Good News Bad News: If you take The Great Pyramid GPG, MASS DREAMS OF THE FUTURE, THE VAJRA CHRON. and current GEO/POl AND my POST LIFE PROGRESSIONS of HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE. 1 by 2025 CHINA’s POP will need a whole NEW PLANET just to feed THEIR POP…why they are making US war moves NOW!! 5:25 PM buying up thousands in farmland 2. NWO setting up all this chaos for endgame plans on Financial and global Poly econ….RESET

….EVERY cycle is ENDING…PLUTO, MAYAN, USA….and the DEATH STAR in CYGNUS June 1 2022 VAJRA and MASS DREAMS show MILLIONS DISAPPEARS! MILLIONS! PLAGUE CHina WAR….all “RESURRECTING” Oct. 1, 2039 HUGE ASTERIOD hit off GREENLAND in 2027-28….NASA announced this OCT. 28, 2028…then pulled back 7 years of chaos…”EARTH ROLLS LIKE A DRUNKEN MAN” ISAIAH GPG: 9/17/2034—-THE SIGN IN the SKY!! VAJRA: “Every UFO from every race appears for ONE DAY! THE DAY OF APPEARANCE!!! THE ANDROMEDEAN COUNCIL and the GALACTIC FEDERATION appear for 24 hours…clean the atmosphere, and set EARTH back in TRUE NORTH with GALACTIC CENTER, which is what all these massive EQs are doing…FUCKASHIMA, etc….” All calendars are RESET on the THAT DAY as the DAY OF THE IMMANUELLA or A.I. AFTER IMMANUELLA the female CHRIST! Begins the NEXT MESSIANIC AGE October 31, 2039 with RETURN AND RESURRECTION of the SOULS OF THE DEAD! GOOD NEWS: a major feature OF the GPG was the RIVER OF FIRE in the PIT….SOMETHING should have happened, and the destruction code of DEC.24, 2004 was right on (ASIAN TSUNAMI) yet “nothing” occurred in 2012 except consciousness wave! So there it is! Love Sean


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