6/29/18. 6:35pm

Dear Friends and Family,

I would like to apologize for speaking out of turn in my last posts. The non-profit ComeUnity Trust Foundation, still need your support to assist me ALONE with research on my very difficult and complicated appeal.

Again you can PayPal them at: [email protected].

However, Melissa Morton is being represented in her appeal by a court appointed attorney.

He is handling all legal matters in regards to her. I can only give my humble opinion which may or may not be heeded.

I do not and will not have anything to do with her defense or her appeal whatsoever.

Any comments I have made to the contary are in error.

Thank you again for your understanding and support.

Infinite Blessings

Sean-David Morton


PSS: Our CAMP SNOOPY kittens are doing great!



Some GOOD NEWS for a change!

I told the story of how I asked the Counsellor here, Mr. Wright, if I could have a cat…mostly as a joke, and he just yelled me out of his office.

Well….NOW I HAVE A CAT…in fact a magnificent SEVEN of them.

So over accross this huge yard is the U.S.P…which is the BIG BAD PRISON that houses 1600 inmates, of the dangerous and real criminal variety.

So a MOTHER CAT had EIGHT KITTENS under a pallate on the loading dock over across the way, and I heard this from a friend that works in the warehouse over there.

One of the kittens had apparently already been killed by a hawk…so I set out to save them.

Under cover of darkness we snuck over and put all the kittens and the MOM in a banana box, and we ran across the yard,l and set them up in this garden area we have here. There is a fenced area that surrounds a ceremonial Sweat Lodge, but all around it is a small irrigation ditch, with flowers, trees and tall grass.

So they have boxes to be raised in, and they can go back and forth thru the fence for protection. They have become a huge hit with the guys, and it has become quite the game for us to get extra food and go down there to feed and play with them all.

It is amazing how the kindness and humanity is brought in these cold hard men, by something as soft and simple as a kitten.

We are thinking up names for them all now.

So shines an act of kindness in a cruel cruel world.

So MIRACLES HAPPEN! And Dreams come true.

Infinite Blessings,



Dear Friends and Family,

I just wanted to make it clear to everyone that I am NOT being RE-presented by an attorney for my appeal. Melissa is.

I am doing the APPEAL BRIEF. I am composing it, writing it and doing all the brain work on it, AND I will be writing the SUPPLEMENTAL BRIEF for Melissa AFTER her attorney does her appellate brief, just to make sure all of her rights are protected. She decided to use an attorney for her trial, who was utterly incompetant, so she has different issues from mine.

The ComeUnity Trust Foundation are a RESEARCH TEAM ONLY! They are NOT lawyers, and are not ACTING as lawyers in any way shape or form, nor will they ever.

They have taken on the formidable task of doing the FULL TIME, HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS of RESEARCH that I have asked them to do. THIS is what I need to get them the funds for. So they can live while doing what I ASK AND DIRECT THEM TO DO to make this Brief as airtight as possible! They have access to resources, LIKE THE INTERNET, that I simply do not have HERE in this hellhole on MARS!

This is my show, 100%, and I hope to win out using the TRUE LAW and the Constitution as my shield and sword with agencies , organizations and corporations that are clearly entirely out of control, as you can see from the news everyday.

“We must bind the hands of the rascals with the chains of the Constitution.” ~ Thomas Jefferson.

Again, PLEASE make your love donations to:

The ComeUnity Trust Foundation
PayPal: [email protected]

Infinite Blessings to you all! PLEASE PRAY FOR US!

Sean-David Morton


Dear Loved Ones,

I am sorry I did not make the radio show on Monday. The HAVALINAS (Spanish for the big hairy pigs that we feed in the yard…slang for the COPS) came LITERALLY running here like they were chasing someone yelling, “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING! INTO THE CHOW HALL! EVERYBODY OUT!” and they tossed our lockers and brought in DRUG DOGS…aaaaaannnnnd….yet again….found nothing.

Just a joke. BUT they need to act all tough and remind us we are in prison every now and then.

I went into Counselor Wright’s office to today and asked him if we could have a cat.


“You know, a cat. We could feed her and clean up after her, and she could trade off on who she sleeps with to make this place feel more like home….”


the look on his face was worth it.

