NEW UFO USAP Documents And Claims Now Under Investigation –

by, Paul Collin

LOS ANGELES – July 4, 2019 ( Updated ) – ‘The Truth Is Out There’ ala ‘X-Files’ perhaps but not so ‘Fast ‘n Furious’ just because what may have just landed could yet be another ‘egg’ in people’s ‘I Wanna Believe’ baskets of faces, spurring an independent investigation now underway since June 28, 2019.

Understanding the ever so cleverly designed murky world of foreign and domestic government intelligence matters is really more of a ‘geopolitical defense science’ of secret more purposefully hidden ‘other secrets’ very-very few will ever know about.


This report is written from a standpioint of personal professional experiences over a period of greater than 40-years within all arenas pertinent to subject-matter contained herein so, everyone just might want to pay very close attention because these reports are the closest thing to reading ‘what not to do’, ‘what to watch for’ and ‘how public revelations can either ‘help’ or ‘stunt’ growth of knowledgeability within the world we all live in today.

Ever hear someone say, “You don’t want to know” or, “If I tell you I’ll have to kill you” well, there’s a lot to be said about the pitfalls of ‘knowing’, ‘knowing too much’, and then ‘opening your mouth’, examples of which are rarely ( if ever ) publicized because of one ( 1 ) reason: “Dead men, tell no tales” and unless one is willing to take ‘high-risks’, they should avert such ‘games’ entirely.

The global Intelligence Community ( ” IC ” ) has its tentacles woven in-to an incredibly sophisticated multiple network of people, operations, entities, and well-planned predictive analytics guiding an unimaginable scope of what is purposefully kept hidden from most all people – inside and outside the apparatus – so much so that if so much as a hint or scintilla of information ‘leaks’ out that such too is 99% purposefully done-so.

What occurs behind ‘closed doors’ rarely ( if ever ) sees the light of day. Instead, what insiders only see are one ( 1 ) of two ( 2 ) so-called “Secrets,” neither of which are ‘actually true’ whereby what remains ‘hidden’ is a third ( 3rd ) ‘secret’ that even-then, may or may not contain the ‘complete truth’, and so such goes much of the “game” of intelligence worldwide.

What chance does ‘John or Jane Doe’ stand of ever really knowing or discovering the ‘truth’ hidden ‘by governments’ and truth hidden ‘away-from governments, their agents or assigneds’? More rarely, than what the public has come to be ‘led to believe’, which basically gives viewers of what even ‘I’ am up against when I task such assignments, and until they are in a position to ‘first’ understand the ‘facts’ underwhich just ‘how’ the ‘game’ of intelligence is ‘really played’, people will continue to remain positioned where they are; left in the ‘dark’, buried under a heap of maneur piled high atop, until some thing or person comes along yanking them out their accustomed comfortable darkness of bewilderment and straight-out while kicking and screaming in horror or amazement into what becomes an uncomfortable truth – the ‘light’.

Amidst an ever-changing World filled with various ‘secret agendas’ there will be ‘spies’ and ‘curious information artists’ both groups of whom today make up the incredibly large population of “WhistleBlowers.”

Those, whom typically reveal only ‘partial secrets’ albeit because of a ‘variety of reasons’ may have been ‘career criminal fraudsters’ specializing in practicing deceit amongst a wide variety of walks-of-life, from professional rocket scientists to sports entertainers all the way down to you and I.

There are however, ‘other’ “Whistleblowers” whom are relatively ‘new’ to the ‘game’, working secretly undercover ( using as their cover, whatever occupation they are supposed to be highly knowledgeable within ) ‘for the government’, and it is these ‘false flag operators’ whom are rather easily caught in a variety of traps laid by ‘hunters’.

