My reply to an inquiry from the head of a NEWSGROUP ASKING THE FOLLOWING:
The head of the Newsgroup calls himself AKA or Rock Hunter (not his real name)….I think he considers himself an “Astopsychiatrist” see his book on Amazon:
AKAKAKA, Kindle/Amazon   for more about him.  He likes to provoke the readers and do market research among humans.
On Jun 16, 2019, at 6:58 AM, [email protected] wrote:
Imagine you are speech writer for White House and you write the Disclosure speech. How will it read?

My Fellow Americans:

We are not alone in the universe. We share Earth with non-human species which are so far advanced beyond us technologically and militarily that we cannot even estimate.  Some of those species are friendly and some are not but overall the ones who dominate are criminally hostile toward us. We are subjugated if not enslaved.

Don’t worry – Be happy.

Your President

Begin forwarded message:
From: Kerry Cassidy <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: YOUR Disclosure speech
Date: June 16, 2019 at 10:24:39 AM GMT+1
To: AKAKAKA <[email protected]>


Fair enough… 

A few things… Our secret space program has been established since the 1930s and officially since Truman tasked MJ12 with handling the ‘alien situation’….in 1947 as the story goes.
So we (our governments) US and UK, along with Russia and a few others have been making deals with various races some of whom are here (the Anunnaki for example), the Pleiadians (there are different factions) the Raptors, the Draconians (they don’t really do deals), the Reptilians/Snake beings, the various humanoids from Sirius and Lyra and Aldebaran and many more…).  It’s a Galactic community and we are a member… it’s time the Earth’s people grow up and recognize they are not alone and never have been alone to quote the late great Bob Dean.
Because we (our secret gov/secret space program) did some dark deals with for example, the Greys (who serve the highest bidder at any given time) and Nordics, and Reptilians who report to the Draco — we were able to gain access to alien tech since the 30’s with the help of the Nazis and their  friends from Aldebaran (who may be at least partially reptilian) and the Pleiadians, we have developed tech that allows us to stand on our own and with the help of various alliances with these groups, negotiate a somewhat fragile state of Earth sovereignty.  
However, that sovereignty is constantly threatened and infiltrated by alliances that China and her allies have made with Reptilians and possibly others such as spider beings and some other even less appealing factions…. 
The fact is, with the help of our alliances we are keeping the invading species somewhat limited and portal openings (which let in intruder races) to a minimum.  We have space force known as Solar Warden that patrol our solar system (and one could say, that we have alliances and relationships everywhere except as Arthur C. Clarke mentioned, for Europa).  And we are going interstellar when arrangements can be made to terraform various Earthlike planets and rescue large collections of humans some of whom were taken as slaves from Earth by reptilians and others at various junctures.
  • Those humans, it is said, will never be returned to Earth (they know too much) but could live out their lives on other Earth-like planets.
  • The Raptors have a fighting force of humans (approx. 200,000) that they would return to Earth to assist us if our Earth cultures could be brought up to speed soon enough for this to happen.
The fact that Earth herself is not operating as one world with a cohesive sense of unity but rather a highly charged playing field of vicious rival factions who have made their own alliances (based on racial affinity with off-world and inner Earth races going back eons) makes dealing with us problematic.  And the fact that Earth races are largely in the dark as to their true origins and mixed heritage (see the Ashayana Deane Guardian Races VOYAGER books for the truest history of the various wars of worlds and origins known and available at this time for more on this), makes dealing with Earth as a Galactic member even more difficult.
What secrecy of governments and the Illuminati/Luciferian Rebellion (as it is known) has done is keep Earth civilizations at odds with each other so they are weaker and undermined at every turn when attempting to deal with any incursions by the various stronger more united visitors from other galaxies.
Unknown to most on this list, our United Nations (as select few) have been having PLANETARY meetings periodically negotiating treaties at various sites on Earth such as a designated meeting place in Peru and Exeter In the UK among others. On this we have the testimony from Dan Burisch from many years ago as well as the more recent disclosures by Captain Mark Richards for example.
Our representatives to those meetings are not elected needless to say but rather self-appointed by our secret government which is largely run by the Navy and MJ12.  As well as the humans representatives from the Vatican (Luciferian) Reptilians and Anunnaki as well as other lesser known races probably sequestered down in Antarctica.
(One wonders whether the Ant-beings, who are really insectoids (not a friendly group), are not the real source of the name ANT-ARCTICA…)
