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I just returned from speaking at a small conference in the Olympia, WA area.  Also speaking was Supersoldier marine, Randy Cramer who I have interviewed in the past.  He is a good man and reports to the military.

My interview:
Very interestingly his speech was centered on delivering a message from the Marine command that he reports to saying they are frustrated with attempts at disclosure and want to out the ET presence on planet Earth that they have been dealing with as both friends and foes for decades.  They want to radically change the consciousness of the people by staging a ‘fake alien invasion” as a solution.  
This solution in their minds would (as Reagan stated) force humans to band together and forget their petty differences against an invading enemy.  In the process, they believe real disclosure would happen.  They are positing that although it would be messy for 3 years and perhaps 1 million humans could die (presumably the battleground being the United States).  But after that, we would have a new society with free energy, access to space travel and knowledge of the real alien presence fully outed.
The above scenario has many issues (needless to say) however in all seriousness this is what is being proposed by our military (the real SPACE COMMAND) and secret space program officers (at least the portion Cramer represents).
I did a very well-received talk in response to the above pointing out how under cover of a fake alien invasion would be battles with the real ones.  There are several alien races who as many know, have been invading, kidnapping humans and taking them as slaves and more for eons.  The problem the military has is that the collateral damage and access to the Earth by various races is increasing and they want to control the narrative surrounding disclosure.  In part because they want to take attention away from the very real danger that the public, once they know the truth will see the military not as our saviors but as our oppressors who have kept technology in the dark and the truth from us for over 70 years.  Putting us into a fight or flight mode with the military at the helm (winning in agreed-upon battles with “fake” aliens would presumably make them heroes in desperate times).  
Project Blue Beam as the fake alien invasion is known has been on the books as a strong possibility for as many years as I have been researching this sector (at least 20) and is now being reviewed by top military according to Randy and another source, Simon Parkes.  Parkes states that it is now supposedly the “good guys” on the Trump/Navy side of the spectrum who are now considering this alternative to usher in the space age and wake up humanity whereas it used to be a focus of the dark side.
Needless to say with relationships with both the negative and positive ETs staging such an audacious (and ludicrous) plan seems absurd.  There is also the question as to what race of fake aliens they would engineer.  Greys (bioengineered robots) have been created not only by our military but also by the Reptilians and even Pleiadians who use them as worker slaves.  The problem with using Greys in this scenario is that there are multiple races of Greys and they are artificially intelligent and the rogues will not stand aside in any case once an open war has been declared no matter how many fake aliens are being utilized.  There are also supposedly multiple races of real grays some of which are positively oriented towards humans.
The Halo series and movies like ENDERS GAME have been selling battles with a bug/beatle-like species that may well also be a top contender for being selected by the military as a “fake” alien-controlled remotely presumably by AI.  However, it is not hard to see that sooner or later the ‘fake’ set up will be discovered by humans (we are not that dumb after all) and certainly the positively oriented aliens will not stand by and let such a scenario proceed without communicating with their members on Earth and forming a resistance.  See the relatively recent TV series “V” where even a supposed peaceful invasion was outed to have ulterior and negative motives.
No one would disagree it seems that the world needs a wake up call and fast.  Currently, disclosure is in a pathetic stage of one step forward, 2 steps back, trotting out evidence one day, denying it the next.  Witness the recent so-called “leak” from the files of deceased astronaut Edgar Mitchell of 2 sets of documents the Admiral Wilson papers (15 pages) and the Dr. Kit Green Alien Autopsy memos (11 pages).  Add the carefully sanitized Nimitz military sighting and one can clearly see the hands of the CIA and specifically Eric W. Davis, Hal Puthoff and the other former members of the Aviary now reconstituted as “To the Stars Academy”, all over the above forays into disclosure.  The quick denials by all parties mentioned in the memos and reversal by Dr. Green on his nearly 40-year-old “diagnosis” all indicate the sad state of confusion this movement is in at this time.  Enter the false alien invasion scenario.
I have substantial testimony from sources stating that the Paradise fire was collateral damage and a COVER for a fight with an invading alien species through portals and perhaps even a base under the area that still exists today.  The same thing is likely true for the fires in the Santa Rosa area and Southern California.  These are only recent indication that the fight is now reaching the ground (whereas presumably the battles mainly happen under cover of war in the Middle East, (and in space including low earth orbit) and formerly in Vietnam where according to Mark Richards, in reality, we were battling a race of spiders that had previously decimated Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
It will be difficult to conduct a false alien invasion in the face of a real one currently going on.  But the point is made.  Of course it will all be very real when humans start dying around us.  And the real battles will escalate and continue.  
One assumes that giving Randy Cramer the task of revealing the direction military minds are going in a serious way before a very small but significant conference near Olympia Washington is a Psyop.  And it is a good way to seed into the population the idea that if there is a future announcement (within the next 6 months to 3 years) that we are being invaded by aliens to the general public, that rather than mass panic perhaps there will be some who sit back thinking it is not real and that will put doubt into some minds that it is all fake…that is until the real battles take place in your local area.  
Needless to say, Marshall law and curfews would be put in place along with multiple shortages and war-like operations launched not unlike WWII which is what one can imagine, a lot of the top military brass might like to see revisited.  It is often said for instance by WWII veterans and others that WWII was the last time things were black and white in the “good versus evil” battle on Planet Earth.  The military mind hates shades of gray as it interferes with taking clear cut and forceful action.
I am reporting on the above because apparently this is a scenario under consideration by at least a portion of our military.  There is no doubt in my mind that we are not living in a democracy but rather a military government with Trump as the figure-head set up to take the flak.  They conducted a coup in the form of hacking back the election from the Hillary/Bush cabal who were hacking it to begin with.  Where we go from here is anyone’s guess.  People are waking up but not fast enough and many would say this situation is way out of balance and on the verge of chaos.  
We need to be mindful of things that are paraded before us as solutions which may, like the climate change platforms lead to an even more totalitarian rule, one world order over humanity rather than in the direction of freedom.
Once AI robots in the form of ‘fake aliens’ are given reign to conduct war games with our troops it may not be long before those AI become self-aware or more diabolically get taken over by the 6 races of unfriendly to humans AI currently invading our planet.  This is according to Captain Mark Richards who has a documented history in our secret space program and is currently in prison for what he knows.
Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

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