Solreta Antaria : ET COMMUNICATOR

I will be interviewing Solreta Antaria who is one of the regression therapists who worked with Joseph Cerltetti, an ET abductee with missing time. I interviewed Joe about a week ago:


Working Internationally, Solreta is best know as an ET Communicator, who also speaks Star Language. Clairvoyant from a young age, Solreta has long been aware of other realities and is also an ET/UFO Experiencer. Today she helps many people connect to the ET’s and Inter-dimensional Beings working with them.

Solreta has an Adv Dip in health Sciences & is a Psychic, Hypnotherapist, Kinesiologist, Author, Teacher and YouTube Channel Host.

Solreta currently lives in Melbourne, Australia

For more information and examples of her work, please check out the links below:


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