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From: Kerry Cassidy <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Mark Richards Interview
Date: October 11, 2018 at 12:40:29 PM PDT
To: Eddie Page <[email protected]>
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Thanks for your email.  It seems you misunderstood a few things I said.  It is helpful to look at my Notes on my website page with the Interview Nine with Mark Richards to clarify anything you missed in the video.
That page with he written notes is here:
I will reply to sections of your email below since it is quite a mixture….
Please note I will not post any of what appear to be quarrels and disagreements you have with individuals as that is not appropriate for dialogue related to the space program and secret government etc.  So when I post this I will remove those names and sections…
SEE MY REPLIES BELOW.which will show up in sections as black (your statements are in blue). It should maintain that form when I hit send hopefully!


On Oct 11, 2018, at 10:40 AM, Eddie Page <[email protected]> wrote:
  Hello to everyone today, and hope all is doing great. I pray hard for those effected by this unprecedented hurricane Michael. The destruction is terrible and to think, there are some who actually think weather weapons have been used here? So sad that many do not understand what causes them and how the energy fields of earths magnetics work to create them and fuels them. I did explain it to all and most now have a better understanding of events taking place in the world. It is the Geothermal reversal as I also showed that written information and data to you Kerry, you didn’t post it?  
I will go through my emails from you.  I don’t recall this info…


But that is not the reason why I post today, I am not going to talk specifically on weather anomalies, earthquakes, weapons of mass destruction, but the latest interview Kerry Cassidy has done with Mark Richards on Project Camelot. Funny, I seem to be giving her a plug for her show, well if I am, allow me to give a plug for my book which hasn’t even been out a week, and it has a five star rating and has sold a bunch. I thank JP Rolls for all he did, excellent I would say and I have had some several emails from people saying how good it is and a very touching and enlightening piece of work. But then, I did watch the video she put out on the subject and much of my information I have given to her was placed into the big question arena again.
I am glad your book is now out.  Please send me a link to where people can buy it.


  For one, [REMOVED]  who openly called me a liar,

I do not know [REMOVED] and will not post this info on your blog which appears to be a personal attack on her.

  But then I have some new data and some things that Kerry is not aware of and maybe, maybe not, Mark doesn’t know about either. Lets see where this bird flies to. Kerry Cassidy and her show is a great show, never will I say anything bad toward her or her show, but I have given Kerry the facts, the truth, and never went and hidden myself from anyone. But then, I don’t need to show a thing to anyone, but I have, and I do it free of charge, WOW, what an idea, something so great, and it is free. But I looked at the blog from her show, and I saw many asking her, when is Eddie Page coming back to your show, where is Eddie, we would love for you to have him back. It is true Kerry, look at the very ones, such as NAMES REMOVED and several others.
I am not sure there is any new info available from you…. (Aside from your brief reference below to the “Andros Island facility”).  But you mention nothing other than the name and the question of what do they do there.  This is not enough INFO to make a show on.


But then, I don’t know Mark Richards, but I do know some of the things that are being told are true, and some can be easily clarified, that is what I am going to do, and I have a great secret to share with you also Kerry, one that I have never heard you talk about, since you have sources, and never mention your sources like I do. But before I share the secret with you Kerry, lets address the items that you were telling others when you went to the prison he is being held at.
  He has been found guilty and sentenced accordingly by the state of California. He is serving a life sentence as it is noted. But then, President Trump might pardon him very soon? From your sources as you said, but then he is still working for Admiral Bobby Inman? One if he holds a higher than what most would ever know about security clearance, people like the admiral would have had him by request from the Pentagon to move him to a federal prison where they could watch him closely. OR=OR, Trump would just outright pardon him and then place him in a safe house under lock and key. But that is not the case is it now? I bet, from my sources, that Admiral Inman doesn’t even know him? I don’t know, haven’t asked, but I could if it concerned me.  But one of your sources Kerry does talk to me and says that he has lied to you, and some of your bloggers say the very same thing. I don’t know, It is not in my arena of research.
Sarcasm is not really useful in this situation.  You have your sources I have mine.  Believe who you choose.  It’s what discernment is all about.


But your sources must think and believe in me to contact me and tell me what is being said and going on. Then this one person who you were going to interview, but backed out at the last minute, reasoning why, afraid he would commit a felony and be placed under arrest. That could be very true, somethings are very well noted about this fear. One, those who are in the intelligence community ALL take an OATH of secrecy and to defend the nation from foreign and domestic enemies alike. But on the case of Mark Richards, he might be looking at it as a different point now, he has nothing to loose, so sing like a bird.
Actually, Mark does not “sing like a bird” in spite of his being in prison.  His info is vetted by the people he reports to…  It doesn’t matter whether you believe his info or not.  It’s your choice.


