THE FOLLOWIJNG IS EDDIE PAGE’S REPLY to my post of 9.24.18 entitled Notes 9.23.18.  See the link below for my post.

On Sep 25, 2018, at 4:41 AM, Eddie Page  wrote:

   I read your letter to me this morning. I have not never been in any cohort, mind control or what ever one wishes to call it, and name calling, that is for children. I have not engaged in any deception and the voice on the interview, if that is what you would like to call it, is not Victoria’s.  And I have clarified the facts about Bernie and Maggie, and most likely this Ari character. I have also given you the truth and never did I contact you for having me on your show, but I do read the remarks and people in this type of field of knowledge if that is what one can call it, are always back biting and that is the case and you to be a investigative journalist, should very well know this. The letter from Jay also shows that he was being hacked and Bernie Hahn does that often. It is why his Computer went down in flames. The facts also on the Project Aquarius site is the book cover, not the name. She had her site taken down yesterday as soon as it came back up because Jay and Myself contacted the face Book security browser and showed the evidence of the copywrite. They did the right thing, don’t you think?
  I stayed with these people for 7 months at their request to get the book together. I saw way more than I wished to, the only reason I stayed that long, because Jay was working his butt off on it. Maggie has been untruthful about many things and you can say what you wish about me, but my evidence speaks for itself. I also see that you are not very familiar with the Pleiadian cultures and history as many might think.  All the UFO wanna b’s these so called spiritualist, and these ones who say they are the high priestess and from the council, attention gathers as I have also seen this first hand. No one knows us better than us, and we have been very private for years, and you know what, might just stay that way and let humanity find out the hard way. I didn’t call trump personally about being an anti-Christ, I said he could be and things are not going as most would think it should or would.  I don’t have orgasm’s like some over this man, and the political schemes in this country has gone over board. That is surely self evident as we see things of great division do we not? And we shall see more to come. It is not going to be pretty.
  For the memory that doesn’t fail me, Maggie was paid by me $400 a month and I bought food for that house hold when I first got there, many times afterwards also. Since Maggie or anyone else cooks in that house, they ate out mostly, and the delivery orders from pizza places. So her memory surely has failed her it does seem. She is so strung out on drugs and her hype to what she can get, money wise from what ever she sticks her unwanted nose in. So I guess that rules out some or any type of PSTD don’t you think on my part? My actions have always been to the point and never pull any punches, I don’t see any good in humanity, simply a bunch of sheeple who follow what ever they think they can survive with or from. Never looking at the facts and the events that took place in 1957-High Bridge New Jersey, we were there and do know what was said and what would take place in the future. And my views are simple and has never been complicated, but then, what has anyone done to help openly give to others. If I was in this for the money, I would have taken money for many times over when I did talk at these events and I have been invited in the past, but I never went because of this sort of ideology that swirls around these things. People who are talking the spirituality avenues that have no credible evidence, no matter what they or you might say, they are the reason I refused to go, I stuck my self in the field of archeology mostly and searched for the facts and I have found many. I have shared those with you.
  I have nothing to say nice nor stop ignoring the data I get and the facts that are given to me by very concerning people, there are many who are preaching falsehoods and you very well know this to be a fact. But then if people and like yourself don’t think this stuff about Yellowstone, California is doomed, then that is your choice, but then didn’t I say I stick to the evidence? I do have many avenues of disciplines that I follow and have over the course of many years. I do not need to explain this to anyone, but why should I be just like the ones who are behind this? Those at FEMA, the USGS, and many more? I have stuck by you for the simple reason, I liked you and thought that you were giving the truth out there. OH, simply said don’t you think? I could go on a tangent and call all this non-sense like you have in the past, but then, I did stay the course. I ask you this Kerry Cassidy, where is anyone’s evidence and proof of these things that we all have mentioned, the future eruption of the caldera, the planetary system coming this way, the facts of Our Father, these aledged nonsense prophecies and a punishing GOD? Your very words, no body gets it and attempts to discredit me, my siblings, we don’t play their games nor anyone else, especially where the CIA is concern. Have you indulged yourself in this nations political system, have you watched the players over the course of the last 30 years, the corruption, the sexual scandals, the murders taken place, oh I could mention names, but why should I? Someone would make some absurd comment and then the ball rolls another way and gathers up the dust of the very ones I have mentioned. You included.
