ARTICLE by Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

Published August 30, 2020


My theory is what causes Covid19 (symptoms) is frequency.  This is all about Tesla tech (the negative harmful end of the spectrum/ Tesla preferred the positive side**) targeting population centers. The idea of a virus and/or bioweapon is a misdirect but comes into play when they want you to take the injection in order to “cure” the so-called phantom illness that is caused by this invisible tech which is the Tesla tech….targeted…scalar waves directed…These SCALER WAVES have also been shown to cause California fires (DEW) and Earthquakes, and hurricanes (weather wars) etc.   It appears that it is all about the size and intensity of the waves that determine the effect.  And the effect is RADIATION which creates a “corona effect” around the cells leading to typical radiation sickness…flu-like symptoms.

The VACCINE is the BIOWEAPON and will affect/change your DNA…Vaccines will contain a gene blocker (see this article:  “…

…”specifically formulated to immunize targeted individuals and populations against the expression of the God gene, also known as vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2)”–article:  –State of the Nation from SOTN.

I am reading a book saying Tesla used his Wardenclyfe tower to create Tunguska… (accidentally a test gone wrong)… see [GHOSTDANCER BY JOHN CASE]. 

It is no accident that TESLA conducted his test at the exact same time as Tunguska.  He was convinced he caused it.   This war is a war of frequencies.  The trouble is that finding out where the targeting agency or group is … yes NWO is not simple.  We know for example that it’s coming from military bases (Air Force?) or tech companies or even individuals and groups ie. Dark magicians.  Underground bases or locations hidden from us…such as satellites, nano satellites,  towers on the moon…..or in space ships around the Earth can all be used as staging areas to turn on and target these weapons.

The 5G towers are simply bouncing off points for this directed energy.  4G also works… Any tower or pole even obelisk…focuses the natural Earth electromagnetic waves and when directed can destroy or send a wave anywhere.  See:  A wave or “beam” would in theory generate anything from increased radiation causing “covid like symptoms” or fires or increasing in intensity…mass destruction on the scale of TUNGUSKA.  

(Note there was more going on in the area of the Tunguska event involving the need to target and destroy an infestation of a certain diabolical ET races. See Courtney Brown’s Remote Viewing of Tunguska).

If the above theory is correct, there is no virus.  The Vaccine is the bioweapon! And the bioweapon in Wuhan was a misdirect to cover the frequency tests…

There is no virus, no contagion no need for vaccines or social distancing!  This is all a misdirect to control populations.  They are targeting and killing humans using scaler waves.  

Also see this article:


They are tuning the towers to find the right frequency…this is why certain population centers have worse “symptoms” than others.

The towers have been in the hands of the NWO who were creating this rolling sickness in people …as an experiment in control and domination…aimed at killing large masses of people…certainly old people.  

So Trump and team had to steal the Towers back…The Fires in Northern CA are caused by this same targeting…for a purpose.  They are targeting something…maybe the alien infestation in that area.  And the people simply have to evacuate..or be collateral damage.  There’s also evidence the Illuminati want to control the Northern California wine country… and get rid of the populations there.

DEW are also indicated by the trees that don’t burn or burn from inside…

Trump can threaten world leaders, Queen and Pope, Vatican with evidence of their Reptilian/adrenochrome addiction etc… but he also needs to have taken control of the weapons (the towers) in order to take real control of Europe and rest of planet….yes according the the book GHOST DANCER by John Case, the Tesla targeting device can be contained in a suitcase or the back of a car!

The cigar shaped Rep ships and the indiscriminate bombing of DUMBS… is more likely battling…by darksiders trying to prevent takeover by Trump Team…

The only way Trump is maintaining his power is not just by blackmailing Satanists and Pedos but by command of a weapon far superior to what anyone else has….

Power of man…to destroy, kill using resonance of orgone energy has to be part of this…This is why they don’t want collections of humans in large numbers (over 10!!!).   Also see the Duncan O’Finioan Camelot interview and children in Cambodia (or Laos) during Vietnam war….killed a whole base of Vietnamese soldiers by simply joining hands and directing their SCALER ENERGY…kundalini is scalar energy… Every human being has it.

See work of Desmond Leslie on this too. (My book:  REBEL GENE:  SECRET SPACE AND THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY).

(Real reason for 6 ft apart …social distance) is the resonance between humans can pick up and AMPLIFY the frequency tests they are doing with Tesla towers…large crowds would be most dangerous in music venues and anywhere where fields of resonance are created…..

Key to Tesla/Tunguska is from John Case Ghost Dancer book available on Amazon…


Not only because of incoming meteors…note that meteors are what aliens use like billiard balls …to hit from a great distance Earth…as weapons.

Also see the work of,  (and my interviews with) Mark Steele, Dr. Robert O. Young and Dr. Judy Mikovits.  Also links above.

**I am aware that Trump and Team are reversing the 5G Towers into the positive frequencies using Tesla tech.  This is needless to say a good thing!  However, the control of the technology is in the hands of who has control of the targeting devices.  




