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From: Eddie Page 
Date: September 20, 2018 at 11:18:03 AM PDT

  Hello Kerry, hope all is well for you this day. I am slammed as you could expect, but I was invited this morning to give my opinion on the show you did 9-12-2018…Deborah Tavares. I have some data that I know to be exact and accurate as you shall see. I would like to share this not only with you, but you may forward it to her if you wish. I am not disputing her, she is correct on many things, but here is what she has not mentioned, and if she has, I have missed it. But anyway, here is what we know to be factual.
  Hurricane Florence came ashore as a cat 2, not a 5 as I first stated, that is ok, weather is like earth quakes, no one can accurately predict them. But when the hurricane first came off Africa, a Tropical depression, the eaters it was headed for was much warmer than the other locations southwardly. This would be the fuel needed to make this a major storm system. I am not a meteorologist by no means, but one of my contacts, we will know him only by Scott at NOOA said this could very well turn into something of a disaster, and it did, but why he said that was the water temps were higher on the storms path and could very well come into a cat5 soon. At one point it was only a click away from that cat 5 status. Why were the waters in the Atlantic so warm? One, noted by Wood Hole Oceanic research in Massettussuites, said that the waters were showing strange signs from the Caribbean currents that could not be understood. I stated last year that the Russians had discovered that an underground heating system was showing signs of unidentified heat signatures in the Gulf of Mexico, it was all connected to Yellowstone’s caldera. Now this has been said by the geologist at Woods Hole and NOOA to be a fact.
  The hurricane was fueled and roared upon the east coast of the Carolinas as we saw by way of the media. Yesterday, ABC news reported that 13.5K pigs died and another 1 million chickens dies as a result of Florence, based on the farm report of this location, the place was simply flooded by river rises and waters from storm surges. But they were not artificially created as she said, at least I see no evidence on the contrary. Now the climate changes and the syops she mentioned, is a fact and she is correct on much of this data, but it has been purposely release to the general public and nothing to say on this by higher ups other than what we see. But the genocide program is not to the publics eye or viewing as we know to be a fact, we know it as the REX 84 AGENDA…Yes there is things on the net that talk about it, but the true nature of this is not privy to public viewing, I myself had a hard time getting the precise copies that I need to read and understand this in its fullness. But she might see that some of this has been released by the United Nations to the public, and it concerns the people of this nation. I showed it openly when I had my YouTube channel, but it went to the wayside. I shall keep them who think they control the situation in the dark and wonder what I am up too.
  The mentioning of what the CCAP and their agendas were doing is nothing hidden, by it surely is deceiving as you and Deborah know. They are getting their orders from the ones from DHs who are controlled by the REX 84/United Nations who in which are controlled by the great people of Vatican City. Simply how can I say that with out any substantial proof? Simply that Deborah said it, the Rothchild’s and the Soros clan. You call them the illuminati, we all know they exist and what their purpose is, and they never tried in anyway to hide it from the world now have they? I say that the CCAP is a false flag, because they think by building a sea wall some ten feet high, even higher will stop the waters, OMG…They were wrong in the first meetings, and they will always be wrong no matter how many meetings they have. They lie to the public and Deborah has pointed this out. They know this as anyone should be able to see right through this mess they are spilling upon the people of California, it surely is global still, because the world is under the control by the very ones we all have exposed.
  I have stressed to the people that live on the coast lines are going to fail as we are seeing, I have stated this many timed over. All connected to seismic distress and activity. You said on one of your shows just a few days ago that you didn’t believe that this would happen, even Deborah said it on the 12th that it would, I am saying this again. California will not sink, your words, (9-18-2018)…I wish you were right here, and I still do, but if and when these things come to pass, starting in Alaska, this is when these events will center on the west coast and much of the Pacific basin will fracture and as the video I sent you of Michael Scallias predictions and his map stated, I am in agreement with him. YOU TUBE VIDEO…FUTURE MAP OF NORTH AMERICA…5:46 LONG. I encourage everyone to watch this. He is very accurate on it and so is the people at NOOA and FEMA.
  As Deborah said about the storm surges, tidal risings, the shifting of the tectonic plates, we can see the evidence right now in San Francisco area as buildings are moving toward the west, into the Pacific and no one is giving creditable evidence to why. Here is the deception as we have said in the past. They know as well as anyone, the seismic monitors are showing the shifting sand and erosion of coastal plains and due to seismic activity. Many high rises are leaning and the engineers are trying to prop them up, they as we know will fail. Then I also posted on one of the late you tube videos about the fracturing of the east coast and the seismic expenditures noted by the same people that Deborah mentioned. Sea walls, will not ever survive and who brain child could that have been? This CCAP under the guide lines of FEMA, DHS, they are the red flags I mentioned. People should see this as it really is.  Look at the 2011 earthquake that rocked japan, and the great sea wall there that boats of great size went over, so do they think they have a better idea? That wall in Japan was over 20 feet in height. Nothing will ever stop the fury of the raging waters once they come ashore, not even the mountains.
  Then she started mentioning the facts concerning Nigeria in Africa, I showed you the pictures of the massive cracks happening there now, and the continent is separating. But it is not only in Nigeria, how about Somalia, Botswana, South Africa, over near the west coast of Africa, multiple places as we have showed. This is a global event taking place. We have pictures from India, Australia, and the ones here in the United States. It is GLOBAL. NOW ON THE ISSUES OF NOOAS BLACK OPS? NASA’s war plan as we have seen this and especially where it mentions “BLAST WAVE ACCELARATORS WEAPONS”. Many do not understand that these weapons are still under the classification of R&D. but some are in production. But since we are on the subject and She mentioned that Page 59-BLACK WAVE ACCELERATOR WEAPONS, she surely must have read the facts of the following.
PAGE 101…CIRCA 2025
  Much of this confers with the REX 84 agenda I have told many about, but we hear other things that are shooting from the hip. I like to say this, most are wanting the truth, until someone speaks the truth. And to think that many things are taking place and I ask you this, what will you do when California starts to sink, it fades into obscurity, and there is nothing left? I wish I am wrong here as many things I wish I didn’t see or have to talk about, but I cannot turn my back away from what I do see and know is taking place within our own time frames and knowledge. I think Deborah is a great witness to many things we are saying here, and kudos to her, but then there are other things going on and some do not have the understanding or the knowledge to understand them, doesn’t make them a bad person, it only means we must come together as one and help others out the best we know how. Much of this information is well hidden within government directives. Such is one I am looking at right now, it is called the “PRESIDENTIAL POLICY-CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY AND RESILIENCE…DIRECTIVE PPD-21” . It is aligned with agenda 21, which falls under the REX 84 agenda controlled by the United Nations.
  I shall close here for now, this is a massive data of information that not many on your show have talked about. I told you, I understand many things better than you give me credit for. My knowledge goes way beyond the normal teachings of the said researchers. They are good, but we have to be better and to know what and who is doing what. I do not have time to answer the soothsayers and others who troll, they will find out the hard way. But you have a huge following Kerry and these people are also asking me many questions on multiple issues, fastly the Shattering the Matrix crowd have listen and seen the facts concerning the many things I said and now they are seeing it for themselves, that is why they have came to ask me and leaving the Matrix, many told me they never thought that this woman was correct on many things, and many are now also subscribing to your Project Camelot, they know where the answer now lie, and that is a testament to you and your hard tact asking’s. Much love to you and all your subscribers, I shall get back to these quake graphs and readings that I have today. We will stay InTouch and my hats off to Deborah Tavares. Eddie Page, who is not a DRACO by the way…LOL on that one…?

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