I do not see what the conflict with you and Maggie and Ari is about.  Name calling is a worthless enterprise and goes nowhere.
What would be better is for clear statements of support or whatever their position is, from Michael and Daniel.
My understanding after speaking with both Maggie and Ari is:
1.  Ari has spoken with Michael at least 2 times and I have recordings of those conversations where Michael clearly does not support you at this time or at least in those recordings.  Although according to Maggie, Michael may have changed sides again and he and Daniel may now again be on your side.  They at the very least, appear to be spineless and cowardly and not interested in telling the public the truth for some reason. Maybe because they are under orders from the CIA not to intervene publicly.
2.  The woman named Victoria who you claim is your sister is someone you have had long term dealings with and she is afraid for her life and that of her family due to you.
3.  The Youtube was taken down by Maggie because of your post on Facebook about Trump and other incidents of what appear to be lies or misunderstandings.  But the Facebook page  Project Aquarius, was taken down at the express request of Daniel and Michael. Regardless of who owns the name, “Project Aquarius” (which by the way is a general project name for alien contact under CIA/ Majic and is not Owned by you either actually… Dan Burisch uses that title with reference to his dealings with the Grey alien called Kiela (not sure the spelling).  And this PROJECT AQUARIUS is the MAJESTIC black project overall name for things dealing with aliens and possibly specifically THE GREYS… the email address that established the page belongs to Maggie and she would like to terminate that email.  I suggest the REMEDY is to establish your own Project Aquarius facebook page using your own email.  Recently Maggie put this page up temporarily and took it down again.  She says it will not go up again.  Suggest you make ANOTHER PAGE!!
4.   Your Eddie Page Michael Wolfe page is up and running.
5.   Maggie claims in all the 3 years she worked with you she received a total of $20.
6.   She flew to England to work with the writer and whatever contribution she made is now done and past. Fighting over who did what is a worthless enterprise.  You worked together with her for 3 years.  Stop attacking her over this!
7.  Ari claims you are lying about who your father is based on the early videos of you where you claim your father is a 4ft tall Grey with blond hair… which appears to me to be evidence of programming.  Keep in mind everyone that Greys work for Pleiadians, Anunnaki and Reptilians and Draco!  They are subservient.  They work for the highest bidder as Mark Richards says.  Greys often parade as Pleiadians!
8.  CIA and Jiles Hamilton had access to program you and your so-called siblings who had different mothers but supposedly the same genetic father if the info you have given is correct.  
9.  Victoria now claims not to be one of the 33 but instead met you at a ufo conference years ago.  She is claiming you stole some info from her and are now using it as your own.
10.  Michael and Daniel and the others (if they exist) are afraid to come forward to clear up the mysteries and inconsistencies in your testimony or they are obeying orders from the CIA to remain silent.
11.  Your Trump post seems to have triggered Maggie, Ari and Victoria to distance themselves from you.  Just how many “anti-christs” are there in your view!!  Obama, Trump and who is next?  
12. You spent 3 years working with Maggie and now you call her names on the internet.  One wonders at the bad karma you are creating by doing this.
13.  The story of the photo with a console from a Pleiadian ship can be explained if you bothered to do so… 
14.  Ari now believes nothing you are saying is true.  May I remind you that is her right.  Name calling is not worthwhile in this instance.
15.  Ari spent a number of videos agreeing with your info about Yellowstone etc and has now taken those interviews down.  She is quite concerned that people believe you about Yellowstone and the so-called Pleiadian ships “rescuing” people in future during earth changes and those people might end up as food for the Reptoids.  (Very possible!)
16.  From what I heard you are the one who claimed to Ari that she was a “priestess” supposedly from the Pleiades… then you changed your mind.  Not very psychic of you!
17.  I hear that in the early days of your relationship with Maggie you continually spoke of punishing humans and had VERY LITTLE if any love in your heart for humanity.  
18.  You were a soldier in Vietnam and probably still have a well developed case of PTSD.  Very understandable.
