From: Eddie Page 
Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2018 7:17:53 AM
Subject: MADID FIELD REPORT/10-2018

  Hello everyone, hope your week has been a great one and much is happening. As most know, I was on a field trip for which I was invited to attend, Never turn down any field work, especially if it is close to home. I went to New Madrid Missouri Tuesday and got back last night. It was very enlightening and disturbing also as I saw things that I wished I could say is a bad dream in some way, but I can’t and I shall share what I did see and the facts we are reviewing at this time. First I wish to thank The University of Memphis and Tennessee for allowing me to par-take in this investigation. It was cold Thursday night, and the food was ok, if you like eating hamburgers four days in a row, nearest restaurant was some 50 miles away, so we had to settle for local greasy spoon near Wyatt’s Missouri. I wish to thank the several people we met in the area that have told us some very interesting stories and Doug, for taking us up in his private airplane so we could survey the area and some great pictures of the Mississippi River basin area.

  Some might ask, well, you have been involved with Yellowstone, why such a trip to New Madrid? Simply, things in Madid are connected to Yellowstone and the North American Plate slippage, and I live about 125 miles from as the crow flies. So we are now seeing several things take place there and are connected to other fault lines and we did agree on one things, Yellowstone could very likely trigger New Madrid. So some might ask, “What is happening in the middle of the United States right now”? But what is very interesting these last four months as we are told by locals, thousands of birds have just fell out of the sky in and around the areas of Madrid, Paducah Kentucky and portions of Blytheville Arkansas. No explanation has been given. Fish are also washing up on shore in many lakes , streams, and parts of the River itself, again, no suitable explanation given. But we did see a report from the University of Memphis which said the oxygen content is way below normal for fish to survive. I say, New Madrid is alive and well and it shaping up for a larger than life quake, just like Yellowstone is alive also. But the news and various media outlets do very little actual reports on it at this time. Reasoning is very well noted by most in the research and those who are in charge to protect others. As I have said for a very long time, these people are playing with millions of lives.

  With the world shaking and rattling everywhere, volcanos going off regularly, many things are effected by Yellowstone, the shifting of the Continental plate as we know it as, New Madrid is much larger than San Andreas, but if this event takes place as we are saying about Yellowstone, it will wipe out this nation as a whole, no doubt about it, but it will effect the entire globe also. New Madrid covers the areas of western Tennessee, Central to eastern Arkansas, Central and lower Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi and Ohio Valley region, and a large portion of Kentucky. There are other faults that are connected here also and the domino effect as I call it, could very likely trigger other areas to, we had a very good discussion over this and we are split on some of the ideas we shared with each other. As I explained to the various teams there, my idea might sound crazy to some, but it holds a lot of water and the past records verify much of it. The rattling’s of a 7.5 super quake or larger, with the static chimes of the quake, sends shock waves across to already fragile areas and can and will start another quake. Many agreed on this and as I said, the past records do verify It, but it will have to be a very large one. Funny, the USGS and Siesmotoligist stated that they believe the next one at Madrid could be as large as an 8.3 to 8.5.

  If the quake zone erupts, it will be devastating as the official stated, well no joke, it will be very bad for the surrounding areas and especially the people that live in the surrounding areas, which is some 7 million people, that is taking into account the cities and communities. Places like Memphis Tennessee will crumble fast and areas as far west as Oklahoma City will be affected, places as that of Louisville’s Kentucky will feel it, St. Louis Missouri, will feel it, and as far east as Washington DC, and as far away southward as that of Orlando Florida, we are all in agreement on this. WOW, The discussion is very exact I think! But I also think the population count is much larger than they are saying. With the recent events in Madrid since the start of the year, there have been over 500 noted quakes there according to the USGS and University of Memphis. The reason why they are paying attention to it closely, as they are also with Yellowstone. We can look at records from central Arkansas and a 3.8 quake, felt in coastal Indiana and roads cracked in places. It was also felt in Madison Wisconsin, parts of Ohio and Kentucky as I said. But five hours before the quakes took place, the Arkansas town of Beebe reported that there were some 4000 red wing birds falling out of the sky,, and then on 12/20/2017, another quake shook near Dyersburg Tennessee, and on 1/1/2018, another quake took its place in the records books some 4 miles north of New Madrid itself and felt by local residents, that one was only a 2.1. Records tell as very grave story if one wishes to look at them, things are shaping up there also as the rattling of Yellowstone.