All I have predicted is now transpiring the on the US BORDER! REMEMBER WHEN I TOLD YOU ALL THIS BACK IN APRIL?


OBAMA ordered the separation of FAMILIES back in 2014 and for the CHILDREN to be KEPT INDEFINITELY…as PUNISHMENT against those trying to come across the BORDER.

In order to put an END to this cruel practice The 9th Circuit Court ruled and DEMANDED that children could only be separated from their parents for 20 days during the ASYLUM PROCESS. This is the LAW that is currently being followed.

Now TRUMP is backed into a CORNER…as IF he signs an EXECUTIVE ORDER that stops the practice, he is violating the LAW and going against both CONGRESS and the 9th Circ. order…for which he opens his Admin. up to being SUED.

Meanwhile, to add vileness to disgrace, actor Peter Fonda tweeted that he wanted to “rip Barron Trump from the arms of Melania and put him in a cage with a gang of pedophiles.”

Let’s hope the Secret Service beats up Peter Fonda.

There is a particularly NASTY alignment of Planets on one side of the sun on JUNE 23…so the entire week will be one for the ages! When I focus on it my circuits just get BLOWN…there is so MUCH input and information….

I will have MORE for you on what the real plan is for Korea, and why we are snuggling up to this fat little tyrant, and how it plays into what looks to be a revived Mongol Empire….


Our APPEALS are finally coming up…and we will need your help! More on that later….

“Seek and you shall find; knock and it will be opened; ASK and it shall be given unto you!”


Dr. Sean-David Morton

PS: VERY! VERY IMPORTANT! I am only allowed SO MANY EMAILS on my “contact list”. If you get this message PLEASE RESPOND, and just say HI or send your love to let me know you are getting this and you WANT to get it. Otherwise I have to start removing names from my list to make room for those that wish my correspondence.


A few points I missed and forgot…

1. JUSTIN TRUDEAU….if you want to know the real back ground of this Communist globalist, and WHY the USA and Trump are having trouble with him, and WILL…is that he is the SON of MARGRET TRUDEAU and….wait for it….FIDEL CASTRO! NO LIE! Not only did his swinging mother have a TRYST with the BEARD 9 months before he was born, but look at pictures of them side by side and they are SPITTING IMAGE OF EACH OTHER!

2. June 14 was Trump’s birthday…and I find it amusing to no end that he SHARES a birthday with Che Guevara and Boy George!

3. The Eruptions of Kilauea and the volcano in Guatemala, are the activation of the RING OF FIRE That I have predicted would bring the BIG EARTHQUAKES back to California. In 2011 we did a tour to Guatemala, and I got a blessing from a Jaguar priestess, and as she was doing the blessing, a FULL BLOWN, ACTUATED JAGUAR miraculously appeared in the SMOKE just as a friend took a picture of this happening. I have shown it in all my lectures, and I send a blown up copy of it to the Priestess and she has it FRAMED hanging on the wall of her home and shop. I say this because we were at the foot of the volcano erupting now! NEXT will be WAVES of UFOS over Mexico City, and the eruption of Mt. Popotacapetal, at the foot of which lives UFO contactee Carlos Diaz. Mt. Popo rests on COCO’S PLATE which abuttes the base of the SAN ANDREAS FAULT….so WATCH OUT CALIFORNIA


5. Also, my predictions of the DESTRUCTION OF LOS ANGELES spoke of a huge ANGEL TOWER being built just West of downtown, during a massive summer heat wave, AND during a GLOBAL SPORTING EVENT…and I SAID it would be either the WORLD CUP or the OLYMPICS! NOW the WORLD CUP is COMING to LOS ANGELES in 2026 and the OLYMPICS in 2028…watch to the FLAMING SWORD ANGEL TOWER TO BE BUILT…and when it is….RUUUUUUUUN!

6. BUY OAT FUTURES in the Commodities market and bet they will SKYROCKET due to coming massive SOLAR ACTIVITY!


Sean David Morton


Infinite Blessings to you all!

My prayers everyday are of me banging on a GOLDEN DOOR…and JESUS ANSWERS and says, “OF COURSE YOU CAN COME OUT OF THERE! COME INTO MY HOUSE!”

Our Appeal is being prepared and will ask many of you later to keep my legal team afloat while they work on setting us free and seeing that true justice be done.


