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Many theories abound out in the scientific world where earthquakes and volcanos are a concern, and this is another one I am placing right in there with others. Reasoning why I am doing this because I saw that several of Project Camelot’s viewers are also watching my videos and have asked this or that, or they saw this on YouTube, or some science show. It is real, or is this another example of fake news? So many questions and answering them is sometimes easy, but other times, they don’t make sense just because of the non-evidence we see openly shoved into the spotlight. So I do have many theories about things and as most know I do use the references of the Bible to verify or aligned the data together. This shall not be any different. But if it is factual and I say it is, many might be years ahead smarter to know what we are seeing as scientist and relevance beings of concernment to this world.


  Most if not all know about the swarm of quakes that hit Alaska these past several days, much of them took place and started around Friday-8-24-2018. Many situated from the Aleutian Island chain into the mainland  and some caused damage, no injuries or reported deaths, that is a good thing, but then this is the first of this action as there were several at over 6 magnitude and once the intensity got stronger, officials sent out a Tsunami warning till 10:30 pm/pst on Saturday. Thankfully none came and reasoning for this? Simple, many of these quakes that became large tremors were situated deep in the mantles of the Earth. One was reported at 472.7 miles deep, and plus the shock of such a wave carries much more energy than one thinks. I stayed up for 41 hours until these large quakes subsided, but that was my choice and watched as they moved the energy to the top, sideways, and rumbled into the other parts of the world through the rotation of the earth. There is where my theory will start. But again, I do see these things and I warned many about the actions that soon will befall mankind.


  So I have many things tied into this data and this now came from many sources and I shall keep again many names silent because I am not going to get anyone fired from their job or position. I hope some will understand this first and foremost. But the mystery booms being recorded around the world is now in the news and most recent ones were heard in Pennsylvania and especially Gatesville Texas. Loud sounds as that of trumpets playing and sonic wave being recorded by air temperature instruments used mainly for weather documentation. Yet no one can explain it with reasonable certainty to what is the cause. Again allow me to say this to everyone, I am not a religious person, and yet still, I know the Bible as good as anyone. This is much science within the ancient teachings and as the verse of Romans 15:4 …THINGS FROM THE PAST, IS TO TEACH US. Well many answers are surely there and not what some preacher might say. That is where I separate myself from theological understandings to what My Father said to all of us.


  When the earths fractured tectonic plates move below ground, and they are shifting either east=west, north or south, slipping under one another, they create a seismic grinding and the energy surely has to go somewhere, and it does, we then shall see the earthquakes as that of the ones in Alaska these last several days of great rates=rector scale. The deep ones are serious ones and yet they are very deep. If it’s a 6.3 quakes as that of Friday in Alaska had been under 20 miles deep, It would have been most likely a rating of 8 or greater, and there would have been major damage and fatalities. Heat and water escaping deep within the earths mantle caused these quakes as we are now in agreement. I don’t think you shall hear that on your news networks. In fact, Friday night, all the major news networks were reporting them as they have been trained, some even stated that no tsunami warnings were given, which either they forgot to report this, or they just lied, you be the judge. But the fact on the USGS site surely had it posted and myself and colleagues heard it first before it was posted. Since June-2018 to now, over 11,000 quakes have been reported in the central and North American Peninsula. Over 11K and 167 have been over 4,5 and another 28 have been 6.0 or larger, with only 11 at 8 or greater…USGS data.


  The rupture are the trumpets one will see in the Book of Revelations now. When John the Revelator wrote the pages of the final chapter, he was visited by the angel of the Lord, and it took him three years to complete this warning. As the records state. I can’t say that with certainty, but that is what is told in many schools and preaching. So let’s go with that so most will be on the same page. So he wrote this knowledge down on the Island of Patmos, that we are sure of from other ancient Greek times and he wrote the seven trumpets and the woes of man in there. He described what he witnessed in his days as what he saw, and witnessed at the time. They didn’t know about tectonic strains, nor patterns of the cycles and the cleansing of Gaia…Mother Earth. But they did know things as many witnessed these events first hand and also knew about them from the people who brought these messages to them, I shall not call them aliens, but visitors like us and revealed themselves to them, “LIKE US” ? We again do not have to prove this and we won’t, and yet we have. With that said…


