Sean’s Blog Post – March 5, 2020


From Sean:

Dear Friends and Family,

“We have a name for people that try to sell at the top of the markets. We call those people HOBOS!” ~J.P. Morgan

“We will sell the WEST the ROPE with which they will hang themselves”-LENIN

“Our revolution will be won with the use of well meaning fools.” ~Lenin

“Our enemies will be given small doses of socialism, until, one day, they will wake up with communism”. ~Nikita Khrushchev~

I am sure most of you are not going to the trouble of going thru the falderal and rig-a-ma-role of getting to and reading these emails, but I will try anyway.

For any of you paying attention for YEARS, since the 1990s, where I have been stunningly successful in predicting the record long rise of the DJIA and US STOCK MARKET and the various rises and crashes and readjustments.

Can you remember that for YEARS now, I have been saying that once the DJIA hit 28,000 that you should all be looking for all hell to break loose, and that we would see, at that point, a GLOBAL CRASH and a huge economic readjustment around the world. Well…here we are. You should double up on APPLE and TRAVEL STOCKS, like shipping and AIRLINES that should recover quickly once this has passed.

I have been a bit…distracted…and all…trying to survive in the worst PUNISHMENT PRISON in the BOP system, all because they do not want to let me go under Trump’s FIRST STEP ACT…so you have seen the markets surpass and supersede my 28,000 prediction and zoom to 29,000 and beyond…but ALL OF YOU should have been dumping your stocks when the market hit 28K….or you risked the chance of becoming one of J.P.Morgans anecdotes.

By Christmas 2019, Trump did the deal with China, the deals with Canada and Mexico, got 191 new judges appointed to the Fed. Courts, and shifted the balance of power on the insane 9th Circuit Court of 17 conservatives to 12 liberals…but still Ruth Bader Ginsberg just…won’t…DIE! So…all as predicted.

The market has now plummeted by over 4000 points and seems to be doing a dead cat bounce…all due to the CORONA VIRUS…and though I had been predicting a global plague for this period since 1994, if you combine it with the Biblical plague of LOCUSTS that are now devouring the food supply of entire countries…one can only ask if the angels of Revelation are emptying their bowls and vials upon the Earth.

The CORONA VIRUS is far WORSE than anyone expects, but to cover up how bad it really is, they are mixing in cases of the REGULAR FLU into the mix, to not totally panic the world. You can check GOOGLE EARTH and SEE the huge black CLOUDS oozing out of the HUWAN PROVINCE in China, which is them BURNING THOUSANDS OF THEIR DEAD!

And the NORTH KOREANS came up with perfect solution. Some one came down with the flu, and Kim Jong Un just had him shot in the head.

Meanwhile, my appeal w the 9th Circuit is still pending…Judge Stephan V. Wilson tossed my motion for Compassion Release under the First Step Act in the trash…and I am trying to prove that the DOJ put up witnesses that just lied thru their teeth and stacked the jury with friends of the prosecutors like Obama’s campaign manager!! And under the FIRST STEP ACT provisions, I should have been released last October 2019…but these people play dirty, and shipped me HERE to make sure I don’t see the light of day for a Loooooog time!!

While my health is disinigrating, I was hospitalized 4 weeks ago for massive infection on my left lymph node, given a shot and a course of anti-biotics…and then they simply CLOSED the medical facilities here for 3 WEEKS! So no medical care AT ALL for 1600 men…as they can’t get anyone who wants to even WORK HERE, so you can imagine what it is like for US in this HELL HOLE. So they will ship me out to the hospital next week possibly, since they can’t take care of me here!

Anyway, feel free to share this all your friends, and know that I love you all. Write the Prez and tell him all about my predicament. Every thought and letter helps!

Infinite Blessings

Dr. Sean-David Morton