  We have been told that there have been record number of dead birds showing up around the area of Paducah Kentucky as there have been in the areas of Couppe Parish Louisiana, so where is the connection and what could be causing this? Many theories abound, but I have one that they could not brush off lightly as my domino effect. It is very well known that in the seismic areas, electrical static charges are noted by seismographs and people have seen and photographed lightning orbs coming from the ground, and sometimes mistakenly identified as UFO’s. Reasoning we say this openly is, records in some cases show some type of seismic activity taking place during the time of some of these sightings. But most of these orbs stay close to the ground, so if someone sees something some several thousands feet in the air, not from seismic activity, probably a UFO. Just had to throw that in so people will know the difference and most do, but I am a scientist and I wish for people to be very knowledgeable on these things. So the static rising effects of electricity could very well being the reasoning why some of these birds are falling from the sky, but not definitive studies have been done to verify this as fact or fiction, but I can say with confidence, it is not quakes weapons unless someone buried some 10K tons of TNT underground some 5-12 miles deep and exploded it. But in the minds of a small few, they think this is the cause, along with weather weapons, but I can safely say, you may never change these peoples minds, and that saddens me, they will most likely not make it in such event.

  New Madrid is raising eyebrows, these events are increasing as noted, but unfortunately, the public is not being told the whole story or the facts, no surprise there I should say. Unfortunately, this is not any form of exaggeration either. The Siesmotoligist are talking among themselves and a new bias is borne. But here is something that some might not know, and I hope my trust with them is not tainted now. But how many remember the 2010 BP oil spill? Jack Reed, a retired geologist, for Texaco, wrote an article as I was told from the conversations, that the Gulf of Mexico is tectonically connected to New Madrid and what happens there will affect the areas we have already mentioned. BP oil drilled into the deep well areas and brought up huge pockets of methane gas and oil streamed from it as we all know, and the outcome was not pretty, either way, one looks at it. This well is also connected to the Caribbean ridge and another active fault line, connected to Madrid. Not to mention, the caldera that sits some 100 miles below the surface and this magma chamber as we have said, is connected to Yellowstone. So here is my domino effect possibility, and if one goes off, the others will surely follow, pied the piper. The unimaginable will take place and the loss of life will be unfathomable to the nation as a whole. The cost will be into the high billions, maybe reek over into a trillion dollars. This now is coming from the USGS, you will not ever hear that on the evening news.

  The University of Memphis says this from one of their reports, I have not read it, but from word of mouth. That if a 7.7 quakes erupts in Madrid, they expect 1.7 million fatalities, and another 1.8 million injured in some form, and over 7 million homeless. I can relate to this in another way. Reading the newspaper last night, the casualty count from Hurricane Michael was at 34 dead, some 8200 injured from various degrees, and some estimates say that there are 1.3 million now without homes. That is from a cat 4 storm now, Most were given warning and most took it to heart to get the hell out of the area, but with an earthquake, there will be little to no warning when it happens. But the signatures of an impending quake are there, just like the signs of Yellowstone is doing. But we have some who make these outrageous videos and make them so as scientific facts of quake weapons, weather weapons and never no evidence, I am not talking about what some conspiracy theorist put out there and the general John Q public are naïve to think this is real, but the scientific evidence that says what is taking place. At least, when I was on YouTube, I did show the hardcore facts of what was being seen, and told. Those who watched our videos remember the FEMA money signature audit? I said I could go to jail for that, maybe that is why YouTube took it down, talking to much on the real issues, not some hooky issues of these weather and quake weapons. And to safely say, the FEMA represented there told us his colleagues out west are saying that Yellowstone is imminent, it will happen. So I don’t feel you as my close friends are being fooled when I share these reports and findings, they as the locals maybe even in the darkness that is hiding the truth.

