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  Since someone asked about this type of physics, I shall send it to the selected ones and to understand the basics of life…Much love to all…Eddie
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Subject: RE: Some fundamental physics
  Hello Brother, sorry for being late, I am swamped with work and I am taking a somewhat break to try and quench your thirst for knowledge. Understanding our way of physics can be complicated to those who do not know it or the basics. I will try my best to explain it to you and keep the Thermodynamics of Quantum Physics out of the mix, but it maybe hard to attempt that, but here I go.
  Understanding the universe and how it works, one must understand that particle physics come across as one unit, energy and matter. They are opposite partners and yet, work in conjunction of one another. Number one rule of all physics is that “EVERYTHING COMES FROM SOMETHING”. This is many contexts of age old description of the “BIG BANG” theory. Matter and energy and anti-matter annihilating into pure energy and of course two as dark matter and dark energy.
  There is a phraseology dealing with those who don’t know about the power that each contain. Many math problems exist with earth’s teaching about physics. Man has a problem trying to decipher the unambiguous math’s and understandings and then religion never gets it right ever. The various definitions about matter and a archaic incorrect understanding of energy that is employed. Simply to say, they are either energy or they are matter. They are as one, but separately differently in their own make up. Like is it skies or heavens, worms to beachballs?
  They are in the same class of elements and particles and shouldn’t be defined as such, but they are. Each definitions selects a certain subset of the particles and matter that consist within nature as matter should be looked upon as some sort of stuff and within physics as that of energy should not be looked at as itself…stuff?…:) Something can surely have two types of energy; mass-energy…E=mc2 type as whether how a particle moves and motion-energy that might in many ways become larger in the particle as it moves faster in a motion of electromagnetic system.
  Matte and anti-matter annihilates to pure energy, simply to say that I have given you three common definitions of matter that is known within Pleiadian physics. As I refer to the first definition as that of electrons and anti-electrons or positrons as the common factors in this understanding. It I perfect in its own nature. I hope I haven’t lost you yet, most are dumbfounded by this point. But you wish to know my friend.
It is mostly used in the understanding of photons as the massive particle and anti=particle that annihilates to the quasar particle of a photon as you have to understand the height and weight of such particles. That is another understanding of how to achieve that in itself. Since photons have very little to no mass, they have small energies or purely motion energy. But that means they do not intuitively become pure energy as electrons energy. But they can and will cause many ripples within the universe if one explodes, and they do at times and here on earth, are witnessed as small flashes in the night sky or seen by high powered telescopes. I am sure you have seen or heard of this before. Now maybe you are ready to understand where the false notion comes from that it is separate as one, in which they are all one in the same.
  One understands that the muon and anti-muon = electrons and positron in which anti matter and anti type matter express as always annihilating one another while speaking of the process of what it is. Particle 2+ anti-particle 2! They come with the understanding what the muon and anti-muon becomes two protons or a neutrino star system. All on the same footing and they do make their own distinction that they don’t really exist and they obscures as the particles destroy one another. Matter an energy by a long shot through everything is either matter or energy which expression was invented to be known. The problem is again, religion and manmade beliefs are the ingredients between 1900 and 1901, seems close but then they are not. This is also known as the string theory, but it hasn’t establish itself within human sciences and has not been incorporated into human physics which is surely ancient to our standards. But humans are making progress.
  IT TAKES AWHILE FOR MOST TO COME TO THE UNDERSTANDING AND REEVALUATING THE TEACHINGS AND CURRENT VIEWS, BUT THEN SOME NEVER DO. The little niggling problems first must be understood and solved. Modern solvents in ones viewpoints can speak first as they understand particles and energies. The basic ingredients of the world. We view them as the basic fundamental particles of the creation process, it takes place in every field one might pursue. Understanding which one is and which one isn’t, that is not to hard for some, but then this is Pleiadian physics, only on steroids. All field have fields and particles and matter, then add the energy into the dynamics, and the understanding of flight, life, everything that you understand about is written within the sequences of everything. Matter particles and energy [articles as one, called that of “Force Particles” They work as divisions as the force particles in a bit of arbitrary matter as it is a force of nature, or a natural equation within natural selection. This is what we know of universally. And the matter collects all others as one. There are many situations in which the division as the LHC, Caldron Collider can easily discover wormholes and other unique particles, but there are some that do not fit and then you come up with a problem. Because it is neither. We call it the “Bosoms matter PARTICLES…IT is the abstracted soundings that Fermions and Bosoms separate from one another and race into infinity.
  It is a naturally imbalance of matter over anti-matter as the particles make up one or two ordinary materials0electrons-protons as they are much more abundant in the universe than anti-particles. This is distinction of energy you are dealing with here and surely opens up to other dimensions as some suspect and they would be right. It is very hot as it starts its process of racing and the faster it gets, the cooler it gets, now at 2.7 Celsius, a gas appears and it is called that of plasma of particles at the given temperature T, and the particles seem to melt, but they don’t, they are absorbed into the frame work of matter as the mass of motion increases into the speed of light/KT, such particles have the velocity as it gradually collects radiation into mass energy compared to the KT figures as that of the speed of light. This is how we are able to achieve that way of travel for our Virrannah’s. We can do it and with relative ease too, but the other species such as the saucers cannot.
  What is matter and what is not, is temperature dependent and relative in the universe. When the temperature might be trillion degree and even cosmetologist consider radiation, it might be just as helpful as it can be harmful. With the universe much cooler, the matter factors bring a new definition, “Neutrinos” as the radiation depends on other particles and matter to stay the way it is.  So you see, they all work together as one yet all are different in their own fashions. They are massless, but equally important for one another.
  One can study the motion of the stars and use other techniques as some shine, and some do not. To explain the effects is the ways of responsibility, but most humans have not reached that far. He is trying to run when he has yet to learn to walk. And there are other particles that have yet to be identified. There is not much more than that and though some is not a guarantee to new insights, the matter and particles and that of energy fields can be expanded into newer and more powerful understandings if one wishes to look at them an try different things. Things like the Z particles.
  The universe is expanding as it breaths, it is alive and you’re a part of it. From the dark energies to the photon fields, it is tension and energy densities. Scientist know exactly what is taking place in some cases, but not all, and they cannot fool the ones who do know. Energy is not some object or a set of objects, but as one field of space and time itself. A accelerating universe creates life, but unfortunately, mankind is trying so hard to destroy himself, his wish soon one day shall be answered. Big Bang will never forgive man for using such boring names for such fantastic ways to live as one…I hope now that you are now educated more with real and factual physics from the Pleiades, you might now ask yourself, how can we help one another? Much love and blessings Rudra and I shall answer more if you have more…Abiel

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