I made the prediction back in April that in MID MAY that massive scandals would rock the Catholic Church to its core….

Right on schedule on May 18 34 bishops in Chile tendered their resignations in the wake of yet another pedophile priest scandal in which HIGH LEVEL officials covered up the institutionalized sexual abuse of minors–even threatening officials tasked with investigating sex crimes and the destruction of evidence.

JULY 18, 2018 the POPE was convicted by the International Common Lay Court of Justice in Brussels for Crimes against Humanity in the trafficking and death of children. None of this made the main stream media. According to former employees of the ROMAN CURIA in Rome rapes and murders of children took place in Carnarvon Castle in Wales and in France. Many children were believed to be buried in a mass grave in Spain. The Vatican continuously REFUSED requests for excavation., and refused requests for excavation of 32 mass grave sites filled with the mutilated bodies of over 50,000 children who went missing from the Anglican, United Church of Canada though mainly 80 Catholic native residential schools across Canada.

The Order was issued by the Criminal Trial division of the International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels, May 30th, 2018.


It is my belief that Anthony Bourdain was murdered. Now we are learning that his girlfriend was one of those molested my Harvey “Jabba the Hutt” Weinstein. I now believe Bourdain was going after the whole Deep State rapist Cho Mo network, and he had to be “dealt with”.


What makes me shake my head is that the AMERICAN LEFT has been screaming NO NUKES! NO NUKES! For DECADES! And now Trump has done MORE to STOP NUKES and nuclear proliferation than any president EVER and he is STILL be excoriated by the now MINDLESS LEFT WING MEDIA!


there are THREE SECRETS about the meeting that have yet to be revealed…..here is what I got:
1. A final FORMAL PEACE TREATY will finally be signed between North and South.
2. There is a massive deposit of RARE EARTH MINERALS in the North just inside the DMZ. This includes COLTAN, without which we cannot make computers, cell phones, video consoles, etc. Trump has promised to supply equipment to mine it and split the proceeds with KIM…
3. More nebulous but just something about more social freedom and piece by piece, dismantling the DMZ…but one freed up check point at a time….

Not only has Trump now pulled IRAN’S NUCLEAR TEETH but he is going after PAKISTAN NEXT…with sanctions on $$$ and military hardware until THEY give up their nuke programs as well.

I also believe the fall elections will be a historic wave for Trump as well. I made the prediction back in 2004 that it would be a huge MID TERM VICTORY for BUSH and it was. In fact it was the first time in DECADES that to party out of power DID NOT make major gains in the House and Senate. And Bush was not even THAT popular.

the motto should be:


Well I think it is catchy….



Sean-David Morton…


Dearest Kerry,

I will be calling you this week and sending you a LOT more stuff for the BLOG!


Including all my NORTH KOREA PREDICTIONS finally coming true…where I was the ONLY one that said that there would NEVER be another war and everntually they would re unifiy….

This whole thing by the way is because CHINA finally got serious about sanctions and there are HUGE RARE EARTH deposits in Nor Kor just inside the DMZ…so those mining operations will be where all this will start, and HEY! TRUMP gets a Nobel Prize out of it all…whodathunkit!

Get ready with that recorder about 1.30 pm




BLOG:  6/10/2018



Dr. Sean-David Morton here…back by popular demand.

I have not been able to get to the blog for reasons I am about to explain….

First of all after being told 5 times that I HAD to have a lawyer to proceed with my appeal, then an Appellate Commissioner ruling against me…then my rebutting him…then him reversing his ruling…then insisting on a video conference which was to last 4 hours, but lasted only 28 minutes…he then said, “Well, this guy knows what he is doing”, and THEN the 9th Circuit Court said, “OK! He can proceed without an attorney!” So…FINALLY it is ON!

We will be asking for your help…and our legal team will desperately need donations from all of you to put us over the top and set us FREE from all this injustice.


Melissa has had this so hard. We lost our home, all our animals, our furniture, and everything we own…and she is in a truly terrible place. She was buffing a floor with this massive floor buffing machine, when the WHEEL flew off of the defective equipment, turned on her and ran over her FOOT.

She broke her big toe and fractured a section of her heal! The angels were looking out for her as the actual DOCTOR was there for the first time in MONTHS, and he took X-RAYS, saw the break, and happened to have a BOOT in his CAR.