  But the secret space program is not to secret since I told you all about the facts when it started and who finally knew it was completed and things brought here to help mankind in his endeavors of protecting himself from these terrible Draco’s. And again Kerry, I am not a Draco or under some form of mind control as you have stated.  But I did allow the agency in the 80’s to control my mind, it was called then RV, remote viewing and it was done under laboratory study. It was also called total regression in which I shared things with them from what ever they wished to know. I know your sources told you first hand about this, they surely did, but you seem to have forgotten all about that. That is ok, we all forget things at times, well some of us do, But I don’t and I do take notes for reasoning this reply is being noted today.
Not sure what you are referring to here.  Yes you have been regressed by JILES HAMILTON.   And yes you said you have allowed yourself to be mind controlled.  If you say it was for the purpose of RV that’s ok but I have no sources on this other than you and what is available about your early regressions on the internet.


I have  not even told you yet about the great secret that you have failed to ask this Mark person about, and he has never mentioned it since he was in the Navy as he say’s. I am holding that for a moment here, and then I shall drop the bomb on the subject we are addressing. So be patient my dear friend.
  I must watch myself so the sun doesn’t effect my consciousness here on earth? ? So funny at the things people think and what they think they know. Right Marrisa, and the other hound dogs who track my every move? What is this man going to do next, what is he going to say, reveal to us, he is a shape shifting Draco. OMG…How funny, but I have proven to you that I am a Pleiadian, and what and where I came from, but funny I think, Mark could spend 10 minutes with me and tell you if I was real or not? REALLY? Can tell if I am under mind control by looking into my eyes? And I never said that our Father was from Venus as you said on your show, Not once did I say that, Frank Stranges said that, I only corrected the facts as I surely know from where he is from and where we are all from,
Well I never said you said “your father” was from Venus.  The early testimony from the Pleiadians and Thor was that they were from Venus.  You corrected that record and Mark also agrees on this.


and Mark has no idea about the 33 children? And yet, he said that our Father came here with three other women, how does he remember that then, if he can’t even know that there are 33 of us here?
Mark did not say Thor came here with 3 other women.  He said he was aware of 3 Pleiadians in total who came to Earth back in those days.  One was a woman he met.  The other two were Thor and another person no mention on whether that was a man or woman… for a total of 3 Pleiadians.


If he is this high up security military person, he would have known about the Aquarius children then as it is still known today.
Mark was and is a Captain in the Secret Space Program.  Flying missions off planet for many years.  Much of his info about his missions are available in his writings here on his website maintained by Jo Ann Richards, his wife. It is called Earth Defense Headquarters:


They know where we are all at and what we say openly. But they don’t come any where near us, they are truly been warned about such events they wish they could control. And the Illuminati are running scared Kerry. Don’t ever think they are scared, they fear very little, to include us.  There is a war taking place, but a moon destroyed in the Orion belt? WOW, why wasn’t I and my siblings aware of this? This would have been right in my ally to participate in? I hate it when a party takes place and I am not invited. Sounds to absurd in my thinking that this took place, doesn’t it to you?
You are again using sarcasm here which is unnecessary.  However, it is entirely possible that you are not aware of much that is going on both on and off the planet.  It happens.


But then, many of your viewers are ‘FLAT EARTHERS”…great comedy there, I often wonder what Roy D. Mercer might think of all of this?

My viewers are many and varied and while some may think Flat Earth theory has merit I am quite sure many do not.

  But you have a many who are seeing this for what it is, calling this man Mark a liar, look at your blog Kerry and see the replies that come forth…NAMES REMOVED? All are saying he is B/S the people, but then, I do have some like that also. But like water, it rolls off of me,
It is not necessary to name viewers.  What people think is their choice.


