February 3, 2011

Julian Assange to speak on live video link tonight

click here to watch

Julian Assange is speaking via a video link life from Federation Square in Melbourne tonight (Friday, 6PM EST), which would be about 11PM Thursday night if you’re in California.

As according to the above link:

What – “WikiLeaks and Freedom of Speech” discussion
When – Friday 4 February 2011 (Australian time)
Time – 6pm sharp
Where – BMW Edge Theatre at Federation Square

Should also be available to watch after the live show.

Snow and Ice Weather Wars Continue

More weather wars and keeping America on hold

Interesting how weather seems to be selectively bad in certain parts of the world right now. Of course keeping the Northeast and South in the deep freeze is sure to keep people occupied and their minds off the current financial situation. From a source who suggests some added emphasis may be making good use of heavy snowfall. This is how the weather wars play out. And here you were thinking it was just “nature”…

I guess the militias will have to wait for the spring thaw before making any moves.