soler                                                                                                                                  P.O. Box 17148                                                                                                                                                     Phoenix, AZ 85011


This is an emergency action to save the life of Sean David Morton.

You are allowing Political prisoners to be held against their will even though they have committed no crime. They are being treated as the worst criminals that have walked this earth, beaten to the point of death.

Sean David Morton is one such prisoner. He has been beaten and tortured held against his will and has not committed a crime, unless you claim exposing the truth is a crime and helping others to wake up so they can see the truth as well. Then you Mr. Trump, Gen. Dunford and Mr. Barr are committing those same crimes.

I have known Sean for 4 years and was in raged to learn what your criminal system has done to him and his wife. Here is what Sean told me: “Since I’ve been here, I’ve lost 2 teeth, they blinded me in my right eye, so I can’t read really anymore, I sprained my knee in a fight so I haven’t been able to exercise for the last 2 weeks… Working on the RESPONSE for their answer for my appeal and they have kept me 9 months longer than is legal under the new laws…how are you? SDM”  Friday August 2, 2019 11:32 AM

“Under the NEW 1st STEP ACT I am being held 9 MONTHS over my time…and the BOP/DOJ is just IGNORING THE LAW! I mean this is a massive class action suit ready to go! THOUSANDS are now being kidnapped and FALSELY IMPRISONED in violation of the LAW! They released only 3500 inmates, and 1500 of those were turned over to ICE for DEPORTATION! Its an OUTRAGE! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”  Sunday August 3, 2019 2”05 PM

This man fears for his life! He has committed no crime, no injury to another or to property and yet he is locked up without knowing if he will ever be released or if he will even survive.

Sean is being held at: #730-55-112, 9200 Wilmont Rd., Tucson, AZ, 85734. He must be released before they kill him because then we are looking at not only the crimes being committed against him and his wife, his life, the destruction of his lively hood, the loss of his health, loss of his right eye, but being murdered!!!

The crimes being committed against all of us that are trying to expose the fraud and crimes of those in your swamp, are beyond measure, and they are getting away with murdering us as well and there is no help for us, no retribution against those committing these crimes against us.

You have made a lot of claims but we the people are not seeing them occur in our lives. Sean’s life is at immediate risk and he needs immediate help to survive. You have the power to save this man. This patriot, is asking to save this man’s life. Will you do it?

Release Sean and compensate him for all his losses due to the crimes of the Political and Criminal systems. It is not just your duty to do so but you all have been commissioned by the highest of all creation to completely and irrevocably clean up the horrors committed against all inhabitants of this world. What you do with that will determine your eternal existence. This is bigger than anyone can comprehend and yet I KNOW that you fully comprehend what you have been commissioned to do.

Sean is just one of hundreds of thousands in his situation unfortunately far too many of them have already died. DON’T LET SEAN BE AMONG THEM!!!!!! Sean is a good man that has only sought to help those of us in need to stop the crimes being done against us. We have no one to fight for us, so we must find ways to survive. Is this truly what God intended for us? You and I know, that is not God’s intent!!!!!!!!

You have the power and the means to find out where Sean David Morton is being held and save his life, compensate him for the unlawful and wrong doing being done to him and his wife which by the way is currently living on the street because of what they have done to them both, they like me has lost everything because of the demon’s committing these atrocities against us ALL.

Mr. Trump your Executive Order 1st Step Act is being ignored by the DOJ, BOP and your criminal system. All of these foreign agents are allowing and committing brutal violent acts against innocent men and woman in your prisons. They have no one to protect them and far too many of them have been murdered. Sean’s life is in mortal danger and we need you to enforce your Executive Order 1st Step Act and save Sean’s life now. Save the lives of everyone that is imprisoned that are innocent of committing any crime.

I truly pray, you, Mr. Trump, Gen Dunford and Mr. Barr, not only receive this emergency request but that you are honorable men and will save this man’s life and restore him and his wife whole from the crimes committed against them, by the court and all actors of the criminal system.


Respectfully, in honor with clean hands,

POA:  Nicolette Germano© LS

Non-Negotiable Autograph

“ALL” rights reserved




Exposing the Fraud, PROCLAMATION NOTICE AND DEMAND Cease and Desist:



Sean David Morton letter to Trump 2018

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