Right Ari, keep watching here and you might learn something? But then, that is yet to be seen. I do address the many questions asked of me and I give straight and honest answers to those who wish to know. Might look at the various people who are asking and never getting a reply. And your a tough cookie as I have said, and I like you Kerry Cassidy, but your journalistic skills are wavering some if you are ignoring these people who are asking these tough questions, maybe you don’t have the answers they are seeking, or your scared to answer them?
I answer questions all the time.  Most shows have a live Q&A portion.  I also answer email questions when I have time.  If there is a burning question they should ask me.  If I have time I will answer.  But keep In mind I have many of my own PRESENTATIONS that I have done on Youtube and at conferences that are filmed and available on my Youtube Channel under the PLAYLIST called FOCUS ON KERRY.
And another one called Kerry’s Updates:
Most all questions anyone can think of are answered there from my point of view.  I also write hundreds of ARTICLES stating my views on my website:
So if people want to know what I think about things they have LOTS of info to choose from.  I am also interviewed BY MANY JOURNALISTS AND RADIO SHOWS  and those are too numerous to mention and are available in places like Jimmy Church and others.


I don’t know, it is your show, not mine. Then there was this man named ‘THE MOORE SHOW’, HE ASKED YOU SEVERAL TIMES ON THE BLOG/VIDEO TO ADDRESS CERTAIN ITEMS OF INTEREST AND YOU HAVEN’T I GUESS? Caps purposely so you do not miss them.

I was INTERVIEWED by Kevin Moore a while ago and here is the video link for people to view:

Kevin Moore interviews Kerry Cassidy all about the secret space program, whistleblower testimony and more….
I have also made a public statement here:


And I have spoken with Kevin on the phone and shared my views on his proposed documentary project.  
  Well here is the big secret Kerry I have been saving for you. If Mark Richards was the best source of your information, of all your whistle blowers, the great big deep throat as you called him, then why hasn’t he mentioned the Andros Island facility, you have never mentioned it to him, or maybe you don’t know what goes on  there for starters, why the base is located where it is at? Who controls it to this very day? Mmmmmmm…strange don’t you think? I know and who and what goes on there. Not from second, and third handed news sources, but those who do go there often. The center of the so called secret space program. I guess you don’t know about that now do you?
These comments about Andros Island Facility are very general and may or may not be true.  


Might wish to learn more on the subject, ask Mark if he was involved there, since he is telling you about the secret space program, if that is a fact, then he surely has to know what and who goes on there? There is your proof Kerry, and since Project Camelot is about whistle blowers, giving the world the facts and truth first hand, then he surely has inside knowledge first hand about the events and things that take place there. What sort of military base it is, and why do they call it the Atlantic’s Area 51?
I will ask him about it next time I interview him.


I love the secrets I give to you, many things you don’t know and some of your guest don’t know either. But then, that doesn’t make them bad people, or liars either, right Marrisa, M, B, Ari? I will ride this pony for a while as you might know and see. No vendetta or vengeance here, don’t need to stoop to that level, but I do remind some about the facts and that I know what they did, or tried to do. I call them out, and yet, I forgive them, for greed and deception is the norm for todays world. I think you would agree to that.
  Then who is this Corossan Hoover? Might wish to look into this person, saying he knows the facts about the things Mark is saying. And he seems to be challenging what you are saying and what Mark is saying. Might cross over all concerns and not just one point either. It is called reality research.
(C. Hoover) is a murderer.  His claims about Mark are false.  He was granted parole for talking to Kevin Moore and bad mouthing Mark, so you do the math.  Is he a person of merit worth listening to?


Just like the lady asking me where I got my schooling from? I gave you that first hand did I not? But sadly to say, you have asked me several things to verify more and I gladly showed you. My school records like much of others things are well hidden inside the governments files, Mark Richards would know that better than anyone would he not? If he is telling you the facts, I surely have and proved everything that you have asked for. Your sources who checked me out surely found that out first hand did they not?
I have no sources on you Eddie.  Mark Richards is the only person who has given me any info about you and that is now public.


Maybe they forgot to tell you that part of the equation. I don’t know, only they would know, but my sources and yours to be included have informed me about the very things I have shown you and not only told you, but proven to you. WOW, funny how that works out for some, but others do their very best to distort the data given, they fail too. I am not questioning this Mark person, just that he is not telling you the complete story,
I have now 9 interviews with him.  I suggest you watch them all.  He has disclosed to me and world far more than any other source I have… not the complete story but then it’s a very big story.  We are all living it.
Here are the links to all 9 of my interviews conducted over the past 4 or  5 years.