8/14/2020 — Benjamin Fulford — Worldwide 5G Genocide Starting in October

Dear Mr. Fulford,

I was badly poisoned on 2 recent humanitarian flights home from Central America, through Houston airport and on to Canada, as was my travel partner- we almost died. The airlines were United and Air Canada. Upon trying to detoxify and researching what happened to us, I discovered that they are using new ‘Fogging’ nanotechnology chemicals, metals, and aerosols on aircraft under the guise of new anti-COVID 19 measures.

Through multiple holistic means, we were found to be actively poisoned with ‘Benzalkonium chloride, benzyl chloride, chloro-aceto phenone’, ammonia, radioactive aluminum, radioactive mercury, and nanobot technology. The first few chemicals used are on the list of WW1 chemical warfare agents on Wikipedia here (others are degradation products from the human body processing these poisons):

The two nano-chemicals I believe were used on our aircraft are (confirmed by a private jet company as the main chemicals used for Fogging):




The cognitive impairment from this experience cannot be described (from perfect health to vision loss, nausea, hearing loss, loss of equilibrium, inability to process information, inability to speak, read or write, seizures and so much more. I am blessed to work in health and to have gone on an immediate and rigorous detox program which helped significantly though long term- impairment may be the outcome as these are very noxious poisons. Others on our flight or other flights might not be as lucky.


First, they spray a sheet of positively charged ‘nano-glass’ called electrostatic spraying (sometimes with chemicals and sometimes without), then they aerosol the entire plane with the active nano-particle chemicals (as shown on the websites above), which are said to self-replicate for up to 10 days after application, only they are using the chemicals between every single flight, and in some cases all night long for 8 hours straight. Traveler’s then board the plane just 60 minutes after application.

Apparently the nano-material technology makes it so that the product cannot be re-applied repeatedly and once coated, it will reject more coating for the next 10 days back into the air.

This is advertised as making the product go-farther with less use’ but when applied repeatedly as airlines are doing, the result is that these charged atoms spew back into the air as a potent positively charged aerosol being attracted to the next neutral or negatively charged atoms that enter the flight, such as the body and lungs of human beings.

As if this were not enough, they end the treatment with a UV light blast of the entire aircraft, using mercury lights which when turned on, release a potent mercury vapor into the air, to further cause harm to the coming passengers.

If you dig into this, you will quickly see that this is nothing short of an aerosol vaccine program meant to incept healthy humans with unapproved, unconsented poisons and nano-technology.

The worst part is that this is already happening in schools, and some public places, and soon to be in stores, malls, movie theaters, condo building lobbies and subways, buses and rental cars. Children around the world are being diagnosed with rare brain diseases and I believe it’s from exposure in schools.

I have PDF’s full of info I can send you if you want more info on Fogging, however, my own personal poisoning, awful as it is, is not why I contacted you.

Through this experience both my travel partner and I are now extremely EMF sensitive and upon returning to Canada, became incapacitated once in 5G radiation. I became quickly aware that I am now (thanks to nanobot brain poisoning) a walking human Geiger counter. The nanobots in my brain allow me to sense with inhuman accuracy every single deviation in microwave frequency and I feel every 5G tower, meter, street light, receiver long before I see it.

This led me to dig into the 5G/ nanobot/transhumanism agenda rabbit hole and fell across what I believe is a global genocide agenda using 5G frequency. This agenda is set to be rolled out this coming October, and continued from city to city until next August and will result in hundreds of millions of deaths in the US, Canada and possibly much more worldwide.

This is the real reason why I contacted you:

  • I believe the above mentioned fogging chemicals are being dumped on us via chemtrails and in public spaces, and will be used to falsify a second COVID wave, as the new COVID symptoms are identical to those of Benzalkonium chloride and radiation poisoning.
  • I believe this is an aerosol mass-vaccination agenda. The coming COVID vaccines will also contain nanobots and nano-technology.
  • I believe that anyone infected like I am (and soon to be everyone) will be hyper-reactive to 5G and will become a physical part of the electrical smart grid pulling frequencies to their brains as if they were a human tower. This enables mind control, implanting of emotional reactions, and thoughts via frequency manipulation and creates transhumanism.
  • I believe they locked people down earlier this year under the false guise of a virus so they could roll out 5G in every part of the world on current infrastructure so that nobody would notice.
  • I have traveled extensively this last month trying to find a 5G-free safe haven and there are none. Even remote areas of Canada and impoverished areas of Central America have 5G infrastructure already in place and frequencies already being emitted.
  • 5G is NOT a WIFI issue, this is an electrical agenda and the microwaves pulse into the house and environment via electrical wires, signals, smart meters, and house-hold appliances and plugs, NOT VIA WIFI ROUTERS EXCLUSIVELY.
  • Areas with 3G or less WIFI strength actually have 5G infrastructure already set up in their electrical systems.
  • Areas around the world without WIFI at all are still experiencing microwave pulsing throughout the day.
  • Big Tech used the term 4.5G (4G PLUS) to build the 5G infrastructure without drawing attention to 5G itself which is highly controversial and not widely accepted by the population.
  • I believe that the global plan is to vaccinate people (both through inoculation of the willing and forced aerosol poisoning of the resistant) with nanobots and then to blast 5G anytime there is population resistance to first control people, then to actually kill them.
  • I believe that 5G, and only 5G, is why people died in WUHAN in 2019, then Italy, Queens NY, now Sweden (being blasted as we speak) and so many other areas to come. They were dosed with, or vaccinated with nanotech, and then the frequency was increased as a test to see which frequencies had people falling dead and at which rate.

