June 2, 2019

From Sean: I am filing the very last om y legal motions to get me out of here!!

I filed my appeal on May 20th, Pleiadian Solar Alignment day…so maybe it will ascend straight to GOD! They have 30 days to respond, then I have 21 days to respond to THEM. Acting as my own attorney which they let only 1% of people do.

I have six motions that were denied by the 9th CC and I am sending them as WRITS to the SCOTUS…

I’m putting in a motion for COMPASSIONATE RELEASE, as since I have been in the tender care of the BOP my Type 2 diabetes has gone from full blown type 1, my blood pressure is at constant STROKE levels, I’ve lost 2 teeth, and they totally blinded me in my right eye, and won’t even give me glasses for the fading vision in my left.

Also filing a 62.1 to inform the court of all the CRAP the DOJ HID from the judge, and if he would rule the same way if he knew he had been bamboozled. They are going to file one for Melissa as well.

So my paralegals, The COME UNITY TRUST, needs only $500 to finish up the whole kit and kaboodle. My lady paralegal is preggers, popping in August, and needs some baby money, and it is an amazing deal for all the work they are doing…

I have raised $250, and was hoping maybe you could possibly PayPal them maybe $50-$100 as I’m getting some other friends to make up the difference.

Any chance? It would literally save my life…

their PayPal address is:

[email protected]

gotta love people with a PayPal like that…

The receipt is: COME UNITY TRUST, etc.

thank you so much for being my eternal friend and coming to our rescue so many times..




5/10/2019 6:08:34 PM

Synchronicity and UPDATES

(Please Post FAR AND WIDE!)

So on Fridays I try to live in our makeshift exercise room that has two PRE Cores and two treadmills with 2 TVs up on the wall. And for some reason, TODAY, FRIDAY, I had the whole place to myself. I have this radio that switch the sound between the TVs and when there are commercial I hit the button and go to AM to see what Rush or Hannity are bloviating about.

But FRIDAY is the ANCIENT ALIEN marathon ALL DAY on The HITLER CHANNEL…the one with the big ‘H’ in corner…for HITLER. So I have Ancient Aliens one TV and FOX NEWS (also great Science Fiction) on the OTHER….

So from out of the BLUE AA is doing a story on the Feb. 25, 1942, BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES, when a UFO flew over the South Bay and was blasted by 14,000 rounds of ammo, which bounced off the force field around the ship, damaged homes, and that and the LA wide black out killed 14 people.

So, here is a man, who “grew up in Hermosa Beach, California” standing of the beach on 28th street in front of the famous Doheny House, blocks from where I lived for 30 years. “My whole family and I saw the UFO as it stopped and hovered over us on the beach, then it headed for the Redondo Beach Harbor, over Palos Verdes and headed towards Catalina.” It was being followed by fighter planes. They went on to say that they think it was possibly shot down on the other side of Catalina and recovered by the military.

I had done stories on this incident for years, and one of the people I interviewed, who at that time was a young gunnery sargent out of Long Beach, was none other than DeForrest Kelley, Dr. Leonard Bones McCoy on STAR TREK. And he talked about how he “blasted the damn thing with 50 cal rounds…and they bounced off! Damnest thing I ever seen!”

So at the SAME TIME…on the OTHER TV…was a story about graduation at my ALMA MATER THE University of Southern California, and how 43,000 students were now mired in $1.7 TRILLION in student loan debt! and made my heart just jump and sing to see my SCHOOL and my adopted home town all at once.

Meanwhile….I got this letter from the 9th Circuit Court that said, “You didn’t respond to us by May 1, so we are cancelling your appeal! HAHA!” And I flipped out…and I was picking out a a place in this tree to hang myself, and sent outraged emails out to the para legals helping me….only to have PACER checked online to find it was all a MISTAKE, and a sick joke by the 9th CC…and “Sorry! Our BAD! We are STOOOPID! and your appeal is really due on May 20th…”

Last but not least…thanks to the DOJ and the BOP whose only goal in all of this was to destroy me socially, politically, financially and ultimately physically, short of killing me, I will be permanently blind in my right eye and legally blind forever. In my last appointment with a DR. DIAZ he slipped and told me that he had lied and had not even PUT a replacement lens in my eye “because the scar tissue is so bad” (from the BOTCHED operation) “that there is no room for the lens!”