  These systems of quakes are working in cycles and things can be elevated to a higher fracturing rate as most might not know about, and manipulated, and then they are exactly what I have said, I am the one who started this, the seals of cleansing, but there is one left and then cleansing starts. If you look in the Book of Revelations and see the system of the opening of seals…REVELATIONS 6, AND THROUGH CHAPTERS 10, much reading there if you wish, and you can see these events as they will unfold. But if you see the science in them, that is why I have used the biblical records for all these years, and they warn us, they tell us of love, pain, good, evil, and laws for mankind as ONE…how surely to live. I shall not get into a sermon here, but the laws were given to mankind for a reason, and where has he as ONE taken it? What has mankind even done AS ONE? Think about that for one moment.


  But then as we look at these quakes, and the warning has been given, The big one is soon to come and it will destroy the entire west coast…published 8-25-2018…Sebastian kettley-geologist. Here he was not only saying this openly and showing the facts and data as I am here, when this came out The huge quakes in Alaska were already ringing loud and clear. It is not a mere coincidence and I say, he surely had great timing on his reports and these quakes. I have to laugh at this somewhat, his timing was perfect and the side effects were perfect. The USGS are saying that a soon to come 8.0 or greater will soon hit the west coast of California, but everyone has heard that before, California is going to fall off into the Pacific? Well it looks just like that at this time it is surely shaping up to occur. Maybe we are seeing another fact of the Biblical data come to light in many places, the trumpets sounding, the strange orbs seen across the nation, and people get more violent in their nature? But is it just in California? OMG…No and lets see what is taking place down in Mexico.


  Some will think, why should that be my problem since I live in New York or Alabama? Because everyone is in this great boat called Gaia. 8-14-2018, strange sounds and booms were heard by the local people of Laguna de Chakonbacon, eastern Mexico I believe, forest/jungle areas and swampy waters loaded with crocodiles, and many species of fish. Loud booms as others have heard in other parts of the world, and then on the morning of 8-21-2018, the swamp is surely drained and everything has vanished overnight. Data and pictures can be seen in the various sites at this time. I haven’t looked at the data, but to see what I have said to you, one just has to search and find, and then you will witness. So what cause it? Simple, the large quakes in South America-Iberia Peru quake that was 7.1 as told by the USGS, was some 479.1 miles deep, and it rattled towns and destroyed several buildings, ranging into the facts of Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil. The aftershocks were felt for days afterward. But if it had been some 200 miles less, that very same quake would had been registered at over 9.5, maybe greater. The earth moved and the plates of the Pacific ridge moved and shifted north, the fractures moved and then cracks were noted in the Baja and Gulf of California. The next day, 8-21-2018, the large 7.3 registered in Columbia. The swamp drained overnight, this is not what Trump might be thinking, I did say it will not be drained, it will be buried. I don’t wish to write another book here, but this is tied into the data and it is long, and I think most will appreciate that there is a team here that is keeping you posted as we get this data and send it out, the media surely is hush on this.


  So what caused this one quake, or should we be asking what is the causing of all these worldwide events and to throw volcanos in there as the added news? It is what is known as “DECOMPRESSION MAGMA FLOW”, simply that deep in Earths mantle is expanding and the heat is rushing to the top. Transition zones with the rising magma will cause the rise and eventual eruption and fracturing of land masses. So we see the swamp in Mexico disappear, and we see many fractured cracks in the southwest, and places like Africa, Middle East, Iran, and India, where is the news on this, why are they not telling this to the people and why am I so upset with someone challenging this data? I speak for others and see these things first hand, people lives are at stake here. That is why I get upset, and I saw also that many subscribers were upset also and voiced their opinions on it. Thank you for defending what is true and correct, There is hope for humanity maybe, just maybe? Yet Thomas Jordan and Dr. Lucy Jones/California USGS say the very same thing, and they are concurring with this new data, Kerry, you blogged this in your web page and the data speaks for itself.  But that was only the current data she and others reported, reasoning why, it is all they had at the time and yet, like the media, much has not been revealed…YET! But now you will see the rest of this story and the data as It is now being presented for the very first time. I shall call this the “BLACK STAR-or=WORMWOOD”. AAH, might I have your attention now? Why doesn’t NASA talk about this? They have already admitted they found a ninth planet, and they have admitted that there are several rouge planets floating around the universe. I have shown this openly and yet, no one has knocked on my door as of yet.


