FOR THOSE WHO KNOW NEXT TO NOTHING …very simple and clear about what’s going on. See Videos 1 through 10… (#5)  is missing from Youtube because it is too graphic and is on Bitchute… Covers the main points.  Useful for friends and family… doesn’t know everything but very good.


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  1. Thank you, Kerrie, for your work. We loved your title “FOR THOSE WHO KNOW NEXT TO NOTHING” and laughed thinking if people know nothing, how would they know they know nothing. I mean, even if you present facts, people will see what they only want to see. As my husband says, “if you are unaware, how would you know you are unaware.” We keep talking and presenting information; however, that old saying comes to mind, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” is so very prevalent. It has to become so extreme that people will finally reawaken to what is really going on (are we there yet?). Well, maybe, but we are pretty sure that when “they” whip out the fake messiah, many will believe that to be true and follow “him” on a spaceship to what they perceive as heaven. And as Captain Kirk said, “Why does God need a spaceship.”

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