  The world is full of Ari Kopel’s, Maggie and Bernie Hahn’s, and more wicked than you could ever imagine, If I have called anyone a name, then I might be guilty of that, because I have called them names such as, LIARS, ASS;S, SOOTHSAYERS, TROLLS, MONEY GRABBERS, you get the picture. But I also will remind you this, Wendelle Stevens checked me out years ago when I was asked to come to the International UFO convention in 1994-95, and there is your facts.  Robert Dean talked to me many times over, and my friend who also shied away from all of us, Stanton Friedman knew all of us, to include Barbara Lamb. Funny, they are the ones out there making the big bucks are they not. I see they don’t beg for money to take lavish trips to speak, or spin something upon the public. But they make a small fortune at their selling of books and DVD’s etc. I wonder if this letter to you will be posted on your blog? After all, your own words said, only something that is important for the people to know! Frankly, my time is valuable and many things I do daily to watch and take notes. I could simply say the names of the many people who are very loving and caring to others, I don’t need to do that, but it was funny, 342 friends request from this shattering the matrix crowd who left at a drop of the hat, they all told me they only went there because I was there talking, but then I said I would expose something to them did I not? I exposed this Ari person and Maggie got taken along with her, and she to say this person Victoria, could never call me by name, but Mr. P. And then the very ones I have mentioned, come out with fangs showing and to TRY to discredit me. I laugh at them, because others have tried in the past, and ALL failed, and slithered away into some dark corner. And for you to say, that I was not that knowledgeable about things as the illuminati, Lady, my dear friend as I shall call you. I have lived it, I have walked the very paths from ancient times, and seen much.
  Jay Rolls, and many like him were in the dark at one time, but he is like many others, they have seen and witness the truths, and the ships, our crafts, and like many others also, have witnessed them close and personal. Can I prove this? I certainly can and yet, why should I entertain that idea for anyone? Even you, I said that another Phoenix like event will take place soon, and I have several who shall be there to witness, but then someone will say, OMG, it is photo shopped, or that is Hollywood stunts. Why should I waste my times on others like the very women I have mentioned? I don’t and will not be caught up in this darken mass called humanity. Many are surely doomed and you could surely be doing the best that one would expect. NO I don’t need to call anyone any vulgar names, and I haven’t other than what I have admitted to you. You are correct on that, it gets no one anywhere. I do not create havoc, I sidestep it and move forward as I have always done.
  Then this secret space program, I gave you the facts about it and it surely was not any secret, it is that some just now found out about it and Trump to mentioned he was creating a secret military space program. He never created nothing of the such, It was President Reagan who implicated the facts and start up as we see it today. That is why I have said what I have said about Trump. Again, I don’t have orgasm over this man, something about him is not right and has never been. But the flock comes in droves to hear this man and praise him. Might be the starting point of the end, just maybe my memory is showing itself again. But I say this, my coffee is great and the lite rains is soothing this morning. I am at peace with myself and not worrying about the world. My friend, the mystery lady is here and has been a real trooper and some have now talked to her. She doesn’t need the limelight as she has stated, neither do I, but since I am talking and sharing things to others, I guess I shall continue. My mission is not over yet, and more is to come.
 It is kind of like what MY BROTHER MICHAEL said to me yesterday, Maggie, Ari, are jealous, because here comes all these women asking and sharing many things with me, and then Maggie was afraid I would get hooked up with someone, what the HELL? But she is trying to protect me from these evil women, LOL, ?, she can’t even help herself and she is trying to protect me, from what? I am loyal, trustworthy, and dedicated to my self and those who I choose to aligned with, but some cannot say that and look me in the eyes now can they? I am grown and know exactly what is right, what I say is true, and what I do is not for myself, but for others. Can some say that? Be honest with themselves and say they love humanity? Mmmm???? The jury is out on that one. I have many sayings I use and here is just another one for you Kerry…As any jury and court of law, the evidence speaks for itself, it either convicts, or it equites. Simple enough don’t you think? So I might be selective at what I do wish to share with you these coming days, but my time is now getting precious and who ever this woman is named or going by Victoria, you were simply duked into whatever scheme this other person named Ari tried to achieve, she surely failed miserably though. You know what is so funny here Kerry, this Crystal lady who lives outside of Scottsdale Arizona, said a prayer before they made this video, but Ari had her on one of her videos and this woman cussed like a sailor, it was F this and F that, Ari said to me herself, this Crystal was heavy on drugs herself, and yet, they are helping humanity, walk into the light, receive the spiritual blessings from the council, the light beings wish for all that is love…reminds me of Bernie Hahn, the father wants us to know this, the Father wishes for us to do that, but he calls others with C…WORD, or throws out the F…Word because he is mad, apples don’t fall far from the tree does it not? And to think, I was there to help those people, saddens me to think of their grand idea that I would become like them in some way?