Here is why 5G built into our electrical system is so dangerous:

  • 4G is 7GHZ or less
  • 4.5G (4G Plus) is 7-12 GHZ
  • 5G is 15-300 GHZ
  • At 10 GHZ the human immune system starts to falter, sleep is impaired and healing is minimized
  • At 10-30 GHZ, disorientation sets in, feeling tired, drowsy, weak, trouble sleeping, dry mouth, dehydration, poor cell turnover and lowered hemoglobin, depression, anxiety and other symptoms of radiation poisoning/ microwave syndrome.
  • At 35 GHZ the oxygen molecules in the air and our bodies begin to spin, making it impossible for our hemoglobin to uptake oxygen causing asphyxiation. 75% of healthy people will die in the first 2-3 days of being exposed to 35 GHZ consistently. The healthiest will die within a week.
  • At 50 GHZ, nothing survives, including birds, bees, trees etc.
  • At 60 GHZ everything goes up in flames (similar to the wildfires in the US right now- in 5G areas)
  • They are currently experimenting daily with frequency changes (I feel every shift) to normalize people’s symptoms and exposures so no one notices what is happening. They are experimenting to see how high they can go before people start noticing.
  • I have been in areas where the map shows only 4G or even 3G and yet they have 5G frequencies already pulsing.
  • They increase the frequencies at night so people sleep poorly, causing a weakened society, and lower it during the morning, increasing again in the afternoon.
  • 5G is the most dangerous large-scale and immediate-acting bioweapon in all of history.
  • 5G is the equivalent of having a loaded gun pointed to every single one of our heads, no matter where you live, where you work, what your race, what your social status or how much money or skills you have, you are the mercy of that dial.
  • If you have electricity right now, you can be killed in an instant if they blast the frequency through your home at anything over 35 GHZ.
  • Here is a woman who shares the global plan in more detail, with dates, escape routes and timelines if you are interested:
  • See a 5G map here (not super accurate or up to date as they are doing this in secrecy but shows the different classifications):

This is the genocide agenda:

  • All 5G infrastructure is already in place. Look at receivers already placed on your streetlights, smart meters, your electrical outlets and appliances, the towers themselves, rooftop receivers, etc.
  • Next is poisoning people with aerosols, and toxic food and water to falsify the second wave
  • Once people are in lockdown, they cannot leave their homes- these areas are then easy 5G kill zones.
  • The government can choose to increase the frequency anytime they decide and depopulate as much as they want, in any chosen area.
  • I guarantee that unless you are very far off-grid, without any electricity and no neighbors who have it either, you are, as we are, currently sitting in a potential kill zone.
  • I have tried reaching out to colleagues, health pioneers and other popular leaders in the natural movement but everyone is afraid to share this as they feel they will be killed immediately and censored to block the sharing of this info.

Here is what I am hoping you, or some of your connections, may be able to do:

  • Turn off the smart grid somehow
  • Deactivate these smart meters, streetlights or shut down/ de-activate the satellites
  • Block or get access to control the frequencies to disable them from being used at frequencies over 7GHZ
  • Anything at all to help the root issue from a technical side because just telling people as I’ve been doing and warning the public is not enough. Media is corrupted and the truth is censored, this will never make it viral fast enough to create change or save humanity or the planet.
  • I am praying that you look into this and can come up with a viable solution to help block or disable this potential global agenda.
  • I am here to answer any questions you have, will assist in any way I can, and will make myself available to provide you with any further info, content, links, resources, or anything else I can do to assist your efforts.”
  • ***
  • 8aa456 (5)  No.10672316


    3784099 – January 8, 1974 – Air Pollution Control Method

    3785557 – January 15, 1974 – Cloud Seeding System

    3795626 – March 5, 1974 – Weather Modification Process

    3808595 – April 30, 1974 – Chaff Dispensing System

    3813875 – June 4, 1974 – Rocket Having Barium Release System to Create Ion Clouds In The Upper Atmosphere

    3835059 – September 10, 1974 – Methods of Generating Ice Nuclei Smoke Particles For Weather Modification And Apparatus Therefore

    3835293 – September 10, 1974 – Electrical Heating Aparatus For Generating Super Heated Vapors

    3877642 – April 15, 1975 – Freezing Nucleant

    3882393 – May 6, 1975 – Communications System Utilizing Modulation of The Characteristic Polarizations of the Ionosphere


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