Then she STILL had to WORK, as there was a RIOT in her main facility, and they send the WOMEN over to a Maximum Security PEN to make meals for monsters…and she just so happened to limp in being CARRIED by her friends, where she bumped into the WARDEN, who got on his walkie-talkie and personally got her out of work detail.

Her pain meds ran out days ago, so now she is in terrible pain…and all THIS after being totally abandoned by her family, who have refused to help us AT ALL…so all she, and US have left is YOU…our spiritual family….


At VICTIMVILLE (Victorville where Melissa is) there was a riot which resulted in all the prisoners being locked down in their cells, and they call the “CAMPERS” from the SATELLITE facilities to come take care of these clowns. One person was murdered and another committed suicide. And during the riot dozens were injured and sent to the hospital.

Now HERE in TUCSON, I am in a camp about 1/2 mile away from the Max. Security prison. This federal facility has about 1600 inmates, 35% of which are child molesters (also known as CHO-MOs). And two of the most FAMOUS CHO MOs are Dr. Larry Nassar, the OBGYN doing time for molesting 170 Olympic gymnasts. Now his CELL MATE is DAVID MITCHELL…who is the radical FLDS fundamentalist Mormon nut job who “KIDNAPPED” Elizabeth Smart in Utah years ago.

Nassar was finally let out into the GEN POP, and he started shooting his mouth off about his “adventures” and a number of the LIFERS went berserk and attacked he and Mitchell, and then it was open season on ALL the Cho Mos. Four people were stabbed, 11 went to the hospital and one man died. And I am not sure you will have heard any of this in the news.

This happened the Thursday before Memorial Day and led to the longest lockdown in USP history, lasting 12 days before they let these crooks out of their cages.

So they took a crew of only 20 of us “new guys” from the Camp over there when this went down. We walked into a Chow Hall the size of a football field that looked like the Animal House food fight met the APOCALYPSE! AND IT WAS FRIED CHICKEN DAY…so that and mash potatoes smeared everywhere! So not only did we have to clean it all up, BUT we had to wipe down all the surfaces as they had blasted the room with TEAR GAS!

When we were done with that, the next 10 hours consisted of making, not kidding, 3,650 meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the inmates over there.

In an AM and PM shift, this went on for 12 days!! And they only took a crew of 20 of us for a job that should have had AT LEAST 35! It was absolutely exhausted and left me no real time for anything else.

The only good news was these crooks EAT LIKE KINGS! I mean the food over there was magnificent! Bananas everywhere, apples and red pears that came in JEWEL CASE BOXES…so we were fed well, and pretty well cared for the for the work we put in. It made coming back here hard, as we are fed DOG FOOD here, compared to what these big time criminals get.


I was teaching a sold out SPIRITUAL REMOTE VIEWING seminar in Salt Lake City the weekend the Elizabeth Smart “kidnapping” came down. There was a massive manhunt for her going on, and some members of the Smart extended family asked me to do a REMOTE VIEWING on the crime….so, knowing NOTHING about the case, or even that it was happening, with no front loading I “RVed” the “crime”.

I described the house and its location exactly. I said this man was a workman that had worked FOR the Smarts, on their home, and that he drove a WHITE VAN with equipment inside. He was mid-40s white male, with a beard, that dressed all in white, like an ice cream man. I became the “PRIMUM MOBILE” for the Primer Mover in the crime, so I BECAME HIM, and could not see his face.

But he HAD ACCESS TO THE HOUSE, a CODE that was given to him BY ELIZABETH, and when he came into the house, Elizabeth went with him WILLINGLY and even told the little sister to “SHUT UP!” While she escaped.

We got out a map and tried to psychically track her, and SHE and Mitchell and an older woman, were moving around and actively avoiding the police.

Now the COPS and the family did NOT want to hear ANY OF THIS…and it is exactly how it all came down. The police arrested the wrong man, WHO DIED IN JAIL, and the father and uncle were outed for having some kind of huge pornography collection. And when Smart was eventually recognized in a store 2 years later, she tried to flee…

So..it is what it is…but that is how it came down…and Mitchell preaching to Nassar in the same cell would be my description of hell for both of them.

Lots of updates to come!




Sean-David Morton


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