So I started this WITH 20/80 sight, and now thanks to all this “TREATMENT” totally blind in my right eye…with the BOP/DOJ KNOWING that I was defending myself and acting as my own attorney…and all of this to STOP ME!!

So there it is children. This is what they do to Prophets. They cannot allow gods to walk the earth, huh?

All the love and Infinite Blessings

Dr. Sean David Morton
PO BOX 24549
Tucson, AZ, 85734

But I mean WHO ELSE does stuff like this HAPPEN TO??



 2:17 AM

May 1, 2019

From Sean:


Dear Friends and Family,

I am sorry I missed the RADIO BLAST on MONDAY. They never let you KNOW when you have MEDICAL STUFF going on….cuz you might ESCAPE! From…a CAMP. With no bars or fences where you can just walk out to the road. We are rescheduling for later this week….

AND… I desperately need your help…and if you are interested in ACTIVISM, and getting INVOLVED and REALLY PROTESTING AND CHANGING THE WORLD just ONE PERSON AT A TIME…then here is what you can do.

If you have been following my saga…you will know that they performed some massively unnecessary surgeries on me here that last MARCH, 2018. The result was I am now LEGALLY BLIND! The took the vision from my RIGHT EYE. And a second sham of an operation just made it worse. And my left eye has lost 60% vision trying to compensate.

This make me eligible for COMPASSIONATE RELEASE under President Donald Trump’s FIRST STEP and the SECOND CHANCE ACT.

I have written a letter of REQUEST for COMPASSIONATE RELEASE to our Wardeness Barbara Blankensee, and sent copies of the letter to our congressman here in Tucson, and to President Trump and his advisor Kelly Anne Conway.


YOU can FIX THIS injustice and YOU actually HAVE the POWER to GET ME OUT OF HERE! NOW!

I need you to CALL and WRITE or EMAIL all these people…and let them KNOW that you DEMAND the COMPASSIONATE RELEASE of Dr. SEAN-DAVID MORTON #730-55-112.

Here is their info:

101 W. Irvington Rd. #4
Tucson, AZ, 85714
FAX: 202-225-1541

Wardeness Barbara Blankensee
9300 Wilmont Ave.
Tucson, AZ, 85734
Email: tcn/[email protected]

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT and VALUABLE THING that you can do for me! THIS CAN and WILL get me RELEASED from this place once and for all!

Now, more than ever I need your friendship, compassion and ACTION!




Dr. Sean-David Morton,


5/1/2019 6:36:53 PM .  

UPDATES: Congressman Raul M. GRIJALVA

The Warden of ANY facility has the power to let anyone they WANT go whenever they please.

Here in Tucson, AZ…an awful place by the way (like being stuck on MARS)…Congressman Raul M. Grijalva has, as his constituents, the friends and families of nearly 3000 federal prisoners at the USP (US Penitentiary) and the SPC (Satellite Prison Camp)…and then you can toss in the Arizona STATE prisons next door after that.

Well FINALLY outraged constituents are storming the Congressmen’s office demanding to know why no one is being released under the 1st Step and 2nd Chance Acts, signed in December 2018, which became LAW January 1, 2019.

Grijalva claimed he was “unaware” of the crisis situation, as to the Board of Prisons and the DOJ now in clear violation of FEDERAL LAW in not letting prisoners go that are over 60 years old and have served 66% of their sentences, or those with dire medical issue who MUST BE FREED UNDER THE COMPASSIONATE RELEASE section of the act…which would be ME!

The BOP and DOJ are blaming TRUMP now…saying, “Oh, well we haven’t gotten around to obeying the law because of the 60 day government shutdown…” which is a lie and complete and utter DEEP STATE BUREAUCRATIC NONSENSE!

