FYI – Here is the latest update in regard to Sean’s situation.  We sidelined the planned legal activity to try and get his immediate release due to the CV situation.  The BOP in typical disregard have ignored the First Step Act and now AG Barr’s directive to release at risk ‘ nonthreatening’ prisoners.  Thanks for your help getting the word out.
 Info as follows:


AG Barr issues directive to release inmates to protect their lives. Big Spring, TX Warden Rick Marques says HELL NO and takes away inmates rights instead.

Dear Friends and Family,

 The Legal Team has taken a detour from working on and filing regular motions in Sean’s case,  and has drafted a letter in a request to the Warden for his immediate release due to the cornavirus situation.  
 Due to the request being ignored by the BOP, the legal team will draft a formal request to AG Barr to mandate the Warden to abide by the directive.
You may use the following links to contact your congress-person to urge AG Barr take immediate action:  

 Additionally we ask for your prayers on Sean’s behalf, and for the health and well being of him and his family.

All is one
Life has purpose
God is love

– team Sean


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