  So Kerry, for me to sit and talk on your show again, It has to be something that is going to help others for the days that are coming, maybe you should have Ari on your show and ask her the things that she has nothing of a clue about. She after all did say to me, she was the high priestess from the galactic light council, and she was here to assist me and my other siblings. You’re the tough investigative journalist, go after her as you have tried to go after me on some occasions, and you know that is true, but funny, you could never catch me in anything of deception or lies now did you? You said yourself, The facts are correct. Must be something that is true then, don’t you think? Ask Ari what she knows about “THERMO ECLUSIONS, SIESMIC SHIFTS, VERTRILS SMOKERS, MAGMA FLOWS, VIRRANNAHS, HOW THEY OPERATE, WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? Ask her WHAT SHE KNOWS ABOUT PROPHECIES, AND THE SUMARIANS DIALECT, WHAT THE ANCIENTS WERE WARNING MANKIND ABOUT? Ask her anything that she deceivingly stated to know. Lets see what her reply is, and show her true ignorance. She can’t and wont and you most likely would not entertain that idea now would you?
  Your letter was long this morning and I shall not send it to others for them to see that you have shifted again, you do that often as I have witnessed, but you have been on my side in the past. What side are you going to stick with now, one can not have it both ways, either you are the solution, or you’re the problem. You are either on the right of judgment or you are on the side that is to be judged. I have only been a friend and a trustworthy one at that, but then you don’t believe that California will sink into the ocean either, but then, I could be that MYSTERIUS DRACO AS SOMEONE SAID? LOL so funny to hear that, I try and do in most cases find humor in this type of stuff others say. But then my IQ doesn’t allow me to venture into those realms, maybe I don’t have the higher dimension that the Pleiadians have, what do you call it, the 5th, 6th, 7th-dimensional beings? LOL again, much humor there again. I do have time to laugh at these people who say that. But then the Bible is so full of nonsense, funny, you don’t think this is nonsense as you have said before? Maybe you ought to interview Jay Rolls, he surely will enlighten you to many things. But then, your Project Camelot is to show the facts of whistle blowers is it not. I am not whistle blowing a thing, I have lived it first hand and still do today. What can others say about this? Nothing, because they live in a fantasy world with no evidence or proof. But you call the bible non-sense, and even ask me one time, not to use the Bible in our talk. Seems your somewhat scared about this Bible non-sense. It is surely accurate in many cases, but then, you have not studied it like I have and know none of the facts within its pages. That is ok, many don’t know it as they proclaim, they follow what some stuffed preacher says and never understanding that these preachers are one source of falsehoods also. I say this, they follow all the wrong gods home do they not. So Kerry, when are you going to get your $54 million dollar jet? Sorry, I was thinking outside of the box. It is funny still. ?
  I shall close for that one so I don’t ruffle your feathers to much, but when all these things do come to fruition, remember who told you first about them. Who gave you the warning first and gave you the exact data first before the American public knew it. Remember it was I who said these things would come to past and to think, It was given by things of non-sense within the Bible writings. After all, I do like you and your source of information of being a investigative reporter. Take care and contact me when ever you wish. I have real work to do and to think, people do ask for my opinion on things that are going to take humanity out. I hope that you come to se that these events are shaping up right before your eyes as we speak. Funny don’t you think? Much love to you again and your family. You might even consider interviewing Roy D, Mercer instead of this Ari character…It would surely be funny…Till then…AH SIKIAH JEH’ NIKOLAH.  That is our dialect by the way, maybe your next interview with a Pleiadian, ask them if they could translate for you and your listeners…Abiel Abaddonius…AKA, Eddie Page
To watch the statement by Victoria go here:
Note:  at the end of the video she does mention Eddie (Mr. P) by his full name, Eddie Page.
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