So this is your chance! PLEASE! They are listening to you RIGHT NOW! PLEASE pick up the phone and make a CALL on my behalf, or send a LETTER RAUL MUST ANSWER!

PLEASE see that some JUSTICE is DONE here finally.

Take your pick of offices…and PLEASE say,

“I am calling to enquire about the release of Dr. Sean-David Morton, Inmate #730-55-112, under the Compassionate Release act. What is being done on his behalf?” Then just see what they have to say. All he has to do is call the Wardeness Barbara Blankensee, and SHE can decide to let me go…

All the info:

Rep. Raul M. Grijalva (D)
101 West Irvington Rd. #4
Tucson, AZ, 85714

1412 North Central, Suite B
Avondale, AZ, 85323

POB 4106
Somerton, AZ, 85350

1511 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC, 20515
202-225-1541 (FAX)

Thank you so MUCH! Every action you TAKE builds TREASURE in HEAVEN and ensures you will be all nice and SNUG on the RIGHT SIDE with the FLOCK OF GOD ON JUDGMENT DAY!

Please take the time to make a call and save a life!

Love and Blessings

Dr. Sean-David Morton,
POB 24549
Tucson, AZ, 85734



April 25, 2019

Wardeness Barbara Blankensee
9300 South Wilmot Road
Tucson, Arizona, [89756] UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Email: TCN/[email protected]P.gov. PHONE: 520-663-5000


[All statements will be verified as true by medical records, court documents and doctor’s letters and testimony.)

Dear Wardeness Blankensee,

My name is Dr. Sean-David Morton,Ph.D, Inmate # 730-55-112. I am 60 years of age, born October 1, 1958. I am writing you for the purpose of receiving compassionate release due to the deteriorating condition of my eyes caused by the BOP medical system, leading to blindness, my stroke level high blood pressure and full blown type 1 diabetes.

These have all been the result of inadequate care, outrageous and negligent delays in my medical treatment or flat refusal to treat my conditions. All due to the indifference, neglect and dereliction of the DOJ Board of Prisons medical system here at the Tucson, Arizona Satellite Prison Camp.

Prior to my arrival at the here I was receiving treatment from a specialist for my high blood pressure and Type 1 Diabetes. Also, I was scheduled for major nasal surgery to unblock my sinuses restoring my ability to properly breathe. After waiting years for this on Medicare it was scheduled for April 4th, 2017, but it was the date of my trial and Judge Steven V. Wilson refused to grant an extension for the vital operation.

In March, 2018, I was taken by the B.O.P. to an eye “specialist” named Dr. Columji to repair what he claimed was “macular degeneration” in my right eye, where I already had reasonable vision that still allowed me to read and drive and work on my own legal defense as my own Pro-Per attorney.

This needless and botched operation resulted in TOTAL BLINDNESS in my right eye. In a follow up visit Dr. Columji then told me I would now need a SECOND operation, because he had cut the oxygen to part of the eye, killing it, and to remove a cataract and replace the lens in my eye, which he claims was damaged during the first operation. He said, “This must be done immediately!” For a over a YEAR, from March 2018 to March 2019, nothing happened.

Finally, I went AGAIN to Dr. Columji, who was shocked and dismayed that nothing had been done about the follow up operation. He told me that he would write a “letter of outrage” to the BOP and to the Warden’s office, that this was an EMERGENCY and it was VITAL that I get this secondary operation.

The dereliction and negligence of the BOP has resulted in my being totally blind in my right eye, as the vision in my left eye has deteriorated to now less than 40% to compensate for the blindness in my right eye. I can only read with my left eye in bright sunlight with special glasses. This has been made all the worse by the fact that I am acting Pro Per as my own attorney and it’s made it virtually impossible to provide for my legal defense.

Outrageously, ONE YEAR LATER, in March, 2019, I was finally taken to see Dr. Diaz, the specialist who was to perform the secondary operation, to fix what was botched the first time, to remove my cataract and replace the lens in my eye. He said that the BOP had forced me to “wait too long”, for this secondary operation, and that he was “not hopeful”.

