Syfy’s new series EXPANSE – WORTH WATCHING

Let’s see where they are going with this. It’s about time we get another space drama worth watching…

COMING UP : SYFY IS DOING ARTHUR C. CLARKE’S TALE OF CAUTION: “CHILDHOOD’S END” – NOT TO BE MISSED… Let’s see if they get close to the book or have no clue.

UPDATE:  Well it looks like they’ve taken a perfectly good cautionary tale of resisting alien intervention and turned it into a satanic horror show.  Apparently the dark magicians are now at work taking the UFO-Scifi-ET crowd into their world of demons and good vs. evil.  It’s all about the takeover… while watching childhood’s end which has been turned into some kind of satanic takeover scenario— aliens = satan like creatures… The message gets lost in a kind of demonic possession type Rosemary’s Baby knock-off.  Even worse then they advertise a new show called THE MAGICIANS… the ad goes ‘magic is a drug — get hooked’.  The dark Magicians of the Illuminati are amping up their game going after the hearts and minds.  My take so far… still working my way through to the end of this very labored and somewhat corny series.


Well written. Fast-paced. My advice: READ THE BOOK BEFORE YOU SEE THE MOVIE. For anyone who doesn’t know the HALO book series (it’s also a game) and books like this are aimed at youth (supposedly in their teens).

But hey, they need to get them early. It’s just as valid regardless of your age if you want to know what ‘they’ are prepping the youth for and what’s ahead. Battle with negative ETs. Survival of the human race. Yeah we get it. Which ‘human’ race do you think ‘they’ have in mind?

Fifth Wave is a new twist on the original and never to be missed or forgotten “Dark Skies” the 1960s version.

What you can’t ignore is the adrenaline wake up call to fight or flight that some people need.  In the end, we have to go along and get along with as many races as we can (there are hundreds even thousands) while at the same time preserving our rights and sovereignty.  You think Earth-Only was tough?  Back in the days when you thought we were “alone”?  You ain’t seen nothin yet.  It’s gonna take a new human perpspective to deal with joining the galactic community.  And it’s happening like it or not.  Enjoy the ride. 

My interview recalls with Captain Mark Richards are really where it’s at… As he said recently, Arthur C. Clarke was read-in.  “CHILDHOOD’S END… partly written at request of the SSP (Secret Space Program) to warn humans of the dangers of ET interference in our affairs.” — paraphrasing.  Toward the end he wanted to break his security oath and reveal what is really going on according to Mark Richards.  Richards is the closest to anyone I’ve met or interviewed to being a truly intergalactic human in our era.  They ought to release him from prison and let him tell the people what’s really going on.  Few have a more comprehensive picture of where we are headed.

And for those of you looking for paradise via acension good luck with that.  It’s going to involve more than just joining hands with your intergalactic neighbors and singing kumbaya….



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