TODAY at 1pm PT I interview Charlie Miller.  (see bio below)

Charlie is Founder & part Owner of ISR.SOLUTIONS & its intellectual property, a public speaker, writer and publisher:


A self-described old style American, refusing to bend the knee to public servants operating outside the limited Powers Granted in trust, created by the People forming governments. Involved in review of government operations due to being personally affected and deemed a Subject at the age of 12. Became fully and completely committed to finding the causal events creating the current confusions, resulting in Involuntary Servitude, Starting in 1993 (my full-time job). I began to find possible resolutions for these issues in 1995. I then prepared execution of solutions around this same time – Incremental understanding of requirements to allow changes, returning to original American fundamentals in currently operating legal, political and commercial systems. (Current solutions put-forth by CHARLES are found at ISR Articles Library.)

Applying these experiences and hard earned lessons, I was thrown out of federal prison in 2009. I filed a Civil Rights TORT, Habeas Corpus, with Archivist Sealed documents proving the Federal Court holds no authority to prosecute or sentence any American. Others have tried the same ‘arguments’. I do not argue with my servants. I demanded they recognize and enforce the public documents that were duly served into the court. I gave the corrupt public servants a choice; Enforce the statutes and rules as written, or be personally liable to me for false imprisonment, and face the felony charges. The threat of TORT and exposure to their cohorts in cover-up always brings grease to the squeaky wheel – Properly positioning one’s self is imperative! To know how to fully operate, you must know your history – please find our Liberty Learning Modules here;


ISR.SOLUTIONS: created as a delivery system, provides the tools of Liberty presented to our American brothers and sisters. We have years of first-hand experience with crooked public servants. We call them SYSTEMITES: One who serves the system that trained them, without care or understanding of the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the system served. What we have learned is that the crooks are all afraid of being exposed while held accountable to the People’s Law. ISR.SOLUTIONS website is a source of education and documents so that any American will be able to properly identify themselves to public servants and be recognized. (This Identity Doc can be downloaded, or donate & download this document at

Last summer at the Trump Rally 2020, in Phoenix, one of our associates presented himself at the VIP check-in tent; HE HAD NO ID OF ANY KIND ON HIM, while standing in line he was approached by one of the security people. He was asked for his name and purpose for being at the VIP check-in. He informed the officer of his name and that he was there for an appointment with Trump. The security operator checked a list and informed him he was not on the list; “Please follow me here”…. As he was taken to the front group, directly in front of the podium and was the only one there without a collar or ID badge around his neck. This individual flies all over the country with no government issued ID. The only thing he carries is the IDENTITY document. (Don W. identified himself in duly served documents to Trump at the White House September 2018). One can download, or donate & download this document, at .

The purpose of ISR.SOLUTIONS is to assist all Americans in learning how to stand up, be proud and in-control Americans again. If we as Americans do-not

identify ourselves, identify what our powers and authorities are, someone in the government will and then hold us subject without disclosing authority. For more information on how the system works, and its etiology if you will, please consider investing in our 10+ hours lecture series; and or, sign up for Q&A sessions; , all products found here;

ISR.SOLUTIONS will be presenting the following (very soon):


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