I just know things Kerry, wish to learn the truth, and the facts? I have walked the walk and I can surely talk the talk. Nothing is hidden from you or anyone else for that matter. I have serious credibility that follows me and you know it, I have shown and proven the data first hand. But I don’t waist my time on the ones who slander, say things that holds no water, or these 5G dimensional people, flat earthers, or the ones who think they have shattered the matrix? I stick to my non-sense as you call it…Biblical data and facts. The truth that has been with mankind since the time of MOSES.
There is much to question about your testimony.  I like you too Eddie.  I believe you believe everything you say.  There are things however you are not aware of…


Now here is more information that you might need to understand and I do hope you shall share this with your next visit with Mark. Does he know about the four murders that are within prophecy? The words of the evil forces that are here, again, foretold in the Biblical records. You will eventually live as a fugitive for just thinking about what we are talking about here.
Four murders?  What 4 murders?  There are murders every day on Planet Earth.


Crises draw closer to the final judgement and it is around the globe. And yet, we see the multiple churches that spring up every day, and the false hoods these so called men of GOD proclaim, only lining their own wallets and bank accounts. They don’t ever seem to worry about their own safety. Maybe Mark if he is what he is saying, might just need to start worrying about his own life, if they wish to get someone, no prison, or bunker will stope them, maybe to know the enemy and their tactics is the way we all survive. And maybe also to know who we are and myself speaking, is something that might save you some day soon. But I did in fact tell you who we were from the start, and especially myself. What in this world do I need to hide or be deceptive for starters? I don’t need to for one and secondly, I am here to help, protect, and that is to include people like those I have mentioned. I often hear their rhythmic breathing as they are so excited to proclaim their dimensional ideas to others, it is almost like they are having an orgasmic spasm. Wonder if they will feel the same way once they do find out they have been lied to? And all this cult beliefs were purposely place to a very gullible society?
  And then, the facts of the quakes and these storms, what is creating them and factors involved, most to some is like reading uncryptic craziness. They just do not know the facts or wish to know them, lets say this or that and we are all good to go, But when someone like myself does come along, present the truth and the scientific facts to the world, OMG, they cannot handle it and that’s is when the name calling, and all the deception takes shape. As I have said many times over in the past, everyone wishes to know the truth, until someone speaks it. I also say, you are either the solution, or the problem. But then, do you realize the facts of this cosmic war taking place, who the players are, and then to say, Am I a Pleiadian, or an Anunnaki? WOW oh Wow girl friend, that is surely hard to understand from you to ask that on your own blog.
I have stated that in my view you are an Anunnaki warrior.


And Mark Richards, and some of your other guest, where is their proof of what they say? But then, I also use to get a forward notice from you when you posted a video or a blog for what ever reasoning there might have to be. I don’t get that now, and yet, I did subscribe to your channel.
Not sure what notice you are not getting.  If you subscribed to my Youtube Channel they notify everyone whenever I go live or post a video automatically.  I have no control over that.  If you don’t get notifications maybe it’s turned off or blocked in your email.  Or those who surveil you are messing with you.  I know they mess with me constantly.
Added note:  I also suggest subscribing to my Twitter and Facebook accounts as I post there daily!


I guess me being accused of being a Draco, you couldn’t take a chance anymore on me. But you do find time to make pun’s toward what ever I do say. You have defended me for some reasoning, but then, you have also fell short of actually saying, he is the real deal.
See above for my statement which I have said before.  You are the one who called yourself an Anunnaki Warrior.  You also call yourself a Pleiadian.  As for whether you are “the real deal”. … there are problems with your testimony.  I believe you believe what you say.  And I do think you are also a Pleiadian.  Real deal?  Well you are wrong on some things.


This is not 3G or 5G or some other merneva ship hijacker, but the real thing, no aledged saying on my part, but from your very own sources themselves. You see, your sources also talk to me as I have admitted. It is funny how that works out for all of us, does it not? Ever get a chance, ask Ray Wardle, I am sure he could tell you something very strange that happen to him in 1993. He is lucky I was in a good mood that day.

Not sure what “sources” you are referring to.  They are not infallible regardless of who they are.  They can easily be lying to you and wrong or just plain paid by the alphabet agencies so beware.



  And then, they, who ever they are, have conceded Africa to the Draconian’s and the raptors are helping mankind. Sounds like a very bad B movie script.
Yes well being alive on Planet Earth is like a B movie script and more!!


You know as good as anyone, the facts taking place there also. Africa or South America or any where has been conceded to these evil and vile beings. And the satellites that went down, didn’t I tell you that this was going to happen? AND YET, THE PLEIADIANS GAVE WHO THE CODES AND RESTARTED SOME BACK UP? NOPE, THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN, AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WHEN THEY ALL GO DOWN ECCEPT THE ONES NEEDED BY US TO COMMUNICATE WITH OTHERS WHO WE HAVE SELECTED?
You also stated in my interview the satellites were taken offline…If you disagree with whether the Pleiadians gave the codes (as Simon Parkes and Mark Richards both say) then maybe you don’t know anything about it.  You are not in the loop on everything.  After all, you know nothing about CHEMTRAILS, WEATHER WARS, HAARP and many other things….


