As of March 23, 2020. 4pm PT

THE REMOTE VIEWER BENJAMIN verifies the troops are in place for coming financial reset, new currency (not the virus)… Virus is real but a cover story.  This guy saved a 747 full of people!

Arrests happening but may be stopped by Secret Gov… developing…

As of 7:21PM SATURDAY MARCH 21, 2020:


My source says it will all be clear in 72 hours.   He doesn’t seem to believe the Fed is being taken down in favor of the Treasury.  He says there is a  financial reset and no arrests coming….Completely contradicts what OTHER SOURCES AND WHITE HATS believe

So we are at a draw,   The only thing clear is the rollout of martial law. By all appearances, whatever happens, it seems the PEOPLE will not be happy.

For what it’s worth TRUMP DOES NOT LOOK HAPPY EITHER RIGHT NOW. With total powers and troops on the streets he should be very happy unless he is not in control…


Earlier on the 21st:

SO WE KNOW EMERGENCY POWERS DURING AND AFTER 911 GAVE THEM ALL THESE POWERS… BUT I am assuming there is something even greater here… being asked for…suspending the constitution etc. And for what? So they can keep a few PEDOPHILES IN JAIL… Meanwhile,….

SO REGARDING THE ARRESTS… they say they are taking advantage of the planted coronavirus and lockdown to now make arrests WORLDWIDE… so they are now locking down billions of people in order to arrest 158,000 people?: INDICTMENTS: 158,000 INCLUDING 80 MEMBERS FROM THE VATICAN AND TO DO THAT THEY NEED US TO STAY 6 FEET AWAY FROM EACH OTHER…hmmm does that make sense? Cause they are so afraid of us doing this? see pic


ACCORDING TO A SOURCE.. Sunday they are moving from the Fed to TREASURY… issuing a new currency in the weeks ahead… THIS STILL DOES NOT EXPLAIN WHY TROOPS ARE OCCUPYING U.S. CITIES!!! This virus is a COVER STORY… AND does not explain this ROLL OUT OF MARTIAL LAW… THIS IS A SET UP FOR SOMETHING ELSE. it is not because of supposed arrests… THEY DON’T NEED ARMIES TO PERFORM ARRESTS…






  1. Great article. The whole Qanon proves to be just some crap none-sense. There is something else they are getting ready for. They make sure the military is in the street to contain the backlash of the population upon “some news” that is coming in the next few days or week. This news will be so outrageous for everyone that the ripples and the backlash will be global in the developed world (and some of the developing countries as well). Hence the martial law in Europe, South America, North America, North Africa and much of Asia.

    Q seems to be a faction inside of the elite that seeks power and preparing to topple down the old establishment. Financial reset, AI control agenda and yes of course release of cool gadgets and technologies so that the masses are happy.

    F*ck them, f*ck all the elites …. We are God and we are Sovereign.

  2. You are correct: The corona virus is a cover story.

    I see no reports of troops in the streets of the USA, however. You’re believing what one source tells you when he could be CIA or being fed disinfo? It’s been reported that the military will take over certain stores like Walmart to prevent false flags and riots as well as to clean out certain gm products. One report suggested the military feared kidnapping of citizens and false flags. You can’t have a school or mall shooting if no on is going to these places. These people are very wealthy. They have their own army, advanced technology, dirty bombs, nukes, etc. So yes we will probably have the military on the streets in certain strategic areas to prevent loss of life and keep people safe.

    It has to be the military because many of the police forces are not trustworthy. Many cartels are involved in this battle. Police cannot take down powerful cartels. To keep the people safe in this type of situation, they need an overwhelming advantage to take them down quickly before they can activate their plans and weapons endangering the populace.The 150,000 indictments is just the leaders for the most part. These rich people have their many minions doing their dastardly deeds for them often. Hence the actual numbers could be 5 or 10 times higher. I’m told the indictments themselves could be indicting cartels and rings of criminals. Cartels often hire small armies. These people head up the biggest and most powerful organizations and corporations in the world that control millions of people. Yes, it will take the militaries from all nations to take them down.

    The fact the mobsters in Congress have overwhelmingly mounted heavy nonsensical attacks on the president without evidence but using Bolshevik type propaganda tactics tells me they are corrupt, not President Trump. I haven’t seen any of their so-called evidence stick.

    People need to step back and stop panicking.

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