  My theory now comes full circle. Wormwood in the Bible, Revelations 8:11…THE NAME OF THE STAR IS WORMWOOD. Did you see the very signature word here, “STAR”? That is specific and data old, but data new. I have hardcore evidence again to verify what I am saying here. So follow me closely, if you have to read this several times, then do it, allow this to filter into your mind and this is not going to be told the way I am going to say it by any church or minister. Wormwood/Nibiru/Planet X…We shall call it the Dark Star as it was known in ancient times. One has to look at the testaments from eons pass and see that this star was mentioned and when it was, terrible things took place. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sea levels rose, people perished. Land masses moved. Funny, we are seeing this at this very moment…August 22nd, 2018, Dabbahu Africa, a huge 6.8 quakes took place in Ethiopia and the very next day, a fissure opened up in the desert there and the release of several deadly gases as such hydronsulfide-H2S-.71%…Carbon dioxide-CO2-.65%…Sulphur Dioxide-SO2.47%.  The British Geological Survey/BGS was there the very next day and filmed it and explained what has happened. Crustal fractures noted with the gases still rising, being 22.3 miles long and in many places over 400 feet deep, and one and two places, over a 500 yard wide. It is now being reported as I just did in “African trending News”.


If one looks at the facts of Revelations 8, and read it through to the facts it talks about the star falling into the sea, the Black Star of Wormwood, as it gets closer to this earth, the sources of the fracture heat magma chambers will expand and gases will rise. Seismic anomalies will be witnessed. Proverbs, 16:3…COMMIT TO THE LORD IN EVERYTHING YOU DO AND YOUR PLANS WILL SUCCEED. HERE IS A GREAT TESTAMENT AS IF WE PLAN, AND SEE THIS AS IT SHOULD BE, WE SHALL SURVIVE THIS AS ONE RACE, ONE PEOPLE! It cannot and will not be explained any better, you again, be the judge.  Then I shall throw this into the facts of this theory…Ecclesiastes 8:1…WHO IS LIKE A WISE MAN? WHO KNOWS THESE THINGS AND EXPLAINS THE THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW? WISDOM BRIGHTENS A MANS FACE AND CHANGES HIS HARD APPEARANCE. HERE AGAIN, KNOWING THIS IS SURELY SCARRY, BUT IF YOU KNOW IT BEFOREHAND, AND TO KNOW THAT MANY WILL BE TAKEN OFF THIS WORLD BEFORE THE CALAMITY COMES, WOULD IT NOT BRIGHTEN ONE’s HEART, FACE, AND A GASP OF FRESH AIR? Because have we not pointed this out? It is self-explanatory.  Now back to Wormwood, NASA and the multiple agencies around the world know this to be factual and real just like this nation, they too are watching it as it approaches, but only difference there than here, they are discussing it and talking about it on media outlets. I have seen some of the reports and news mentioned. You can too, look for yourself and you shall seek and find.


  Wormwood was noted for example in 705 BCE as it was recently talked about on coast to coast by someone named Brent Miller, My fact sheet says it was on 11/10/2008…That I can’t say for sure, but that is the date I have, so check it out yourself and see if that is right or not. But he said that the pole shift is being noted at this time and that the reasoning behind some of these seismic events are the incoming of a celestial body the ancients called the death star, Wormwood. That the events were recorded in the Old Testament of 2nd Kings 20: 9-11…ISAIAH ANSWERED, THIS IS THE LORDS SIGN TO YOU THAT HE WILL DO AS HE HAS PROMISED. SHALL THE SHADOWS GO FORWARD TEN STEPS, AND IT SHALL GO BACK TEN STEPS? IT IS A SIMPLE MATTER FOR THE SHADOW TO GO FORWARD TEN STEPS, SAID HEZEKIAH…RATHER TO GO BACK TEN STEPS. THEN THE PROPHET ISAIAH CALLED UPON THE LORD WHO MADE THE SHADOW GO BACK TEN STEPS AND HATH IT GO DOWN THE STAIRWAY STEPS. One can also read this event in clear detail in the Bible as that of Joshua 10…The Sun did not set, as he said that is actually stood still. So what was causing this if this really took place? The passing of the Death Star, Wormwood or the Planet X.


  So understanding the theory I have here and explain it to you, it is very simple since we do have the documentation of it. There are 15 ancient calendars all telling this event that took place, in one, a Chinese calendar said the Sun set twice in one day, but it also said the Sun stood still and then set. We find the records from the ancient INCA saying this was so and much destruction fell upon the world. But they also wrote that they witnessed a flame in the sky that would not extinguish itself. Now the fact is, the Sun actually did not stop its rotation, and yet they said that the Sun stood still, which Sun then and what caused much of this destruction? WORMWOOD/NIBIRU…much of the earth was in turmoil and destruction as the book of Revelations say’s, pole shift first starts, then comes destructive quakes-volcanos erupting and then the beast of all beast. But didn’t I say that this was noted in 705 BCE? YES I DID, but this was written long before 705 BCE, it was foretelling of something much worse long time ago, so if we see what the ancients were saying to future people of the world, and the Sumerians say that it passed every 3600 years, and even my late great friend Zechariah Sitchin was in question here about the time frames one looked at, could it be every 36,000 years? If that is so, that surely could have placed the last time Yellowstone erupted as the ancient ash falls have been saying, and even from NOAA’s calculations from ice cores, there was something very destructive that took place some 70K -80K years ago. I do not give much credence to the time periods that many scientist claim or what the history books might say.


  I use to get nasty looks from my professors when I was in college, mainly that deep in my heart what they said might be true to some elements, but when you get back into the times of antiquities, you are only guessing, unless you see something like the ancient Sumerians, or the ancient Chinese, then you can have a fairly and good accurate time period. But to see this period and this again s my theory, and only mine at this time, but to see the Biblical references mentioned, The planet moved backwards as I suspect, maybe hit by something as a CME-Corona Mass Ejection and it hit earth so forceful it could have done the very testament we are saying here. Maybe the first indication could be seen in Revelations 6:12-14, using and understanding the ancient terminology…the sky rolling up as that of a scroll, the passing of the Niberian planet system, only a theory now, but maybe the evidence is not in today’s science terminology. But then the sixth seal has been opened as I have stated. Revelations 8:7…the hail and fire that came down from the heavens toward earth? Plainly it says hail, fire and what is John referring to here? Simple understanding will tell us that the atmosphere was dejected into fire and from some form of a celestial body possible? Revelations 8: 10-11…A GREAT STAR FELL BLAZING TOWARD EARTH, A THIRD OF THE SPRINGS AND RIVERS TURNED TO BLOOD! What would a CME blast do if it hit?


  The outer space temperatures are some 412 degrees below zero, so if a blast of half proportion was recorded, the reach upon earths planet system would do the following. Destroy much of the upper Ionosphere in turn would create water vapors and ice, which we know as hail. Large hail would fall like boulders as such. That is real time science, but in those days, they used what they knew as such. This would come as a CME blast would cause most of this, but place a foreign object into the frying pan, well your stock in life and survival has fallen like the ice that is going to fall also. The earth would do one of two things, “STOP-or-SPEED UP”. But then, have I not said, I didn’t have to prove who we are, or why we are here? Certainly, I have mentioned it a few times, but then I have also mentioned to everyone, that we came for one purpose, to help humanity. Be thankful you have others out there who are doing the very same thing. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the data and the facts now does it. It just takes a little of your time to read it.


  When the earthquakes started to increase in volume, we saw earlier that the NSAS and ESA had detected the corona mass-CME on 8-22-2018. It was rated at first as a G3 flare. Then we have these series of massive quakes as those seen in Alaska. The rating was not the worst ever seen, this one was posted at 471.2Km as the ratings of magnetic storms are concern, it was still enough o upset the cart. NOOA also made note of it on their website for registering geomagnetic storms. That is out of my department and having more on my plate is not an option. Kerry, you have mentioned in one of your post, we have not had predictable or normal weather in over 10 years, actually it is over 20 years if one looks at the field in the 50-60-70-80-90’s, the range of major storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the levels of strength have grown. Now we add the strength of the recent quakes and all the volcanism we are seeing, it all adds up. Reasoning why several of the Yellowstone cisterns and geysers are reacting strange, water is vaporizing and setting up for the big explosion as I have said. The Alberline Cycle that raises the dragon out of his lair, is mankind ready for this, it is going to happen in this lifetime. Much of this for those who wish to see it for your self, go to “SPACE WEATHER.COM”.


  I am getting close to finishing this new data, so I wish to get as much of it here as possible. We never know when we shall have this luxury to communicate. Chemtrails, weather weapons, earthquake weapons. Do they exist? Yes in one way, but to use them as some might think, that answer is self-evident, NO. Take HAARP for example. It is real and it is one of our technologies given for peaceful purposes. It is to control the weather as most shall know, would we give a loaded gun to a child, in hopes he wouldn’t shoot himself? Those who do not know what it stands for…It stands for “HARMONIC ACCUSTICAL AURURAL RESONATED PULSE”. There are only five in the world, not what others might think, only five have been built…yes Alaska does, in fact, have one and there is one in Tennessee and I do live very close to it. North of Albany New York, east of Kiev Russia, and one in Alice Springs Australia. It surely could have been used as a weapon for mass destruction, but I shall assure you it is controlled closely for purpose’s to use it for areas need for rain, and less rain, in fact, they have been shut down for the time being, things have been so devastating with floods and droughts, and the magnetics to use them properly has been altered.


Earthquake weapons, where does this come from and who can show the evidence that they exist? Nowhere and not one does exist. Energy pulse weapons, not one of these exist and never has, understanding the facts from the fiction, one only has to read and see that there are things that are real, and thusly proof sits well inside the military and scientific houses around the world. Then the facts about chemtrails? Where is the evidence and not the pictures of the exhaust trails from some jet airliner. Wish to know the facts about these chem trails? Sure you do, I have been asked about it several times and I will again if need be. First of all, think of the billions in cost and the arrangement of logistics it would take to pull off such a feat, spraying the chemicals into the air as such. But wait a minute, there is barium, caustic acids, phosphorus, Sulphur dioxide sulfates found in the air, the water, trees, ect…Well people, these very same elements can be found in space itself. Never told that in science did they. It is true as it is the elements of forbidden knowledge to most. But these are very common building blocks of creation for those who should know. In that said here is why some might see passing as nothing more than micro dust and falling to these flashing across the sky as chemicals being used by someone as the elitist to kill off the billions of people. I shall agree with those who know that they are very dangerous if misused. But these chemicals are natural and the solar winds, the CME, corona mass ejection, the winds racing across a couple of billions of miles and eventually hitting earth. The dust is then carried around the world by the jet streams and eventually fall onto cars, windows, cloth, everywhere. These chemicals are everywhere in ones daily lives.


  The very chemicals I have mentioned surely is being caused by another system that we are witnessing at this time, volcanos. They are spewing this ash into the upper atmosphere and again, the jet streams carry them away and eventually they fall back to the land. In 1958, while our Father was here, the newly developed scientists were allowed to build this HAARP system for peaceful purposes, it went under the name of “Project Argus”. Now I know that some would say that the U.S.Navy exploded some type of nuclear weapon, which in fact they were testing the prototype of the first human HAARP unit. There is not much on this today, I do mean not much that is true, but then it was to be silent for the time until the world leaders decided how to tell the world, funny, someone must not have got the memo, we are here and lets tell the people of this world and for the betterment. Yet you know how that ended.


  Maybe now why I write this, that my time is very precious and to keep track of this as we are. I have compiled a very special team to assist and they are doing an excellent job as my second set of eyes and ears as I focus other things. We have no time to answer the latest Pleiadian recipes or to defend the data itself, but we surely will not comply anymore and waste one’s time with things of negativity and reasoning behind that, we have to share this with mankind, your time is coming to a close. So our time is valued as yours is. I again, urging you to do your research and see the very things we are saying here is a fact, a transitioning of earths seasons and set to bring the final solution to this world. Many will be taken off this world as we have said, and many will see the rebirth of this world. Like farmers in many places, after their crops are harvested, they burn the field for next years seasonal plantings. The very same process that will sear the earth and then a new rebirth. The world will be hammered as we are saying, and you will survive this if you’re wise, and listen, and be prepared.


  So Kerry, we are in tune here with most of this information, I have sent to you first, I have seen now that your listeners are very focused and very knowledgeable on many things. They will survive it, and as always, I keep you posted first hand…Much love to you and everyone who sent me emails and responses. I again thank you and send all the blessings you each and everyone. Eddie Page










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