Dr. Diaz performed the secondary operation on March 27, 2019. It was the same day as Inmate Ron Morgan who was with me here at the SPC, who had the same operation done to him, and was given compassionate release. Whereas, I am still totally blind in my right eye and still incarcerated.

In a follow-up at Dr. Diaz office a month later in April, 2019, I was told by a Dr. Flores, “when you crush your arm, we can reconstruct it, but it will never be quite the same. Your eye has been crushed due to not having the follow up operation in time.” And that I would never regain the vision I had BEFORE THESE NEEDLESS OPERATIONS! Also that I would need yet another operation to fix what was botched the first 2 times. Nothing has been done about this or scheduled.

In conclusion: I’m totally blind in my right eye, seeing only light and color, and rapidly losing sight steadily in my left eye. It also means, thanks to the BOP, I will never be able again to drive a car or ride a motorcycle or have a normal life ever again.

On top of all this, due to lack of proper diet, nutrition and health supplements, my blood pressure, for which I was hospitalized upon my arrest on January 27, 2016, and my Type 1 diabetes are now totally out of control. The medication and shots I am given here are not helping treat either of them at all. I have no feeling in either of my feet, and my hands are going numb. The doctor here said that if I do not get out of here for proper treatment that “amputation of your feet is inevitable.”

I was seen once by a doctor when I first got to the SPC in October, 2017, who said I badly needed the nasal operation I was scheduled for back in April 2017. That was the last I heard of it. She claimed to have scheduled MRIs and a series of tests, which were subsequently ignored.

All this are compelling circumstances which could not have been foreseen by Judge Steven V. Wilson at the time of sentencing. But then I was also denied representation and an attorney by Judge Wilson for the sentencing phase of my trial for no reason whatsoever, therefore, illegally, NOTHING was considered, much less medical issues.

I was sentenced to 72 months from August 17, 2017. I am non-violent, do not smoke, drink and have never used drugs of any kind. This was my first offence, not even traffic violations. I am not a danger to anyone, nor have I EVER been. For what I was accused the prosecutor stated there were “no victims and no monetary loss to anyone”. My sentencing report states that I was being used “as a deterrent and example to anyone that would question the voluntary income tax system of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” I protested I have never done this, and for which there was not a shred of evidence. As I am over 60 years old, under the current 2nd Chance Act Sentencing guidelines, by my calculations, I would be eligible for a Half Way House, Home Confinement or supervised release in December of this year, 2019.

But I pray, Wardeness Blankensee, you will see that because of my fame as an international radio talk show host, best-selling author, TV investigative journalist and public figure, that I am a political prisoner here that is being unjustly punished solely for his social and political beliefs. In fact I was given MORE time for simply protesting my innocence!

Since I am acting Pro-Per, as my own attorney it has become virtually impossible to provide for my own defense, as I am now legally blind. BOP counselors and case managers are required by law to offer me “all assistance necessary.” I’ve received NONE WHATSOEVER. In fact they’ve acted to impede my defense at every step. Under the 6th Amendment I am entitled to “Counsel of my choice”, since there were no B.A.R. Attorneys in 1789, I am using paralegals to assist me, who are part of a licensed legal group. Since they are “NOT LAWYERS” I have been denied use of the Fax, or telephones or the use of the conference room for even 30 minutes so I can call and contact my counsel in private. Even my request for 520 minutes of phone time, up from 300 minutes, now required under the 2nd Chance Act, which I would pay for, has also been denied.

My prayer and hope is to receive a reduction of sentence to time served so that I may go back on Medicare immediately upon release, see the specialists I MUST see to save what little eyesight I have left, and hold off the chronic degeneration of all my other conditions as well. It will also allow me to provide for my own defense upon appeal.

All this presents an overwhelming case for the commutation of my sentence to time served and my compassionate release to “supervised release”, as being blinded and crippled by the actions and INACTION of the entire BOP medical system constitutes, under any definition, cruel and unusual punishment and grounds to grant this case of compassionate release.

Thank you for your valuable time and kind consideration in this vital matter.

Yours truly,

Dr. Sean-David Morton, Ph.D
Inmate #730-55-112


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