• I recently visited the birthplace of Zeus on Crete and the temples at Delphi in Greece.  I was struck by the way ancient Greece and their ideals match those of the Pleiadians and how their “gods” are basically the Pleiadian elders.  
  • I recently went to Rome very briefly and on entering Vatican square became somewhat ill and was conscious of the large vortex on which it is built.  The Vatican-Reptilian connection is very strong and in evidence all around.  
  • When I visited the temples at Delphi it became clear that the real site of the Oracle of  Delphi  (the inspiration for the settlement built there) was now hidden and replaced with structures emulating the Roman coliseum style stadiums … In particular the temple to Apollo is said to hide the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi and does have a place where the head Priestess was said to deliver the information to the rulers.  However, the temple itself has no clear structures honoring the Oracle or describing the way the priestesses were chosen and spent time accessing information from other dimensions including prophecy about the future.  
  • I was also traveling around Athens and noting the ravages of the result of the economic bankruptcy and acts of the European Union to destroy the economy of Greece.  Empty derelict structures were everywhere with graffiti covered walls and abandoned buildings both in Athens and outside the city.  These companies appear not to have been restarted but instead there are no signs of life in these many places.  And it occurred to me that it was strange that Greece was somehow singled out even though we know that Spain and Italy are both bankrupt as well!  Of course the city-state within Italy, the Vatican is exceedingly wealthy while the Italian roads are covered with potholes and the people appear largely penniless.  This is the work of the Vatican’s Reptoid and Draconian leadership.
  • It is evident that the hatred of Rome (the Illuminati/ dark magicians and Vatican) that rule the European Union can be seen as the same as the Roman Emperors of old and that the rivalry with Greece is the same as between the Pleiadians and Anunnaki who were taken over by the Draco.
  • This is still playing out on our Planet and continues to this day.  Knowing the Pleiadians and the Anunnaki have the same root race yet the Anunnaki were invaded and taken over by the Draco and became Reptilian-Humanoid Hybrids while the Pleiadians maintained the sovereignty of their constellation and genetics makes this even more compelling.
  • According to the Pleiadian Messenger and whistleblower, Eddie Page, a Draco invasion is headed our way to arrive in the next 2 years as I understand it.  At the same time he predicts great volcanism with the Super Volcano in Yellowstone erupting and sending a chain reaction to the volcanoes of the Western U.S. including, as I have seen, Mt. Rainier and Mammoth.  This is in theory set to occur around July 2020.  There seems to be some connection between the renewed volcanism on Earth and the return of the Draco.  This would be worth researching further.  

I do have evidence obtained by correspondent and guest blogger, Paul Collin that the recent volcanism is being triggered and purposely activated by the dark side via fracking and a company that mysteriously establishes it’s buildings alongside active or even dormant volcanoes called ORMAT: (see excerpt below):

ORMAT, Shut It Down, Shut It Down Now!


PUNA GEOTHERMAL VENTURE ( PGV ), wherein it found PGV shooting very

high speed water into the ground that was consequently fractured the

underground rock right along and just above the lithosphere magma

tunnel pathway leading and ‘into’ and thereby feeding Mt. Kilauea

volcano so, this has already been factually proven.

Additionally, ORMAT TURBINES LTD. and its technology demanded Rare

Earth Elements ( REE ) incorcorated into its turbine system parts,

which came from CHINA that mined those REE materials out of mines

located in NORTH KOREA.

The proof is now in the line of lava pudding that served to erupt at

least one ( 1 ) new volcano on the Lower East Rift Zone where that new

volcano never existed before.  — report from Paul Collin, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy, June 1, 2018


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