Then, there are the “Whistleblowers” whom with a secret chip on their shoulders for whatever reason ( rationalized as justified or not ) whom are actually some of the higher-end quality individuals whom for ‘patriotism’ where in often case instances – but not always – based on government led deceptions ), found themselves working, either as a:

1. “Freelancer” – Military Intelligence Laboratory ( MILAB ) ‘human programmed experiment’ ( albeit wittingly or unwittingly ) referred-to as a ” Defacto” or “Cruise Missile;” or,

2. “Non-Official Cover ( NOC )” – Domestic-based or Foreign-based ‘Foreign Nationale’, ‘Dual Nationale’ or ‘Multi-Nationale’ operating either as an “Agent-In-Place” or “Asset” bound by an ‘officially approved government document’ signed and countered-signed “Business Agreement” ( Federal Contract ) incorporating either a “Clause” therein or a separate  “Non-Disclosure Agreement” ( NDA ) understanding enforceable by either “Penalty” and / or “Termination;” or,

3. “Information Asset” – Non-Official Domestic or Foreign ‘National’, ‘Dual National’ or ‘Multi-National’ bound under ‘No Written Official Government Agreement ( Contract ) with or without an official government ‘Non-Disclosure Clause or Agreement’ other than a ‘Mutual Verbal Understanding’ of ‘Voluntary Without Official Instructions’ on anything or anywhere.

All three ( 3 ) above receive limited financial emoluments plus other benefits ranging from a one-off information supply case situation to long-term multiple information assignments up-to on-call status assignments for ‘life’ where the latter includes an ‘in-advance paid retainer’, ‘monthly stipend’, plus ‘expenses’ only upon being called-in for an ‘active’ assignment.

Different arrangements are based upon various types of assignment requirements necessary to fulfill mission objectives, and can be later revised or terminated any time and at the will of government with or without regard for the individual.

All three ( 3 ), as aforementioned, are ‘high-risk’ and can result in loss of life; not only to the individual but to others.

The government is neither held accountable or liable to such individuals, family members, relatives or offspring personal or real property or reputations.

Unless the individual remains under a “Business Agreement” and / or “On-Call,” all of the aforementioned ‘other high-risks’ apply.

In essence, individuals accepting such ‘high-risks’ may see ‘other risks’ extend outside the scope of any perception.


For greater than 70-years, the U.S. Intelligence Community propagated notions (‘privately’ and ‘publicly’) that extraterrestrial entities control what came to later be known as “Unidentified Flying Objects” ( UFO ) through a highly sophisticated clandestine disinformation campaign purposely designed to utilize populations (people) to fuel reports so-as to bewilder enemies of America.

That same strategy continues being done to-date through a wide spectrum of venues, from professionals and novices to the maligned and misunderstood; the latter of which are easily confused beyond belief falling hook, line and sinker into a government vat of pure unadulterated disinformation nursed by freelancers creatively manufacturing documents adding more fuel and thereby fanning publicity flames until everyone is toasted by an incredible dose of nonsense creating a life of its own, ushering in a new world belief system. What worked before will work again only until the ship of fools are righted amidst a ‘following sea’ swallowing them up to-date. Need proof?

Ask yourself: “How many people ‘today’ believe ExtraTerrestrial ( E.T. ) entities pilot spacecraft? Are E.T. spacecraft ‘real’? How many believed in such even ‘after’ the 1947 ‘crash retrieval’ team appeared outside Roswell, New Mexico?” There are mitigating factors that jumped the number of believers from 2,300 ( thousand ) in 1947 to 2,300,000,000 ( billion ) in 2012.

Today, it’s safe to say that contributing factors spiking those numbers were by ‘information entrainment infiltrations’ driven initially by America’s mainstream news media ‘television broadcasts’ and then ‘enhanced’ by virtue of Alternative entertainment media ‘website reports’ and ‘online podcasts and videos’.

Who ‘controls security over Mainstream Media broadcasts’?

A plethora of governmental and non-governmental regulatory entities.

Who ‘controls security over Alternative Media broadcasts’?

Internet hosting platforms owned and operated by multinational corporate conglomerate network giants, including the most recent entity named “ALPHABET” having sprung out-of GOOGLE owned YOUTUBE and many more; all of whom are regulated by government regulatory entities.

Have ‘I’ ( personally ) witnessed a ‘real’ “UFO”?


