From Sean: HI! We are in a terrible lockdown due to the COVID 19! Locked in a dorm, 3 feet away from 60 other men. No RECREATION, NO EMAIL, no OUTSIDE TIME, no nothing. Oh! They made the PHONES FREE, but we EAT AND SLEEP in the dorm…24/7. For contact or letters of support THIS is the proper email:
Also, this place and the BOP have pulled out 6 of my teeth, gouged out the lens in my right eye leaving me half blind, and I have cancer. Non-Hodkins lymphoma, which began in JANUARY as a huge mass under my left ear…which they misdiagnosed as from an abscessed tooth…so they pulled out my teeth. OOPS! Now the tumors have spread down my neck into my throat, nearing my larynx and esophagus and into my shoulder paralyzing my left arm. And they cannot and will not TREAT ME, as all the placed that they could ship me to are all under COVID LOCKDOWN…. The bright side is they really have no choice but to let me go under the new COVID DOJ DIRECTIVES…so my hearing for RELEASE is JUNE 30th….cuz if I am not released for treatment I am going to die in here…. even after release it will be a long road. I am destroyed with no money, no where to live, and I will need FIRST nasal surgery to BREATH, they surgery for the tumors then chemo and radiation…and eventually see if they can fix my eye. So PLEASE keep me in your prayers….we DEPEND on MIRACLES EVERY DAY!!
Sean Morton

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