I wrote the following to Eddie Page and think that we need to clarify exactly how it is that if the coming predicted eruption of Yellowstone is actually a reality then WHAT or WHO is causing it and WHY NOW?


Update to my Letter to Eddie Page:  I am well aware that Mammoth is connected to Yellowstone.  I have had dreams about this years ago.

More proof is emerging that any triggering of Yellowstone which will then trigger the connected volcanoes such as Mt. Rainier, Shasta, Mammoth and many others, will be artificially induced by the Illuminati through the U.S. military:

Deborah Tavares has done extensive work finding documentation that supports the weather wars weapons technology and use against humans.  This goes on WORLDWIDE.
Any so-called natural Earth change is NOT natural.  At this point it is very clear we are being targeted by both human and alien created weapons of weather wars including EARTHQUAKE WEAPONS, triggering volcanism and superstorms.
This is NOT CAUSED by your “father” or your peop[e.  But it is a plot to eliminate populations of humans WORLDWIDE.
California is not going to “fall into the sea” except as part of a purposeful use of an earthquake/ volcanic  WEAPON.  This will not be entirely successful as I have seen that much of the state of California will remain although some will be inundated by water if this tech is allowed to be used.
Yes you are alerting people to coming events but you are not revealing the TRUE CAUSE which is purposeful and engineered by the Illuminati in conjunction with their alien GREY and Reptilian masters.
Of course the Pleiadians are aware of this.
This by the way has already started with respect to both the Earthquakes and volcanism in Hawaii and Japan.
Added note:  The Earth has been terraformed and re-terraformed since the beginning of time.  Periodic cycles of forced extinction of humans is an alien/human plot and has nothing to do with the VALUE AND WORTH OF humanity as a species or lifeforms which no being can judge be they Pleiadian, human, alien, or creature of any type on or off Planet.  Religion is a means of mind control and control playbook for planned periodic extinction that supports the diabolical aims of the Illuminati and their alien handlers.  A war against humanity both on and off world.
On Sep 3, 2018, at 11:29 AM, Eddie Page <[email protected]> wrote:
Thank you Kerry, that is beautiful, but it is connected to Yellowstone. Did you feel any quakes there? Glad your safe and back home…Eddie
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Hi Eddie,

We are now back from visiting Mammoth and went specifically to the site where the original caldera still has active hot pools.  I thought you might like to see the photos:
Best wishes,


I find it hard to believe that the triggering of Yellowstone that will eventually result in the deaths of millions of humans in the United States and serve the Illuminati agenda with the fulfillment of their most cherished dream of elimination of the population is a coincidence.  On the contrary.  What I know is that we haven’t had a “natural” weather event on Planet Earth for probably at least 10 years and that Earthquake weapons are being used constantly around the world whenever the Illuminati want to punish or challenge a government or group.

Frakking is a well-known way of triggering Earthquakes and now revealed as showing up near recently active volcanoes leading one to the conclusion that there is a real link between it and eruptions.

So what is really going on here?

We need to recognize that the TERRAFORMING of Planet Earth is part of the tactics used by those who wish to control the populations.   Chemtrails, radiation leaks, methane leaks, earthquakes, volcanism, underground bases and undersea bases, construction happening under our feet worldwide… it’s all part of a gigantic agenda to TAKEOVER AND CONTROL THE PLANET and reduce the populations.  A clear Illuminati NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA.

My viewpoint is we bow to NO ONE.  Not alien gods, not off-world cultures, no power-hungry Illuminati.  No one has the right to lord over humanity.  We are masters of our own destiny.  Humanity Get OFF YOUR KNEES.

We are consciousness and we exist in a sea of consciousness.  And that consciousness is the true Creator and it is us.  All of us.  All that is.

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Subject:Who is causing this future event?
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To:Eddie Page <[email protected]>

Hi Eddie,
Frankly I believe you tell the truth. The question is who or what is orchestrating the triggering of the Juan DeFuca fault line that will then cause Yellowstone to erupt. Are we talking Dracos?
I do wonder why you have to “plead the case” on the side of the humans unless your Father is the one doing the triggering??
The idea of a vindictive, punishing off planet Race be it Pleiadian or any other is not a positive way of dealing with humanity.
So who is causing the coming eruption of Yellowstone. Pointing to the “natural” escalation we are seeing in climate and Earth changes does not answer this question because in my view we know they have Earthquake weapons and can trigger volcanism by Fracking (for example).
So if we are looking at a diabolical future event that plays very nicely into the hands of the Illuminati to eliminate major numbers of humans then we need to look at who (what race of beings whether human or other) is triggering this cataclysm.
I do NOT see this as a biblical event. It is a controller impending punitive action on the part of some race of beings.
Many blessings for your hard work and love,

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