  Right now as we speak, the global quake and volcano issues has risen some 30% since 2001, all along the ring of fire. So to think this will not happen is surely being naïve. Such an event will wipe out the American way of life, the economy will be gone, what we take for granted everyday, will be gone. The University of Memphis is being quite on it also, the all mighty gag order placed in it’s place, speak openly and we will fire you, possibly indict you and put you in jail, and take away your millions of dollars in government grants.  Also on source is speaking out some, but not enough, Dr. Geraldine Ruth from the University of Indiana and Dr. Bob Lindsey of the Missouri Geological Survey. Funny, they are saying the very same thing I am at this time. Quoting from others who are creditable sources. So weather weapons, and what else is thrown into the pile of non-proven facts, is nonsense, but then I have some, well only three people at this time who say this is nonsense, I often wonder what they will say when their homes or loved ones are gone, will they still say this is nonsense? That is yet to be seen.

  Sharing what I do know with these people, saying that I still hold true to the facts, what will take place in Alaska will trigger the Cascadia-Juan de Fuca subduction zone, and trip the brittle magma chamber in Yellowstone, Looks like everything is against any type of solution of saving what we hold dear in this nation. I often wonder who and what will come to our rescue? But most also know that most will not see it also, judgment has been passed and if one still thinks this is nonsense, best be prepared for this nonsense, cause it is going to happen and the whole world is going to witness it. I hope that the eyes and ears of these people are wide open, because there will not be anytime to point fingers or make ones next absurd video claim. I may sound rude, or even poking fun at these people, which I am, but they are not making things better, and when I talk to these fellow scientists and they tell me, that don’t speak to much about certain reports, such as that if ISR 214, I could get in big trouble, and Dr. Geraldine Ruth was shocked that I mentioned it to her, and that FEMA has placed this as a level 5 event. Well, you guys who watched the video saw it and what it said. NOW, who is shocked?

  But here is what else I saw, the various places on the Mississippi River where barges cannot navigate is in many places without water, and a bridge that connects Dyersburg Tennessee with Blytheville Arkansas is closed, sinking, parts of the roadway has collapsed in areas. I did take many pictures of it and I will share them with you, just send an email to my address and I shall let you see what I saw. Here is one for you to chew on, while I was there, Wednesday, 10/17/2018..there were several small quakes in and around New Madrid, Avondale Springs Tennessee had a 1.4 and a 2.1, and never feeling them, but they were recorded, the depth was about 8.3 and 12.4Km deep. But the seismic monitors did in facts note them. Another sign of something is shaping up, OR? Someone knew I was there in the area and directed a quake weapon at me? Go figure…Some funny stuff if that is what you believe? Flying in the air Thursday with Doug Haskell and his Piper Avenger prop plane, we got to fly over the river in many places and witnessed them first hand. I took several pictures from the air and many places as we have said, one can actually walk across the river into Missouri from Tennessee without ever getting wet. It is just dry as a bone, the river surely is going dry. Commercial activity is almost stopped in much of this area, it has since 2016 as we were told.

