LOTS TO TALK AND BLOG ABOUT…they had a RIOT over at the PEN across the street where then keep all the REAL CRIMINALS…all STARTED when the LIFERS attacked Dr. Larry Nasser (the OLYMPIC Doctor) and his CELL MATE MITCHELL, who is the man who kidnapped ELIZIBETH SMART….so they are having US go over there until next MONDAY to make 3650 bag MEALS for these monsters….so I have not had time to CALL or do the blog…but they are coming I PROMISE…and just KNOWING you will get them out there now gives me the motivation to write them and keep them coming….

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you being my friend and not turning on us when it seems the entire world has. I was just trying to help people…the 13 friends I did bonds for, and the IRS return which happened 10 years ago.

By the way my sentencing stated that I “was being made an example of as a deterrant to all those who wished to interfere with the VOLUNTARY INCOME TAX SYSTEM OF THE UNITED STATES!” and this was all because I WROTE THEM LETTERS, and responded every time they contacted me…which they considered “criminal interferance” because they did NOT RESPOND or have any ANSWERS for any of my questions. even the judge AT FIRST said, “Well, he has the 1st Amendment RIGHT to write you letters. Did you respond to any of them?” “Ah…no…”

so there it is….

Expect something SOON!



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