Where the so-called bird beings represented by Thoth (the Ibis) fit in to the above is unclear and I would not rely for example on Corey Goode/Wilcock for any real evidence or knowledge of this other than perhaps their demonstrated sense of affinity they feel perhaps because in part they are related through DNA… just as I for example am related the Lion beings (as well as a certain faction of the Pleidians from Lyra) and so on.  Bird beings are prevelant on the walls of Egyptian temples and so a lot can be learned from their presence there; Horus (the falcon), Thoth (the Ibis) and others.
Needless to say, most of those on the list would wish to hotly disagree with the above assessment, and many are completely misled and in the dark regarding what Project Camelot has been covering all these years.  And we will easily differ on the veracity of our sources and their information.  But in broad strokes the above approximates the type of overview that is necessary to even begin to have a dialog with each other let alone with “the people” who have been lied to and are so completely programmed and deluded (mostly out of choice)… Because growing up is hard and their focus has been only on themselves as childish beings tend to do … staring at their own complexities looking inward and not outward and seeing their own limitations in order to focus and develop. Dazed and confused by the laws in this sector of polarities.
The fact is, that disclosure as my friend Paladin said recently, is the wrong word.  Exposure is more like it.  It’s not disclosure it’s exposure that we need.  
We need to expose the lies and do it now before it’s too late for the Earth and her peoples…. Because our invaders are not only other races from other galaxies but also the remnants left behind by those races in the form of what we call Artificial Intelligence some far developed over the aeons. And consider the self-chosen manifest destiny or species imperative (for lack of better terminology) of the Artificially Intelligent which may not be what we consider friendly or even willing or able to compromise or negotiate within the confines of our ability to understand them.  While we might be able to negotiate with some AI other AI may be beyond that level and have no intention or motivation for recognizing limitation in any form.
Right now, according to Captain Mark Richards who is at the vanguard of the disclosure to Earth of the realities of the above playing field, we have at least six invading ‘alien AI’ threatening our sovereignty and planet…
Which is in part what makes opening this dialog a worthwhile enterprise.  To limit disclosure to the baby steps that you (AKA/Rock Hunter) would like or to what To the Stars and their cohorts would like, is to further cobble this seeding of humanity with greater impediment than is advisable in my view.  Keep in mind that as our secret space program is now hundreds of years beyond the understanding of most surface Earth populations… leaving a gap between us that makes takeover and infiltration all the more tantalizing and accessible to opportunists from all quarters, including interdimensionals, and inner Earth continents and contingents.
When you look at how to address humanity it is and will be important to realize that you are not only addressing the programmed deluded masses but also the awakened beings among us including the growing contingent of what one might call the X-men and women or Mutants that are already far beyond in understanding and awareness.
One might view the unawakened as having been under a mass hypnosis and sleep. While your efforts to break the news to them will be heard by some, others will ignore it, still others may fight against it and more may simply lose their minds… societies will reshape and reform and humanity will grow.  
In a sense those who are close to the surface of awakening will do so while others may riot and protest.  Life will go on.  
What governments are most concerned with is the rioting in the streets, rebellion of millions and the destruction that may ensue that and saving their own skins in the face of recriminations and calls for retribution for the years of secrecy while so many went hungry, died and suffered while the select few chose to commandeer the implied wealth that high technology brings.  But who will argue should the greening of our deserts, cleansing of our air and oceans result from opening the doors to these other worlds that bring threats and access to undreamt of abundance.  It’s a new world if you can take it as Corso once said.  
Because those that would disclose are much more SERVICE TO SELF they think more about their own skins than the bounty for the world.  They see the freedoms afforded others as a threat to their power over others and this is the reason they wish to hold back and go slow.  It is not because the people can’t handle the truth but because those in positions of power cannot face a world where they do not dictate the terms and control the resources.  But that day is fast approaching.  The awareness of the masses is not nearly the threat that it’s opposite portends.
How about round the clock broadcasts and presentations exposing the truth hidden for decades… daily for a month or more… Let the dialog begin.
And while we are on the subject, your average x-men movie does a far better job at exposing the truth than this nonsensical controlled drip feed sponsored by To the Stars and CIA…

See my comments on the Wilson (not a leak but rather a carefully planned disclosure by the usual suspects at To the Stars Academy courtesy of Puthoff & Crew)….



Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot



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