There is more but the above is a laundry list of info that is unexplained and conflicting.  
Most of the above does not pertain to REAL INFORMATION OF VALUE TO THE PUBLIC.  Therefore I do not at this time see any point in discussing it unless and until:
1.  One or more of your brothers come forward to support your story.
2.  You have good evidence to support yourself and can clear up in a positive way your relationships with the above.
3.  You have information of value beyond what you and I have already discussed on my interviews with you.  
If you send me posts about important information USEFUL TO THE PUBLIC I will post on your Guest blog on my Project Camelot site.
I don’t want to get involved in whatever actually went down between you, Maggie, Ari, some so-called priestesses or others.
What I do want is only good information about your past and current dealings if any with MJ12 (aka Psion, Committee of the Majority or whatever name you want to call them also known as Majestic) and how you make sense of past claims related to GREYS and your relationships with them.
The interpersonal rivalries between you, Maggie Victoria, Michael, Daniel and others are not important.  Clear and honest communication is.  You can self-publish via Create Space or LuLu.com and other places.  You can also try contacting an Agent who will then get your book to major publishers.  
Please drop the name calling as it is NOT PRODUCTIVE and shows a serious lack of spiritual development.
If your mission is to only notify people about Earth Changes you have done that already.  
Perhaps relating more substantial info about what is really going on with the war of worlds on Earth and the Galaxy with various ET races if you have any such info would be far more worthwhile.
I happen to believe there is a lot of truth in your story but you are clearly mind controlled and triggered by what is happening to you.  The Bible was used in your early years without a doubt to redirect your psychic ability away from looking at the VATICAN AND ILLUMINATI and their plans and redirected to assign powers of destruction to yourself, your “father” Thor or Anu or whatever you choose to call him.  This is what your so-called meeting with your Father to plead the case of humanity is really about.  This meeting is nonsense as the Pleiadians/Anunnaki have NO RIGHT to judge humanity.  They need to look to themselves and judge their own progress (or the lack of it, back to Godhead or Creator).
A Pleiadian that is in charge of a few Pleiadian Planets and is NOT the Creator.  By taking on board a vindictive god overlay out to PUNISH humanity which is really about jealousy and fear on the part of the Pleiadians and Anunnaki over a rival alien hybrid race (Hu-mans) that would one day surpass them in every way as a result of the constant genetic re-engineering of the various genomes to create another form of being selecting “Godhead” or Creator in the endless parade of re-evolvement back to Source.  The vindictive god scenario is a FALSE OVERLAY.
We know the Pleiadian Anunnaki humanoids were invaded by Draco and genetically re-engineered eons ago.
You are part reptilian (a reptilian-humanoid hybrid) and this influences how you see the world.  You apparently revealed your reptilian/draco image to Ray Wardle and scared him silent.  A pity he decided not to reveal this to the public.
I am copying Maggie and Ari on this email.  I suggest you forward it to Daniel, Michael and other handlers etc.  I also suggest that all the interpersonal BS that is going on is distracting ALL OF YOU from understanding that psychics are often very wrong about themselves!  And because someone is wrong or lies about one thing it does not mean they can’t tell the truth about other things!  Nothing on or off this planet is black and white but shades of grey and your challenge is to weigh the information you get to reach a tentative conclusion, and then stay OPEN to the new info coming forward and continue to search and discern.
One thing clear to me is that Eddie firmly believes whatever version of his story he is currently telling and is not purposely deceiving anyone except possibly his inner self.  
There is no point in writing someone off even when they disappoint you!  We are in this together.  I will also publish this on my blog.  
At this point, I see The Eddie Page story as a useful tool for the public in learning discernment.  
Best wishes to all on your journeys to enlightenment,




My Interviews with Eddie are here:



PART ONE.  youtu.be/Sb18kkVlRh4

PART TWO. youtu.be/oPMOjV9SMOo







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