You betcha, not only ‘once’ while employed full-time as a member of the U.S. government Intelligence Community in 1972, but at least ‘twice’ afterward ( as a 5-star civilian ) in 2011 and ‘later’. All, were more than interesting to observe; especially from, an up-close personal perspective.

The second ( 2nd ) UFO, in 2011, additionally gave ‘my mind’ a ‘download’ understanding that was quite unsettling because the ‘then-current event’ depicted a ‘future event’ I have come to experience ‘refusing to accept’; wanting for the past 8-years to push ‘that specific memory event encounter’ out-of my mind – but cannot.

The third ( 3rd ) UFO, in 2011, I never saw because I was blinded by its extremely bright-white light shining down upon the roof of my van where I had been sleeping until my van began ‘rocking diagonally’, and when I looked out all of my vehicle windows I saw no one bouncing up and down on the edges of my front bumper or rear bumper, it was then that I reached in-to my pocket to set-off my key fob emergency alarm whereupon as my thumb traveled onto the button to push, the extremely white light became so brilliant that I lowered my head, closed my eyes, and fought to simply push the button, and when I could not even muster enough strength to do that I realized I was becoming paralyzed so, I cried out ‘extremely loud for help’, and fell unconscious until 8:30 a.m. ( PST ) later that same morning when I remembered what occurred earlier around 2:30 when the van began rocking violently in the morning was when I looked at my wristwatch, but after falling unconscious I could not recall anything for those 6-hours of missing time.

I tried ‘dismissing that very early morning experience’ as a ‘nightmare’ but I cannot shake the simple fact that ‘never before in my lifetime have I ever dreamt anything so vivid as looking at my wristwatch’ and ‘remembered what time it previously read’ plus all the ‘detailed drama I was thinking, doing and experiencing too’. People told me, based upon my describing ‘this event’ that I either experienced an ‘attempted abduction that failed’ or, I ‘was abducted and have no memory of what occurred amidst my abduction’.

I would have totally dismissed ‘that event’, which occurred 8-years ago because I’ve subsequently ‘never experienced any day or night intermittent flashbacks of any bits ‘n pieces of any surfacing details’.

The only ‘other issue’, is after ‘that event’, I noticed a ‘tiny bump on my left inner forearm’, which was ‘never there before’, and what’s most peculiar is the fact it still remains on my arm, has not disappeared in 8-years, doesn’t shrink, doesn’t grow bigger nor does it become inflamed or change colors.

There is, however, one more peculiarity about this ‘tiny bump on my forearm.

I used my smartphone ‘Charged Couple Device ( CCD ) high-intensity light tool’ simultaneously with my ‘camera optical magnifying feature’ and discovered that ‘just beneath the surface skin layer’ an ‘even smaller 5-pointed star’ apparently is pressing upward just under the surface skin layer’ so perhaps there may be some ‘unidentified stationary object implanted within the tiny bump’ on my left inner forearm.

Do I believe the UFOs I’ve ‘seen’ are ‘real’?

Indeed. How else could I have come to visually witness such illusions at night?

Could I have witnessed a moving image in the sky originating from a ‘non-traceable low-light-level tri-color ( black, red and blue-white ) projection of a completely silent ‘elongated triangle aerial vehicle eight ( 8 ) city blocks long and two (2) city blocks wide at its rear’ moving at a ‘speed of about 25 miles per hour (MPH)’ flying at an altitude of approximately 1,500 feet up in the sky’ at night? Yes.

Could I have seen such in the ‘light of day’ employing the same ‘light projection technology’ after some ‘adjustment’. Yes.

What then would make anyone believe anything ‘other’ than, what my own experiences depicted what I witnessed, me somehow believing what I saw was only a U.S. government aerial vehicle or light projection moving object?

Why would I not believe it was a man-made object’?

