I talk about my latest article regarding Tesla Tech, Frequency wars, the COVID deception, the complexity of the war being fought and our ET heritage, and the Trump Team and the return of Camelot.





  1. Wow – thank you for some realistic truth. I’ve grown so tired of people speaking as Nirvana happens in 2021 and as if Trump is conquering all evil when he’s actually playing his best game of whack-a-mole. Always an important relief to have your voice Kerry and thanks for speaking this.

  2. So we are f……..d then!!? I try my best to stay positive, ( and I am SO grateful to ) meditate daily, drink non fluoridated water, have access to fresh fruit and vegetables, live in a country town in Australia, and live a relatively stress free life. What I am getting at is that if I have optimal conditions and I am struggling to stay positive, what chance do MANY other poor souls out there have? I literally have one friend left and even he I imagine is toggling with his feelings about our friendship( and he lives over 600 kms away from me)….all my friends have turned against me and formed an alliance, one in which they call me a kool aid drinking, right wing, neo nazi conspiracy theorist!!!my family are definitely not on board with my perspective ( so I have stopped talking to them about the HUGE events we all find ourselves facing at this time. So I really understand why there are suicides occurring in droves and this breaks my heart. Melbourne Australia is absolutely out of control!! and as a traveller, basically we have been told that “oh yes you can travel” once you have the vaccine! and I will NEVER acquiesce! So to say I am feeling isolated is a serious understatement. Some days I really do not see the point 🙁

  3. Isn’t Charlie Ward Or CFreak saying a serum by trump for the radiation poisoning/heavy metal detox and not a bioweapon vaccine/DNA interference. So, this is confusing…..

    • Absolutely. “Smart” phones are components of a weapon system brought to the public in the Triojan horse of wireless telecommunications, never been independently tested for health and safety because the powers-that-be know it wouldn’t pass. Experiments does at least as far back as 40s in Germany. EMF weaponry used by U.S. military. Sterilizes, radiates, used for mind control, tracking device, surveillance. Smartphone addiction, by frequency is part of it. lightonconspiracies.com/cell-phones-weapons-mass-mind-control/
      Patents substantiate this. See also FullertonInformer.com and Fullerton Informer YT channel for much of Joe Imbriano’s research, expertise and documented information on the EMF weaponization. No one should be attached to their smartphone or WiFi/WiGig connection to laptop/tablet. Should hardwire via ethernet cable. Rioting, in U.S. cities, while fueled by Soros’ funded domestic terrorists, the insane nihilist participation by people from those cities is done through mind control via their smartphones, undoubtedly. I, fortunately, was around when “smart” phones were first introduced and I had the intuitive good sense to never fall for it. That was about 20 yrs. ago and I’ve managed fine without that weapon as my appendage. I’ve used a simple cellphone all those years for emergency use only. This war against humanity is contingent, to a large extent, upon the mass addiction to “smart” phones/WiFi. Why do you think every effing corporation, more now then ever, want you to provide your mobile number when opening an account? It’s to be able to target you for this UN/NWO totalitarian end game agenda. They could just as easily verify new account members by e-mail. “Smart” phone or life/freedom. That’s the real choice that needs to be made at this point in time. Sadly, how many do you think given that choice, would choose their survival and their children’s over the radiating weapon they can’t let go of.

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