This is an interview with Solaris Blueraven regarding her experience with synthetic telepathy and covert surveillance, filmed at the Super Soldier Conference in May 2013.

Solaris claims that a well known band was instrumental in recruiting her into a ring of surveillance and control.

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  1. This woman “Solaris Blueraven” is authentically beautiful with her integrity. Yes, I can quickly tell a liar from a truth speaker. Lots of liars who fester within the world-wide Cult that attacks her electronically and verbally while rising their thUgtopia. Why? because she is a psychically gifted individual with integrity. The Cult sees that as their opposition as they proceed to engulf the world with their tyranny.
    The secret that they don’t want Solaris to realize is that even with the brainchip voices and energy weapons they cannot kill her, they have to trick her to take her own life and she refuses…
    Way to go, Solaris!
    Now you just have to realize that GGod made you the central figure within your personal universe, that is why they cannot kill you. They cannot kill me in my Universe either.
    Now when the secret-societies running everything try to take over your world, you have to lead the fight against these thUgs. The time to gather your team of heroes to fight with you is now.
    I’ll fight by your side.
    xox, defy the Nazi virus scam,
    James Sidaway

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