It ‘is true’, that in 1974, I saw a Project HAVE BLUE Stealth Fighter Jet resembling an early model F-117A parked at night outside FORD AERONAUTICS in Irvine, California whereupon my initial reaction was that what I saw was some type of ExtraTerrestrial UFO spacecraft, which today we recognize as only a ‘military aircraft’ with stealthy features not a “re-engineered UFO originally flown by ‘E.T.’ however, back during the early 1970s I can assure you it was indeed a ‘heart stopper’ to behold. Hence, my ‘experience uses extreme caution’ when making the point of my report ( herein ), that:

“It is easier to be fooled than to believe you have been fooled.”


If you’re going to spin disinformation yarns within the mindsets of global populations adopting ‘government planted new belief systems’, then that source originates as either government, a government contractor, or controlled by government through regulatory bodies ( e.g. Federal Communications Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigations, U.S. Secret Service, Department of Defense, DHS Homeland Security Intelligence ( HSI ), or any other entity within the myriad of America, and whether it is ‘government’ or a multinational corporate conglomerate, all people albeit high-net-worth individuals all the way down the food chain to Mother Earthers to include ‘Ma and Pa Kettle’ out-there with a website and/or YouTube channel – we are ‘all’ subject to behavioral modifications up-to and including exotic new belief systems perpetrated by who for lack of a better description I’ll simply refer to as those “Men in Black” ( MIB ); not referencing, those few curious ‘feeling good guys’ within the labyrinth of the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations ( O.S.I. ).


As it goes in the spy business so goes Mainstream Media with its ‘agent’ influencers, infiltrators and exfiltrators within Alternative Media. And, as I’ve written many years ago:

“Wherever There Is Gold, There Will Be Spies!”

Mainstream media learned that ‘The Collective Hive’ of ‘Alternative media’ captures more of a global audience base along with global financial revenues more-so than any of the mainstream media networks.

In order for ‘Alternative Media online platforms’ to be of any ‘genuine public service’, recognized by its global audiences, it had best ‘get its information right’; and, if ‘not immediately’ then ‘very quickly thereafter’ by publishing ‘corrections’ as ‘less-embarrassing’ “Updates” – where ‘online’ details become ‘republished’ very fast too.

Mainstream Media use to go as-far-as to having some of their ‘most popular government-embedded news broadcasters’ say:

“We try to ‘get it right’. Most of the time we ‘do’. There ‘are’ however, situations that prevent us from doing precisely what we are so committed to do for our viewers. This, is one of those times. So, to set our story straight as-to the matter of what we reported, we recently learned that … We hope you’ll continue to value us as we do you.”

If Alternative Media shoots itself in the foot there may more easily be a version of ‘Mutiny On The Bounty’; and ‘hopefully not’ the likes of which could result in a ‘Global Information Dark Age’ domino effect brought-on worldwide by Alternative Media audience protests whereupon such may be that if lynch mobs led by Mainstream Media undercover trolls ever succeed in recapturing their once delusioned audience there may be ‘no other media to return-to with ‘detailed information research reference venues’ the public has come to provide them with, which Mainstream Media has never provided nor does it ever have any intention on doing to better educate general public audiences.

The more immediate issue that long-standing Alternative Media is working smarter to hang onto is its ‘global media core audience base’ whom demand ‘far more accurate information’, failing which may result in a dramatic ‘souring’ of that audience base, which multinational corporate conglomerate Mainstream Media would dearly-enjoy seeing rest asunder by ‘dismantling Alternative Media piece-by-piece’ so-as to enable the return of much of its former audiences who became ‘soured’ based on “disinformation” feed broadcasts decades ago, and ‘their problem’ remains on-going to this very day. Hence, Mainstream Media ‘never got anything right’ so, they have a new plan afoot – ‘The Invaders’.


Alternative Media is indeed the last global bastion for audiences to receive ‘good quality healthy doses of more accurate detailed information knowledgeability enhanced reporting’ that provides ‘juicier details’ in-addition to more overly important key-critical ‘Research References’ that global audience members are seeking even-more details identifying ‘relative topics and sub-topics’ containing matters of even-greater interest enabling people to ‘personally custom tailor their own information needs’.

the latter of which primarily provided so as to additionally substantiate what is being reported versus what may otherwise be reviewed as ‘hot air’ from some ‘blowfish’ whose jabberwocky mimics only what others are claiming.

