BUFFALO HORN GUY… YES YES YES… This is what Project Camelot has been talking about since the beginning… Listen up people!!!   

I am inviting him for an interview….



Here is the link as well:


TR3B Patent

Zero Point Energy Patent

Room Temperature Super Conductor



  1. Marlene McAvoy on

    I read the comment by Steve Aokalani I was glad he commented on the Angelina guy’s video .everything that video proclaimed sounded like a new world order was being presented. The speaker didn’t sound convinced about what he was advertising. There was no one to back him up either . This is the same guy who had his picture taken during the White House invasion. So to me he was spreading false information .by the way I have watched Camelot since it began years ago Love your interviews

  2. Steve Aokalani on

    Hi Kerry! Love love love your work!!!

    We all have to constantly try to separate wheat from chaff, and I feel you do an excellent job of that. I am guilty of only saying when something is amiss, and I feel I’d have more credibility if I also am telling you what you are doing right. Apologies for not giving you the thumbs up more often.

    That said, it’s important I speak up when something falls in my area of expertise. I’ve been working on scalar energy conversion technology for a long time now. I have a nuclear engineering degree from UC Berkeley and math minor there. I was an officer in the US Navy nuclear submarine program. I have lived and breathed physics most of my life.

    The so-called patent on free energy is highly suspect. Momentum IS an aspect of scalar energy movement, as is gravity. But I do not see anything in this “patent” that seems even remotely likely to convert scalar energy to mechanical energy. I could be wrong, but I doubt the validity of this. Also note the status of this is “abandoned”. This is most likely a useless contraption. And the Angeli actor guy’s video saying this will produce immense power is laughable.

    This guy is an actor. He is trying to make a buck on hopium. Can’t blame him for being creative. But nothing in his video passes the smell test. My BS meter is pegged.

    Denver CO

  3. Charles Shackelton on
    Absolutely love this soul warrior, very articulate (and patient) in this video when a flat-earther starts firing off his ignorant diatribe starting with the 50 pentagrams on his American flag…at the capital breech stage show I suspected he was a navy seal that was organizing the laptop sting, comms in the headgear, listen to how he spoke and confidence of a gladiator….supersoldier clicked immediately, please watch and note at 9:38m he specifically addresses the reptilian eye on his spear-head staff he carries: “…ripped out of the f***ers face…and the most epic mic drop finish “Are you really listening or are you just waiting for your turn to talk”.

  4. Teresa Berryman on

    WOW!!! I love this guy. His passion and his love shines through. I am in awe of what is happening RIGHT NOW. It is my dream come true. It is what I have wished for .

    Thank you Kerry, for all you do for everyone.
    The best is yet to be. We all have so much to look forward to.
    To breath free again. What FUN!!!!!

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