And Mark to say that there are 12 Zelia Black birds here on Earth, but he cannot remember anything about the 33 children of Aquarius?
No reason why he would know about the 33 children deal with Vatican and CIA… He has been in prison for over 30 years.  He doesn’t know everything!  Neither do you!


Kerry, you can’t play both ends of the candle, you will eventually get burned. Catch my drift there? Sure you do, you’re a very smart lady. Not by me, but from others who might just be using you for their own gain, and you are to them, nothing but a small pawn in a much bigger cog of wheels that are turning. But then, you like so many others in the past, searched me out, I never did turn you away did I?
  We talk among many around the world, and some in our own unique dialect way, and never allowing others to know what we are saying, simply, we are at war. You and I are surely “Persona NON Grata”, You might wish to be the cosmopolitan journalist, but I again am who I am, a real carrier of the sacred Holy Red Cross, a Enmuduraki Mechelzedek Warrior. You ask for one of your listeners once on your show, was I a Knights Templar, and I showed you the data? And I also said who my brothers are and this sisters of our own sibling race. I also have said that my brothers will talk to you when the time is right, but you called Michael a coward? MMM, lucky for you, he is like me, we have to have a sense of humor or there would not be any human race left, to include you.
Yes, I see them as cowards for not coming forward to support you publicly.  Are they under orders to be silent from the CIA?


But you never ask about my other brother, Ben el Joshua, he is the silent one at this time, and he is not happy about a thing that is going on. Wonder why that is so? Look, they took his teachings and distorted them into the religion we see misguiding others. 

Ben el Joshua?  I assume you are referring to one we call “Jesus”.   What is there to ask that has not already been asked or written.  Much distortion..  See the VOYAGER BOOKS by Ashayana Deane for more on the real Jesus…. Apparently, there were 2 and then the lies in the Bible compositing them into one man.  But then, unfortunately, you believe everything you read in the Bible.  A book full of lies.  And yes, some truth.

I do have a lot of preacher friends and they come to me for council, and they leave away far better than they arrived, another known fact. Maybe you should start taking some of this into consideration for future events for you own knowledge. It is a foregone conclusion, things are going to take a turn for the worse soon, and where will you be once it all comes to fruition?
  This is more a discussion than an announcement. Carefully selected words on my part for your listeners and the ones who do understand that this is not nonsense. There is a global community out there that wish to hear what we have to say, but the truth will always be challenged for their own argument, they do not know. They don’t wish to know, and the earth is flat, sound about right, the fine people in Vatican City use to burn people at the stake for not believing it, just because the church of Rome said so.
I did 3 interviews with you.  And have posted many of your writings to your blog (along with this one).  Whether you are correct about the future remains to be seen.  It matters little to me what “preacher friends” you have.


I would hate to see that I gave to you the facts and truth, and you called it nonsense and suddenly you are not around again, vanished, poof, gone like a whisper of silent smoke. And just because you thought this was all foolish non-sense. That is the sad part, we do truly care for humanity and especially you. Be watchful as I have warned you, you are being watched because you have had me on your viewers show and have witnessed many things, eventually they shall feel that you know way too much and then, your gone. It will not be the raptors or these dragon moth people, whoever that might be? Could be the Energizer Bunny for all we know, but then, there are evil forces out there that you have not a clue of what they are capable of. Be watchful, and to know, I am on your side, after all, you are human right? Might wish to address that to your listeners.   I have seen in the past, that some think you’re a draconian shapeshifter. Funny, we are called all sort of things that no one can ever prove otherwise, now can they?

I have been called many things.  People lie and are deceived everywhere.  They can believe what they want to believe.


  I shall close for here, and ask the serious questions to this Mark fellow, lets see what he does know and what he is really willing to reveal. That is yet to be seen. Remember this my dear friend, I am on your side and I am loyal to those who I have selected. Even those who tried so foolishly to discredit me, and they failed as they knew they would. I know who they were and before they ever attempted such stupidity, I do have loyal contacts also and they are with me tooth and nail. They know who I am and have witnessed, they do it out of love for others. Might be time you and I have a really great talk, no holds barred and prepare yourself for a greater awakening…Much love to you and your family always…Eddie/Abiel

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