Alternative media survival depends on its venue ability to convey greater knowledgeability that their audiences are currently ready to soak-up for each individual’s own purpose where many understand it’s “all about themselves and their own.”


Current voluntary research for Project Camelot surrounds a recently released ’15-page document set’ related to claims America’s former astronaut Edgar Mitchell secretly held a clandestine tape recording of a conversation between:

– U.S. Navy Admiral Thomas Ray Wilson;

Research –


– Dr. Eric W. Davis [ NOTE: PhD claimed Senior Staff Physicist for Research at EARTHTECH INTERNATIONAL Institute ( Austin, Texas, USA ) led by Harold Puthoff ( aka ) Hal Puthoff ( claimed ‘optical physicist’ used by U.S. Navy ) ]

Research –


For over 35-years I have had an “optical physicist” close friend who ‘stepped over the line’, the ‘public line’, but ‘never’ over the ‘government line’ and in that latter regard ‘self-rendered his own life; tragically fashioned worldwide by Mainstream Media – that never discovered one of the greatest U.S. National Security secrets.

Vic, did what he did, in his own frustrated attempt to bring-to ‘America public attention’ an ‘internal’ complex “SECRET-SENSITIVE” case situation. He was, in essence, the ‘first Whistleblower’ involving what people refer-to ‘today’ as the ” Secret Space Program ” where had he not acted as he did would have become an American hero. Instead, he became a ‘secret hero behind closed doors’ ( only to the ‘public’ ) for ‘The Pentagon’.

Long ‘before’ 1984, when I became personally acquainted with a former U.S. Army Special Forces ( Augsburg, Germany ) man named Vytautas Jonas Malasauskas ( aka ) Victor J. Malasauskas, Vic’s career went on to far more specialized skillsets, whereupon and amongst other things, Science and Technical ( S&T ) above Top Secret Space Program ‘optical physics’ during the late 1970s until 1981.

Victor, held a U.S. security clearance out-of this World ( ” COSMIC ” also known as ” Cosmopolitan ” also known as ” Cosmo ” ) as both a ‘Senior Staff Scientist’ and ‘Senior Staff Physicist’ specializing in matching-up ” emerging ” (actually secret already ’emerged’) ‘materials’ and ‘technologicals’ using then-classified methodologies.

Means by which exotic crystalline structural material matrixes were already ( ‘prior to 1984’ ) being ‘grown only in outer-space’ an ’employed’ within INTEL microprocessor chips, plus more, in conjunction with what general public audiences were led to believe were only “Advanced Systems” only deployed within the U.S. Anti-Ballistic Missile ( ABM ) defense systems of America.

Never were any advancements ‘publicly connected’ to U.S. Secret Space-based Program Project Platforms within what included a whole host of ” Unacknowledged Special Access Program ” ( aka ) ” USAP ” “Developmentals” ( experimental test vehicles ) and “Operationals” ( cloaked missioned vehicles ) secretly produced through several defense contractors ( within foreign and domestic locations ), amongst others, of-which included familiar names such as former North American Rockwell, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory ( JPL ) of the California Institute of Technology ( Cal-Tech ) plus several other facilities, including ‘others’; operating at, a broad spectrum of ” Range Test Sites ” ( ” RTS ” ) – many of which remain unpublicized today.

During the early 1980s, Victor’s last assignment was at JPL where he was additionally assigned as their ‘Pentagon liaison’.

Vic worked on what would ‘years later’ become ‘publicly known’ as America’s U.S ” Strategic Defense Initiative ” ( ” SDI ” ) Program Project nicknamed ” Star Wars ” space-based defense weapons platforms.

