I am liking this article by Chip Tatum.  To the point following the money and company affiliations… Keeping eyes on who is misleading us and why.



I am planning to organize a Camelot roundtable discussion around this topic.  Stay tuned.

See my prior article and YOUTUBE VIDEO for more info, where Mike Harris and I discuss Freescale Semiconductor and focus on why it cannot be simply a “coincidence” that 20 of their employees were aboard when the company is ALL ABOUT STEALTH TECH.  Please… there are no coincidences only synchronicities that point in a direction.  Lots of smoke around this disappeared plane.  Most likely the high tech scientists aboard are now in an underground base probably in Australia or Diego Garcia.  Word is they are “working hard”… no doubt mind controlled.  And no, I don’t think the Galactic Fed took them!


GO HERE to watch my previous video interview with Chip Tatum and find out why he knows whereof he speaks, having worked for the Bush Cabal in the past: