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Sean and his wife Melissa Morton were arrested for tax fraud last week.  This comes on the heals of my recent tinterview with Sean in which we talk about the soon to be released 3rd Book in his excellent Trilogy :  SANDS OF TIME based on whistleblower testimony.  This is no coincidence.  Those books contain excellent insider info about the beginnings of the Secret Space Program, Area 51, Dulce and much more…

Sean is also an expert on the truth about our financial system and legal system.  He has fought and won in court on other charges.  He has spoken at the Conscious Life Expo and around the world on the subject of our rights as sovereigns.  He is something of a legal savant and worked tirelessly to awaken people to their true rights.



You cannot understand the current charges against Sean or his actions if you don’t understand the sovereign movement and information related to that.

For further information go here:


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