Victor specialties included creating ‘Deep-Space Sensors’ for ‘optical lensing navigation’ secretly employing ” Staring Plane Mosaic ” technology systems of ‘long-range star sensing optical recognition positioning’ for ‘spacecraft guidance’ and ‘spacecraft target acquisition’ from where, against a back-drop of outer-space utter darkness, was ‘mapped pinpoint ‘starlight’ allowing ‘repositionable space-based inertial guidance navigation’ totally ‘without land-based system reliance’ in addition to ‘spacecraft independent target acquisition’ able to sense ‘sea’, ‘land’, ‘air’ and ‘space’ threat utilization of High-Energy weapons surrounding Earth planetary and satellite environments so, my friend Vic was indeed one of only few top optical physicists in the World plus a whole lot more.

Whether Vic is familiar with Hal Putoff, Eric Davis, Admiral Thomas Wilson or others only recently became a part of my voluntary ‘research project exclusive’ for Project Camelot audiences so, try to keep in mind I was previously engaged on eight ( 8 ) previous other research projects for Project Camelot so, I’m currently juggling quite a load of work; especially while I’m still saddled living in my van broke on the streets of Los Angeles.

Properly ascertaining a whole host of questions surrounding certain claimed legitimacies within the ‘recent public revelation’ of a ’15-page set of documents’ involving a Pentagon Admiral and a Physicist working for an acclaimed “Optical Physicist” for my review will involve my ‘unbiased forensic background analysis’ providing quality support information for even-better later discernment by general public audiences.

It is interesting to note Project Camelot Kerry Cassidy’s ‘report’ ( see, e.g. “References,” further below ) and ‘interview’ with John Lear reveals, the apparency of “S.E.T.I.” director Dr. Steven Greer who also led the “Disclosure Project” withheld releasing the ’15-page document set’ he earlier obtained, surrounding the ‘same claimed recorded conversation transcript’ between Eric Davis and Admiral Wilson that appears to delve into ‘operational details” that Bob Lazar only basically introduced in 1989 based on his acclaimed experiences involving U.S. secret re-engineering of alien spacecraft of the EG&G ( defense contractor ) facility at Area 51 and S-4 ( Groom Lake, Nevada ).

Edgar Mitchell publicly admitted that both he, Dr. Steven Greer and U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Willard ( ” Willie ” ) Miller went to The Pentagon for a meeting with then Rear-Admiral Thomas Wilson in 1997.

Reference –

In 2019, Richard Dolan publicly admitted knowing as far back as 2007 fundamentals surrounding the ’15-page document set’ he claims attorney Michael Hall recently released.

Reference –

It is equally just as curious to me to see noted within that ’15-page document set’ referencing “MJ-12” interalia “Majestic 12” ( aka ) “MAJIC” whereupon at the very top of page “1” is titled “EWD NOTES” one is ‘easily led to believe’ the Ph.D. doctor “Eric W. Davis” ( ” EWD ” ) ‘transcribed those recorded conversations himself’.


Such ‘document set revelations to the public’ are not necessarily valid, as they initially ‘appear’ to novices, regardless of ‘who’ is claiming such to be ‘legitimate’.

A classic example of this was the widely publicized “Majestic 12” ( aka ) “MJ-12” topic, circulated through Alternative Media had become legendary, and in 2011 I was asked to perform a research project looking into what became known as the MJ12 ‘document set’ that my forensic background analysis evaluation rendered ‘invalid’; ‘templated constructs’ presented as ‘disinformation’ circulated by none other than the ‘usual suspect’; alphabet-lettered soups.

To make matters worse, even ‘more versions of certain pages were released’ and then subsequently ‘re-released’, providing greater subterfuge to prolong the initial MJ-12 document set package of disinformation sprinkled with portions of ‘non-fictional information’ mixed-in with ‘fictional information’.

Reference –

Already eyed suspiciously by me are ‘several areas’ within the ‘current 15-page document set’ recently released to general public audiences.

In all fairness to general public audiences, a ‘Preliminary Report’ assessment providing a far more accurate information picture should not be released ‘prematurely’ or by ‘piece-meal’ so-as to prevent unbridled speculation and any other further confusion.


Firstly, it is a ‘fact’ that even the ‘President of the United States of America’ ( ” POTUS ” ) ‘can be officially and legitimately denied access to anything’ if he does not possess the “Need To Know,” which I learned early on in my U.S. government full-time employee position as an “Intelligence Operation Specialist” and I was additionally instructed as a c.I.A. attache what the “official reporting procedures” ‘are’ for ‘anyone’ even ‘attempting to access anything’ who ‘did not possess’ a “Need To Know” where ‘records’ of such would have seen ‘any such individual’ either ‘verbally reprimanded’ and more likely ‘admonished by punishment’ by the U.S. Secretary of the Navy or his subordinate. Hence, an “Admiral,” especially one involved with an “Intelligence” position working at “The Pentagon” knows very well about such ‘obvious pitfalls’.

Therefore, all of the aforementioned facts, immediately places the recent public release of the “15-page document set’ in question, in-addition-to ‘all public verbal claims surrounding private meeting conversations with Admiral Tom Wilson at The Pentagon’ where ‘everything is monitored’ except what is discussed within “anechoic chambered rooms” therein.

Already in dispute is what ‘other people publicly claim about what Admiral Wilson supposedly said’ whereby all of which are ‘contrary to what Admiral Wilson claims’; the latter of which, serves to support the aforementioned ‘full scope of official government procedures’ together with ‘official knowledgeablities’ of such too.


That, having been said as aforementioned, I venture out proverbially on a ‘limb’ solely because of an alternative factor known as ‘human reality’ by discussing ‘alternative possibilities’ that may otherwise serve to reveal far more than anyone’s public claims and / or documents in the public eye to-date by posing questions and suppositions so-as to enhance public knowledgeability. In other words, follow the bouncing balls but do so with caution where even professionals and novice ( alike ) are not always familiar with certain nuances.

What might ‘drive’ or ‘steer’ anyone, especially a high-ranking military soldier in intelligence activities while assigned to The Pentagon, to invite ‘civilians’ there to reveal ‘secrets’? Nothing, unless it was a ‘sanctioned U.S. government operation’.

Otherwise, as only a means to ‘convince such individuals’ they were somehow so ‘highly trusted as civilians’ whom did ‘not’ even possess an official “Need To Know,” and then go on to ‘reveal a bunch of government secrets’ to all of them ‘seated within a standard office setting’?

I don’t even think an idiot could legitimatize such a story to even a comic strip for publication.


There ‘is’ however, a more plausible explanation if the aforementioned scenario were really ‘true’, which would be that ‘all parties were purposed as clearanced individuals’ either ‘not possessing Need To Know’ or ‘possessing Need To Know’, in which case the recent public revelations by the individuals is purely tantamount to an officially sanctioned Press Release’ of ‘propaganda’ in furtherance of misleading enemies of America on yet another wild goose chase and nothing more.

Victor, had his SENSITIVE-SECRET reasons for drawing public attention to himself for what still today remains secret I am personally aware of, and ‘he’ was only a U.S. federal contractor’s ’employee’ so, ‘what type of case situation’ might ‘actually motivate a former U.S. Navy Rear-Admiral involved with Pentagon Intelligence?

The first question, ‘would’ be:

“What possible, as yet untold secret, ‘might’ Admiral Wilson have possessed or been struggling to accept that could have been a leading factor or motive for ‘stepping over the government line’?”

What if … If someone dear to them got swallowed into a government secret blackhole from which they disappeared – never to be heard from or seen again – could such be a motivating factor to ‘attempt to gain access to an arena of government without a Need-To-Know’?”

Such could justify either, more ‘untold secrets’ ( like, Victor’s ) still buried, or – within the ‘transcript story’ ( alone ) that may have only been floated as a ‘more purposeful fiction’ where ‘no such conversation or recording ever took place’; the latter of-which ruse was instrumentally concocted wholly as a ‘disinformational’ ruse – fanning ‘very real flames under only those responsible for someone having disappeared within a government blackhole Program Project from whence they never returned. Now, ‘that scenario’ could very well be the only ‘saving grace’ of this ‘transcript story’ being provided with ‘more realistic legs’ to travel even further, with a:

‘Whatever happened to baby Jane?’ privately secret scenario as a means of ‘getting even’ against, either the ‘government’ or its ‘military industrial complex’ for an even broader spectrum of ‘very similar missing in action ( MIA ) type case situations, which may possibly have actually occurred; but until now, have never before been publicly revealed?

