California PhD Virologist proves Covid19 does not exist.

Another doctor, Dr. Robert Young and many other doctors and scientists have said Covid19 could never be “isolated” and the CDC has had no proof all along…. But the studies mentioned here should prove it conclusively..the whole thing was a hoax to force people to take vaccines as part of a TRANSHUMANIST AGENDA …as I have said all along.



What this scientist has done by doing tests and getting Stanford and Cornell to do the tests as well …is prove the so-called Covid19 was a hoax and that very likely Trump and his AI/Looking Glass, NSA and the generals all knew this FROM THE BEGINNING… No doubt the tests the above scientists and others have done were probably inevitably done at the beginning of the so-called outbreak and found the same thing. So this leads one to suspect that not only did the dark side deep state Illuminati create this scam but the supposed ‘good guys’ allowed it to happen and in fact went along with it.

This points to a WORLD PLOT to take down the economic system of countries, force people into isolation, further suffering and wear masks limiting oxygen to their brains…(loosing brain cells) and causing other harm to their bodies… and countless other human suffering worldwide including the loss of small businesses everywhere.

The only difference between this scientist and others behind the scenes is that he is brave enough to come forward to announce his findings… better late than never. One wonders what took so long …not sure of the date of this video….

So not only CDC but the President current and former are accountable for prolonging the hoax… and countless others..So not only CDC but the President current and former are accountable for prolonging the hoax… and countless others… What this scientist did doubtless behind the scenes numerous scientists must have also done… It is NOT rocket science but simply due diligence when faced with a potential worldwide outbreak of …”something”…and certainly before calling “pandemic”.

They put the Nano/AI in chemtrails, our food, our water but according to a secret source they needed to break through the blood/brain barrier and get it into our bloodstream in order for the Nano/AI transhumanist agenda to work.  So they created a “problem”=the flu packaged with Nano/AI and tracking…. Covid19 Tests (also containing Nano/AI and got a “reaction” – flu symptoms resulting in the body’s reaction to this poison bio-weapon concoction and then came up with their SOLUTION = VACCINE… to deal the final blow and get enough humans to take the vaccine so humanity is fully infected with the transhuman cocktail to then infect all others in their radius and the rest is history….

This is where the vaccines became their tried and true delivery system because ‘everyone loves vaccines” and trusts their doctors!

It is worth noting that Trump, his team, their AI/Looking Glass/NSA group knew all of this of course.  The issue is for them they would be threatened with extinction by the dark side deep state if they didn’t play along.

From a previous post but worth repeating:

ACCORDING TO A SECRET SOURCE the prions found in the VACCINES are engineered to attach to NANO (also in the vax) and JUMP FROM PERSON TO PERSON…AS OF 5 YEARS AGO….(this is from a top scientist unnamed) AND the VAX contains covid19 (flu) which contains Nano AI… THIS IS A TRANSHUMAN AGENDA—Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

Also see my interviews with Cyrus Parsa for more on how Nano AI is contained in the bioweapon

AND the so-called vaccines are NOT Vaccines they are gene therapy intended to mutate your DNA. They are not really “trying” to kill masses but they are happy to have masses die as COLLATERAL DAMAGE…in order to jump to humanity 3.0 — a race of CYBORGS AND ANDROIDS….they know certain bloodlines and certain Genetics can handle this type of transition better than others… THIS IS THE REAL AGENDA AND FOCUS….the nano in chemtrails for the last 20 years has been preparing your bodies for this next step!

ADDENDUM:     When people realize this is what is happening they can learn to MASTER their own bodies…through meditation and using the ORGONE/kunalini energy to shut down any “tech” installed…

We generate SCALER WAVES…I talk about this related to the VRIL….and Duncan O Finioan and the children killing a village of soldiers in Vietnam by linking hands.  Of course many of us know this….for centuries…. Those who activate their kundalini like yogis and witches and warlocks, magicians of the dark and the light….




Who Had Their Finger on the Magic of Life – Antoine BeChamp or Louis Pasteur?  by Dr. Robert Young


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