  Just 12.3 miles from Dyersburg Tennessee, the massive crack has been found, and I also got to see it from the air, in places, one could drop a locomotive in it and never touch the sides, we were not allowed to go to the area and view it, but it is personally there and I did get some pictures. Sinkholes are being found in the surrounding areas and some people are going to eventually have to be moved out of the area. This we were told by the locals who we visited. But here is another record that I must note, on April 26th, 2016, a small quake was noted in the Gulf of Mexico near Mexico’s eastern shores, but then on May 6th, a 4.6 was noted and recorded and felt in many places again, this time only 21 miles south of where the 2010 BP oil spill took place. USGS event ID number was #1000 dzd…Texas geological record. There you go, watching these various signs and the reasoning behind all of them, surely gives one a preview of what could be sooner than later, a major seismic event coming. As I mentioned, the Mississippi River is so shallow in places, we saw what is a small rapid type waterway where not even a small john boat could navigate. The water rolled southward as expected, but the deepest Delph we saw and was told is about 7 to 8 feet deep in the parts where we stood. Thursday, I was standing some 100 yards off the banks of the mighty river, and no water there, nothing but dry land. It has been like this for about a year now. And the media, will not touch this as anything on their news reports, but they surely will tell B/S on the latest crap taking place in areas of politics, or let’s see what we can create new about our President that have nothing of concerns with the one who are going to be affected.

  And near the break and the state line between Kentucky and Tennessee, a CSX-Northern Southern railroad line, the tracks in places have shifted so much, that rail traffic has been either shut down or deferred to another route. Some pictures of that also. Locals do tell me that they at times hear the loud popping or boom sounds in the area and no one can figure them out. If anyone has noted this in other reports from the past, the very same things is witnessed also, and then a large quake occurs. The connection is the tectonic plate moving underneath the surface. We did not get any gas readings there, but as we were told, several pockets of methane has been noted bubbling out the points of the river and some lakes in the region. I did get a picture of one such area near Dyersburg. I would love to see these readings and compare them to Yellowstone. But I shall say this, they are treating this as if national security is involved, and in some way, it is if you think about it. What is FEMA-DHS-and the general public going to do and first responders, how will they get into the areas we are watching? Roads, buildings, equipment, and the masses are going to be permanently shut down. The one FEMA rep there, said this surely could be a level 5 event once it happens. I asked her, isn’t it already a level 5 event, it just hasn’t happen? She looked somewhat stunned by my question. Especially after I told her I had read a ISR 214 reports and saying the level was raised to that of 5. You guys saw it on my youtube video, such secrecy it is almost criminal in nature.

  With the fish kills being witnessed around the world, especially in Florida from 2 months ago, I would like to see what the biologist finds are and compare them as one. It might be interesting to see the connections and what we are saying is again scientifically proven. But with my beliefs, I do not see them sharing anything, especially where science is being used. So we are like most, we are waiting for the inevitable to take place and then we won’t have to worry about the science data being told to the public. There will not be nothing to know of, and here is what is very interesting also. One asked us at dinner last night over a fourth cup of coffee, what is our thinking on this alleged planetary system that is supposedly coming this way? I didn’t answer the question for one, but the scientist from Memphis said openly and never batted an eye, it is real, and most likely the reasoning why we are seeing so much seismic activity. I almost choked on my coffee when he said this. You could have heard a fly sneeze. The fine PhD also said, that not much is being told in this country, and much that is on the internet, is false claims, but it is coming this way and many world leaders are very well aware of it. I love to share info and data as much as I can, but it was here that I stayed silent and listen, and the things that were noted, truly amazing.

  I spent four days there, and saw, learned a ton of information, some I already knew, but to see and witness the things I have been saying for so long come to fruition, surely a time one never passes up. When I do go out in the field, I take no computer with me, I turn off my phone, and do things the old fashion way, notepad, several pens, and my camera, I have said for years, a picture is worth a thousand words. Plus I don’t have the time to the txt messages that come, and spending time on the PC, I can do that once I am back. And this morning, I have 312 emails, I will answer them as I get to them, I wanted to finish this for all my friends. I guess that is all I have to say at this time, and I shall keep you posted as I get them, and may love and kindness abound each and everyone of you. Enjoy your weekend and will talk to you soon. If you would like to see the pictures I have, email me and I surely will send you them, give me a few days to take them off my camera, I haven’t done that yet, but will, for now, my little monster Hercules and I are headed to get some Big Ed’s Bar BQ and then come back to the home, and rest. I am a little tired, but tomorrow is race day, might just get lazy and take Sunday off also and relax…Much love to all and be watchful…Eddie Page














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