Otherwise, the ‘transcript story’ may be viewed as nothing more than a clandestinely manufactured publicity stunt, using all ‘the usual suspects’; albeit money-grubbers of whom ‘simultaneously publicly admitted to having been ‘read-in years ago’ on this so-called ‘secret recording and transcript story’.

Laughably, was heralded and / or ‘publicly claimed for years to be going on by ‘Disclosure Project figures and figureheads leading what they claimed they were exposing interalia Above Top Secret information supposedly documenting UFO, USAP and ExtraTerrestrial alien activities going on within the government, and profiting from their so-called “Disclosure Project” raking-in millions of dollars from audiences around the world while simultaneously ‘working for the government’.

Such needs to desperately be sussed out, beginning with ‘attorney Michael Hall’; the likely ‘handler’ if this was an Operation being missioned, which preliminarily I believed it ‘was’.

The ‘histories of the clients’, of whom Mike Hall legally represented in courts of law, need to be reviewed.

I usually catch ‘attornies’ as secret “Handlers” ( oath-bound civilian go-betweens used – as a rule of thumb – by The Circus / CIA ) coordinating those they’ve developed a ‘legal client-attorney bond with’ on more clandestine case situations.

The aforementioned research project of mine is a current Work-In-Progress ( WIP ) undertaken for a variety of meaningful purposes on behalf of general public audiences.


In 1968, practicing intelligence began for me ( Paul Collin ) as director of my first research business ( Kentron Intellect Research ) when I was only 16-years old in High School as a junior majoring in Industrial Arts, attending weekend Junior College classes, working 5-nights a week full-time within the McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Center ( Huntington Beach, CA ) performing facility maintenances, and later within Pacific Optical ( El Segundo, CA ) by generating and polishing rose quartz glass optical lenses ( measured for certain accuracies using ‘lightwave’ instruments ) for special camera systems onboard a variety of space-based platforms ( NASA Lunar Excursion Module, and a host of ‘other classifieds’ ).

Three ( 3 ) years later, in 1971, my full-time employment began with the U.S. Air Force, concluding as a Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) attache during the Viet Nam War.

In early 2012, having finally left the global Intelligence Community as a “non-contracted’ “Freelancer,” I began volunteering some ( not, all ) my skillsets involving only ‘research’, ‘analysis’ and ‘special assistance’ reports for Project Camelot audiences.

From within the Greater Los Angeles Area I conduct various private research projects to bring greater knowledgeability for audiences, supporting humanity’s need-to-know what is actually occurring from within the murky world of smoke and mirrors where ‘contractors within government’ hide much away-from and behind the backs of hard-working taxpayers and their family.

My continued volunteer work is made possible only from individual support contribution donations from people like you.

Audience support accelerates my voluntary work results through breakthroughs in the secret world we live in today paving far-better knowledgeability pathways for everyone’s healthier tomorrows.

If you can help please only do-so without economic harm, to yourself or your loved ones, which is important to me.

PLEASE DONATE to the UPI Guy ( Paul Collin ), via either:

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Automobile insurance; and,

Laundry services.

Any financial assistance, is gratefully appreciated by me while volunteering for the Project Camelot audience of people worldwide.

Thank you for showing your direct support by donating as I try my best to basically stay alive to volunteer 7-days a week ( from early morning until late at night ) where such avid interests leaves no time for any luxury ( dining out, entertainment or vacations ) in more than 10-years to-date.

Submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( The UPI Guy, columnist at Project Camelot )

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There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio

No one makes millions from “disclosure” …at least not the witnesses nor the journalists such as myself or others regardless of whether you agree with their conclusions.  In fact we rarely make pennies.  Most whistleblowers die untimely deaths and most disclosures go unnoticed and disgarded.   [Editor-Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot]


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