For those who are keeping track of the latest posts by Kameran Faily on this site related to the last two ultimatums and declarations here are my comments on this.

Whereas I have asked Kameran to clarify who “The Ancient Royal Families” actually are… as well as where he is taking direction from, he has not yet responded.  However, we have discussed some of this off-the-record.  Suffice to say that whatever witness (interviewee) or Guest Blogger I feature on my site you need to consider their sources—in other words where they are getting their info.  No one is infallible.  Everyone is open to interpretation and there will be opposing viewpoints.  No one has a moratorium on TRUTH.

In the case of Kameran’s latest “communiques” it is clear that the group he is now acting as “Consultant” to consider themselves to be the Rulers or dominant force on the Planet and perhaps even in our Solar System.  Whether they indeed are or whether they are deluded and simply one of the many factions vying for control is worth considering.  Very likely they are not in control.  They want to be.  But they are not and they (whoever comprises ‘they’ in this case calling themselves The Ancient Royal Families) are in the latest communique making an ULTIMATUM which is tantamount to a Declaration of War.  This is not that unusual in itself.  Factions are constantly reshuffling and calling each other out with demands and threats of various kinds.  Mandatory compliance is not within their control.  Earth is still a FREE WILL ZONE.  What this means is that some supreme Creator or sub-creator or entities carrying out the true will of the Creator or All that Is or whatever name you choose to give it, is still in place and has the final say over this aspect of our existence as souls occupying bodies on this Planet we call EARTH.

It was glaringly obvious that the latest communique (CAPP ENFORCEMENT ACTION) was a declaration in essence, of WAR. Because if you bothered to read down to where it states its demands, any logical review will have told you that none of those targeted by the demands would be willing to comply.  Reptilians aren’t going to do what they are told by an outside party or parties.  Those spraying chemtrails were not going to stop.  ETs on the parameter of Earth, who had not already “declared themselves” (as to who they are and what their intentions are) were likely not about to suddenly decide to comply.  THINK ABOUT IT.  

This was ridiculously obvious.  So even the “authors” of this communique (Kameran included) would KNOW THIS.  They would know this even before putting pen to paper so-to-speak.  So knowing this why do they do it?  Well because it is most likely in their concept of reality that they must DECLARE their intentions before they ACT ON THEM.  In other words they are issuing a warning of action about to be taken.  You could view it as an act of mercy prior to the taking of a life or in this case lives.  And that is why it is so clearly a DECLARATION OF WAR because they knew damn well in advance that NONE of those listed would comply.

If anyone reading this or following my work on Project Camelot would take the time to read the 2 VOYAGER books by Ashayana Deane for example or take a look back over the history of humanity (regardless of the source) you would see that history both on and off this Planet consists of nothing if not a constant vying for Power.  Service-to-self and Service-to-other races (species) have been battling on Earth and in the Cosmos for aeons.  STAR WARS anyone?

Even a child reading comic books knows this to be the case.  And so it goes.  Humans are not “warlike” for no reason.  They are warlike because their predecessors are warlike and we are their descendants.  We are their progeny.  And we inherited their antagonisms.

It is KEY that whoever you see me interview is descended in a very specific BLOODLINE and will speak for their bloodlines.  We are ETs.  They are us and we are them.  Never forget this.  Our human genome is made up of a minimum 12 ET races and more.  Every whistleblower, every witness speaks for their group or faction.  Whether they know it or not.  We carry our future in our genes.  But we also have a form of Free Will that allows us to choose.  The seeding of humanity, the combining of the 12 warring ET races into a common genome within a vessel or carrier denoted as “HUMAN” is actually quite brilliant.  It gives those races a place to work out their differences face-to-face.  A place where the stakes are shared and they can’t ‘get away’ from each other.  A confined space.  That is what a Plan- Net is.  It is a coming together for the purpose of learning.  A net.  A captured audience so-to-speak.

So pay attention.  Stop assuming that I agree with my witnesses number 1.  And 2. stop assuming that ANYONE — regardless of which so-called lofty Angelic, ET, Channel, Elohim, Deity or Avatar they claim to speak for and be in contact with has the god almighty TRUTH.  We all have a direct connection with Source / The Force or the Creator.  As such be careful who you listen to.  Because in spite of our birthright connection to source, many are deceived, mind controlled or simply being controlled and many don’t know it!  Many sources of info are heavily infiltrated and purposely deceptive.  Many are deluded.  Some people have good sources and even their good sources may be misled on a higher level.  Every whistleblower and source I deal with has both truth and falsity in their info.  Some are extremely well intentioned.  Sometimes the most well intentioned are the easiest ones to mislead.  Because they see what they want to see and are blind to the rest.  Many of the Camelot whistleblowers who worked or still work for the military or secret space program or Illuminati secret societies or others are also trained from a young age to view reality in a certain way.  And they have assumed a belief structure (without questioning) without even knowing it.

For example, some of the whistleblowers I have dealt with are brilliant in the truth they provide while at the same time firmly believing in nonsense such as the concept of “overpopulation”.  That piece of programming is still in place.  Seeing this planet as over populated is based on the false notion of scarcity.  As CREATORS IN TRAINING we will ultimately create any kind of abundance we wish to have.  Especially as consciousness rises.  The more conscious we become the more we can create.

What is clear is that consciousness is rising and that is changing the playing field.  Don’t be mislead by ultimatums.  Understand that people like Kameran are doing you a service to see inside the war between the factions at the top.  If you look behind the message you will see that in the case of the CAPP ENFORCEMENT ACTION — what is most interesting in that statement is that the authors are bothering to threaten ETs on and off the planet, acknowledging that chemtrails exist and should be stopped, that weather manipulation, scaler weapons platforms, portals are being opened and so on are all impacting Earth to our detriment.  And so on.  This is significant along with the inside look at exactly how one contingent declares war on a number of others.  How this manifests once the deadline passed as it has, we shall see.  Or not, depending on how thick the chemtrails are and how duped we are by the media misdirection in coming days and so on…

I suggest that people stop looking for the final word or truth to be given to them on a silver platter without questioning the source and their sources and the sources behind them!  Stop believing in the lofty notion of the the sources behind sources and think for yourself.  Use your direct channel to the highest source and your own higher self.  Stand back and observe.  Blindly follow no one and question everything.  Stay alert and awake.  It’s a grand experiment and you are here NOW. –KERRY CASSIDY


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