The following info was sent to me today by Paul from the former website Unwanted Publicity.  In order for me to have him on the radio show to discuss these matters he needs DONATIONS to get him off the street and to allow him to purchase a cell phone to make calls.

UPDATE:  I have posted a further statement from Paul on the Camelot Forum here:

This is an important statement backing up his claims and containing further information of interest.

TO CONTACT/DONATE WRITE TO :  Unwanted Publicity <[email protected]>;


Note:  this information has not been vetted or verified–Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

On Jan 14, 2013, at 5:55 PM, Unwanted Publicity wrote:

Hi Kerry,


In-keeping with your video report, here are some bits ‘n pieces ( See

Below plus See Attachments ) hereto:


CIA had one ( 1 ) of its offices in El Segundo, CA that used an ‘unlisted

telephone number’ that held a Hawthorne, CA telephone number ‘prefix’,

and ‘that particular number’ was so highly classified it was never released

even to the U.S. Senate Oversight Committee on Intelligence. I ‘know’

because one ( 1 ) of the two ( 2 ) CIA agents ( Jack and Andrew ) assigned to

me ( in 1974 ) was ‘used for assisting them directly from within the

U.S. ( ‘when I was a U.S. citizen’ ) – a ‘federal law violation’ ( back

‘then’ ) blatantly committed by the CIA circumventing their own U.S.

telephone lines from being monitored under orders of the U.S. Senate

Oversight Committee on Intelligence that was ensuring the U.S. Congress

and American people that the CIA was ‘not conducting foreign intelligence

work using U.S. citizens living on ‘domestic U.S. soil’ interalia the CIA was

‘strictly prohibited from conducting CIA intelligence work in the U.S. due

to ‘long-established restrictions against the CIA performing any domestic

spying’ because such also circumvented the duties and responsibilities

relegated by U.S. Congressional mandate as to what the U.S. Department

of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigations was permitted to exercise so that

there would be no embarrassing moments between the CIA and FBI on U.S.

soil where one hand of U.S. law mighn’t know what the other hand of U.S.

law was clandestinely conducting.


I was personally aware, and as history now records, the CIA had 2 CIA

agents stationed atop the El Segundo TRW Building ( in what the called

the “Black Box” room ) – that is now known as the BOEING Satellite

System Building on Redondo Beach Blvd. – ‘that’ was ‘not’ the same

location’ as the former “HUGHES Building” – ‘that did occupy ( when

the ‘time-travel chair’ was there ) the ‘999 N. Sepulveda Blvd.

address’. These are only just “bits ‘n pieces” information where only very

light evidence points to El Segundo being a densely populated CIA

mystery area.


After I was mugged and robbed, I was unable to complete my mission

interview with Major General [REMOVED]  on the matter of the 999 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Former HUGHES Building there.

Now, for another matter, was I unable to also speak to him further on

the CIA StarShip I saw nearby on November 11, 2011 at 8:15 p.m. ( PST

). Those two ( 2 ) topics were a priority of mine in meeting with him

again since our first meeting on November 12, 2011 the day after I got

a real close and long look at the AntiHydrogen propulsion CIA StarShip

I began writing and publishing a report about that I have yet been

able to complete ( See Attachments ).


I am referencing the chair and 999 building as reported, in the

following video link, [PROJECT CAMELOT TV SHOW: SHADOW OPERATIONS] here:


Here ( below ) are a couple of links re: William Michael McKnight (

also known as ) Michael McKnight who took my client aboard his Knights

of Malta jet. The same jet with the same Knights of Malta men who put

many of these fraudulent high-value bank paper certificates into play

back in 1997. My fourth ( 4th ) Disclosure project was going through

the files of those particular Knights of Malta men who left them in

safe-keeping in a Howard Hughes vault that was supervised by a Mormon

friend of mine’s father ( Daniel Chad Rodius ) who was shot to death (

Henderson, Nevada near where Neil B. Gibson operated from recently ).

Dan Rodius introduced William Michael McKnight to my client ( Gilbert

Allen Ziegler – aka – Van Brink ) that mysteriously died the day after

my revelations of these high-value financial intruments I was able to

connect ( in 2004 ) to Ray Chhat Dam and Keith Francis Scott whom had

received them from the U.S. CIA-DOJ Team Six squad I was also a

foreign national intelligence asset for between 2003 – 2007. Long

story, Billy.


Here are the only two ( 2 ) webpage report links ( below ) re:

McKnight, other than my one ( 1 ) back-up files ( 6,000,000 pages )

filled with dossiers on all these curious characters andvtheir

activities ( dating back decades ):




Again, thank you, and sorry to have bothered you Kerry.







<6606370-0-large.jpeg><6813330-0-large.jpeg><AntiMatter Hydrogen Propulsion CERN for LANL.pdf><CIA StarShip.doc>




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