MY GUEST was Ronald Russell Farnham, movie producer, author, former DOD with a top secret clearance for 15 years.

SHORT BIO:  Ronald Russell Farnham is an author and filmmaker who held a top secret clearance for 15 years. He resigned in August 2006 while working as the Pathfinder Trainer at Headquarters Special Operations Command because the NSA refused to implement his solution to end terrorist activity across Earth. At the time he resigned he was also the commercial spokesperson for Luzianne Iced Tea and a few other commercial products. Ronald went on to write what he calls the Sequel to the Bible. A book that he features in his movie that is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. That movie is Hollywood and Vine that he wrote, produced, directed, and financed in Los Angeles where he spent nearly a year on skid row in order to complete the filming of the movie. He has since published more books and has released more movies, each with its main purpose being to spread his solution to End War and Poverty and for each of us to be recognized as living souls. Ronald is currently in Florida shooting three feature films and a reality show. In his spare time, he plays and umpires baseball, lifts weights and walks his mother’s dog, Happy..
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