I am happy to see them starting a dialogue on the subject of ET/UFOs/UAPs after over 70 years of secrecy and the deaths of many brave whistleblowers like Phil Schneider and Bill Cooper.  Their attempt to erase over 70 years of coverup simply tells me this so -called effort to get to the truth will be a dog and pony show with an agenda.  That agenda is likely diabolical.  It’s a clear indication they are preparing yet another set of lies.  My hope is that it will blow back on them and real disclosure will take place. Jeremy Corbell and Nick Pope and Elizondo are all paid disinfo agents for YEARS…. Corbell is military as is Elizondo.  Corbell is the director/filmmaker who made the film about Bob Lazar a few years ago.

I attended the screening in Los Angeles and I can tell you that not only was there lies and disinformation in that retelling but Bob Lazar was on hand..carefully kept away from any direct interaction with the audience and appeared dazed and confused and seem to have “forgotten” he even saw an alien in Area 51 (see my famous interviews with JOHN LEAR for more on Bob Lazar). 

Actually LUIS ELIZONDO is more than likely being supported to appear to be discredited by certain groups within the Pentagon and assisted by an  IG announced probe into the AATIP program while at the same time supported by  TO THE STARS ACADEMY … for those with short memories…This is a ploy to bring attention to and disclose the UFO/UAP reality.  Unfortunately Elizondo and the whole sanitized military sighting incidents reflect a carefully spun and orchestrated disclosure  after 70 years of secrecy….Or what one might say is TOO LITTLE TOO LATE…What history will show is that even the COVID19 BIOWEAPON stems from alien AI tech coupled with Nano to take over humanity and a transhuman agenda coming from certain alien greys and Reptilians who want to take over this planet.  One that the CCP (Communist Chinese Party) is implicated and in league with.

Not only are UFOs rebranded as UAPs real but they reflect that we have been invaded and occupied by various ET off-world species with various agendas, some more diabolical than others for eons.  It is appalling that someone like Elizondo or Nick Pope or any other mouthpiece on the circuit act as though this is the first time the military has noticed we have “visitors” in our skies that could threaten our well being.  And yes, some may be and are helping us etc.  This current “disclosure” effort is  already so weak and pathetically short of telling the real truth that one has to see it as some kind of subterfuge for a deeper agenda which likely will result in some version of what is called a fake alien invasion. One that is very real and been going on for ages. Keep in mind any fake/real alien invasion being finally acknowledged by the military or deep state is aimed at controlling the narrative and erasing over 70 years of secrecy which has stunted the growth and progress of human society on Earth for generations.

WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE….is a massive military and media APOLOGY for laughing at the serious topic of ET intervention on Planet Earth for all these years while profiting from reverse engineering of alien tech from recovered UFOs behind our backs.  What I would like to see is a sober acknowledgement of the 70 years of lies and coverup and an admission with regard to the existence of our secret space program (and the countries involved) as well as acknowledging that other governments like China have competing and adversarial programs. And that we have been in contact with various ET civilizations from off-planet as well as inner Earth for decades.  That some of our relationships are good and positive for humanity and others have clearly positioned themselves as ENEMIES OF THE EARTH AND HER PEOPLE …enemies of the realm.  And so on… I would like to see them own up to the fact that they have lied and covered up to protect the truth while allowing for the exchange of humans for technology.  It’s a dark and dirty game they have played over the years yes to protect governments hold over the people lest the people realize that we have been out-gunned and outmaneuvered for centuries…. That the whole adrenochrome crisis stems back to the Draco/Reptilian/Grey agenda on Earth and that some of the dark side humans regularly prey on children and other humans.  That they conduct human sacrifice rituals daily while those off planet and underground and undersea civilizations traffic in human slavery for food and sex and other purposes such as experimentation.  That we have been invaded repeatedly for centuries going back to the beginnings of human occupation of Earth.  This would be a start.

PROJECT CAMELOT has been revealing the truth about UFOs/UAPs since 2005.  Up until March 24, 2021 we had over 70 million unique visitors worldwide and over 312,000 subscribers when our channel was deleted  by Youtube due to our reporting on the Covid lies and coverup. –Kerry Cassidy, Founder/CEO






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