THE FOLLOWING WAS SENT TO ME BY SOMEONE WITH VAST EXPERIENCE IN THE FINANCIAL SECTOR.  I am investigating and gathering data from other financial ‘experts’ to get their take.  So far one contact wrote back “he may be right” and another one wrote, “I think this correction is normal”.  And he does not see the market going down that far… And also said, (wisely) “All preplanned as usual.”  DEVELOPING….

PROJECT CAMELOT DOES NOT NECESSARILY AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH THIS PREDICTION.  We are opening the dialog to get people talking and thinking…. 

Needless to say, but I will say it anyway, we often get ‘predictions’ from all sorts of people who think they know what’s coming… And the downturn in the U.S. has been predicted by many before this.  My advice is listen most to your own inner guidance.

An Aside:  Regarding the reference to the Titanic which is also known by it’s real name the Olympic was a planned sinking and according to at least one witness. There was a ship nearby that was supposed to pick up the survivors but was delayed causing most to die of hypothermia…This doesn’t mean it didn’t happen but as with many bell ringer events in history was another planned disaster. Important to keep in mind.

RECOMMENDED THE MOVIE:  THE BIG SHORT  www.thebigshortmovie.com/ — about the 2008 mortgage scam… I saw it recently and it seemed to me like a precursor…  However timing is always elusive.  -Kerry



Re:  Chicken Little

On Jan 8, 2016, <   removed   > wrote:

Hey Guys,

I have been predicting a major market collapse for about a year, and it’s here.  This is not a drill, this has potential to be worse than 2008.

I’m not going to go into all the details – if you want em give me a call – but this market could unravel with extreme speed [hours and days could matter] and I don’t expect a bottom for another 50%.  Every market, every currency in the world is or has already collapsed. All that’s left are the “last to go” stock markets in the U.S. and the dollar – which will strengthen until it fails.

Yup. Tinfoil hat.

I recently sold my house and all my stocks – I have no interest in owning any equity until Roughly Dow 8,000 or S&P 750.

Buy physical gold, buy physical silver, and take at least 2 grand in cash in 20s and put it under your mattress. If you wanna get nuts buy a bitcoin or two.

There is no money in the FDIC insurance fund, the money in your bank account legally belongs to the bank and you are an unsecured creditor of the bank (New rule as of last year). Safe deposit boxes are no good either.


Those of you I talk to regularly are tired of hearing about it, but I don’t care. It’s here and it’s big and it’s bad.

Obligatory qualifiers:
1) I could be wrong (I’m not)
2) The Central Banks MAY be able to kick the can by pulling some rabbit out of the hat, but interest rates are already in the toilet so all they have is the printing press.  This could juice the market (it has for the last 5 years) but we have passed the event horizon of diminishing returns and all it will do is devalue your dollar. If that happens it will be a sucker rally, do not buy it.
3) If you can’t bring yourself to liquidate, buy a little PHYS, CEF, AG, ABX, AEM, maybe.
4) Having all your money in stocks and bonds, no matter how diversified, is NOT a conservative position. Having some physical gold and silver is a really good idea and it’s insurance you only have to pay for once.

Stocks, Bonds, Money Market Funds. Sell em all, or some, or none – but I warned you.

If you want to discuss any of this I’m always happy to share my thoughts. Chicken Little signing off.

On Jan 10, 2016 <   removed   > wrote:

Ha –
Well you can post the info but don’t credit me – don’t want folks knowing I have metal except those i trust.  I’ve been on the phone nonstop with the 50-100 folks I sent this out to and it turns out most felt nervous, but NEEDED PERMISSION TO ACT. Very odd – nobody wanted to be the first crazy one on the block and once I said it was okay their cognitive dissonance disappeared.  

 *If you’re scared and afraid to do something, you’re not alone. Be the first cautious person to walk out of the smoking theater and if you miss the movie then fine – but you’ll definitely miss the fire.*

The analogy here is almost too perfect:

When the Titanic hit the Iceberg, nobody was scared.  The only people who knew the ship was doomed were the workers deep in the depths who understood the mechanics and engineering and what it meant to take on water like they were.  If they had acted (and I’m sure some tried) everyone on that boat would have lived.  But the sinking process was slow and steady until it wasn’t –  and by then it was too late.

I work in the hull of the Titanic.  The iceberg has been struck.  I am culpable if I don’t warn the passengers.  Get in the Goddam Lifeboat.

If you want to add the above to an anonymous blog post be my guest. – ANONYMOUS










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